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Learn About Cheap Every Door Direct Mail Printing

Things You Must Know About Cheap Every Door Direct Mail Postcards and Mailing to Boost Your Business

Print cheap Every Door Direct Mail postcards and flyers to boost your sales! Even in this digital world, local businesses struggle to get their message out in the world. It might seem a bit silly, but the struggle is real for the businesses. The good news is there are still certain ways that can help the businesses to reach to the audience. One of such methods is known as every door direct mail (EDDM) service.

EDDM is unquestionably one of the best tools that can reach each of your customers living in a certain geographical zone. As this service is provided by the post office, it is highly scalable for your business. If you are trying to find unusual avenues to advertise your business, then EDDM sure can be one of the best choices. However, if you have not heard about this marketing method yet, it is better to gather some information before its implementation.

Every Door Direct Mail Postcard Mailing
Every Door Direct Mail Postcard Mailing

What Is Every Door Direct Mail?

The United States Postal Service (USPS) carries forward a special system that helps the local businesses to reach their audiences easily. As the name suggests, every door direct mail is a mailing service that helps you to reach the target audiences residing in a certain area of the USA. You can choose any mailing route of a certain area, and your mail piece (also known as a flat mailer) will be sent to each residential or official address of that area.

It is true that this system is easier and better than most traditional marketing methods. Here, you don’t even have to create a database of the names and addresses of your potential clients. You just need to select the target area you want to hit, and the United States Postal Service will send the mailer to every address on that route.


This marketing method is especially beneficial for local businesses, like pizza restaurants, that want to reach each of the local people staying within their limited delivery zone. Other than choosing the target area, you have to choose a way to print the mailer within a rational budget. So, before choosing the target area, get in touch with a cheap EDDM printing business for leaflet printing.

Is Every Door Direct Mail Is Right for Me?

It is one of the points that you need to mull over before reaping the benefits of this marketing method. Ask yourself, does your business can serve the needs of the local people? Find the answer to this question before taking a step further.

Whatever answer you get, it will help you to draw a profile of your potential audience. Once you get that picture, it will be easier to derive whether this method is right for your business or not.

However, if you run one of the following businesses, then you can start searching for cheap EDDM printing services for printing the mailers.

  • Retail Stores.
  • Dry Cleaners.
  • Restaurants
  • Realtors
  • Coffee Shops
  • Home Services
  • Auto Sales and Services

Other than the above-mentioned businesses, political parties can benefit from this marketing strategy. If you are trying to gain a political footing in your area, choosing EDDM might just be the right idea. Churches and NGOs can also use EDDM services to spread words about their programs.

Advantages of Using Eligible Postcards

all you need to know about EDDM
all you need to know about EDDM

Slowly but surely, businesses are taking notes on the advantages of EDDM.

Of course, they are doing that!

You can reach only up to a certain point using the classical methods of digital marketing. After a certain time, all your mails are bound to fill the slot of the customer’s junk mails. Other digital advertisements will get cleared by ad blockers, and all your notifications on social media will get skipped over.

That is why practicing only the online marketing method is slowly getting one-sided. It is high time to bring back the balance in the marketing strategies of your business.

Are you still a non-believer about the physical mailing method? The following advantages of EDDM might give you a much-required perspective about marketing.

Reach: In EDDM, you get to choose specific carrier routes and area codes to reach the geographically potential audiences. In short, this process helps you to reach to the customers of the area which is significantly important for the growth of your business. You can even narrow down your prospective audience by location, age, and income. If you have a more organized and targeted campaign methodology, it can also be implemented using additional demographic filters; such as family size and gender.

The United States Postal Services even offers you a mapping tool which can help you to find the perfect route for your business. Through this method, you can achieve a high conversion rate within a short period.

Finding the right route can indeed be a bit tedious at first. The tools of the United States Postal Services, however, will help you to complete this task. It will ask you the route and address type. If you have a picture of your target audience in mind, then making the choice would be easier for you.

It is better not to pick the route in haste. Remember, this route selection can make or break the success of your campaign. Experiment a bit, and then choose the most potential route for your business.

Flexibility: What type of impact do you want to have on the audience? Have you ever thought about that?

EDDM service now gives you the freedom to experiment. With the help of cheap Every Door Direct Mail printing services, you can print your message on different sized postcards.

The sizes itself create different impacts on the audiences. If you are going for the smaller format, then write short and punchy lines about your business. The larger cards, however, lets you tell the story of your establishments. The designs of the cards should be different as well. There are several types of EDDM templates available online. You just need to check those to create an impactful design.

Value: The United States Postal Service has created a system specially designed for EDDM campaigns. You don’t have to pay a lump sum while using the postal services. The USPS has reduced the stamp rates for EDDM campaigns as well. The NGOs get even lower postage rates for these campaigns. Overall, these systems make this campaigning method quite economical for every business.

Effective: Most marketers are still baffled about the response that this campaigning system draws. According to consumer psychologists, physical leaflets are not a competitor of digital campaigns. On the contrary, it helps to grab the attention of the customers. The customers believe the physical mailers more than digital advertisements and emails.

These tangible mailers offer the customers a human touch that any digital advertisement lacks. With the help of these physical mailers, you open a multi-faceted campaign that enhances the response, exposure, and engagement prospects of your business. By forging a bond with a cheap Every Door Direct Mail printing company; you can reach a tipping point that leads to a lasting business to customer relationship.

The Difference your Printing Partners Can Make

It is a well-known fact that the less time you spend on the printing of the mailers, the more time you will have for your business. So, you need to choose a cheap EDDM printing service that can fulfill all the aspects of EDDM campaigns on your behalf. It is not easy to find the right printing partner for your business. The below points can help you to find the best printing partner without any hiccups.

Printing Abilities: Your printing partner must have both offset and digital printing alternatives. In this way, you can reap the benefits of both the printing options. First, choose the printing method which brings in the maximum benefit for your business. Make sure to ask about the prices before going down the printing pipelines. Don’t have the time to create the designs of the mailers? Ask your printing partner for templates. Check those templates and make the required changes.

Route Selection

It is one of the most important points of EDDM campaigns. To make this campaign successful, you have to create a profile of your target audience. It will be easier to choose the mailing routes once you have the profile handy. You can also use the route selection tool offered by the United States Postal Service. If you are taking the help of a professional printing service, don’t forget to ask them about such tools. These tools will save you the hassle of searching the targeted area manually.

Delivery Services: ask the printing partner if they would deliver the printed mailers to the USPS office before making anything final. This service of the printing company will save you the trouble of delivering the printed mailers yourself. Once the mailers reach the USPS, they will be delivered to each house and/or businesses in your selected mailing route. Keep an eye on the results of this campaign, and tailor your circulation with the help of the mapping tool of USPS when necessary.

Regulatory Expertise

While retaining a cheap EDDM printing service company at your service, check whether they have an established mailing service department. The USPS has rigid requirements of bundling and mailing of the mailers. The company needs to know the rules to serve you better. Additionally, the experienced professionals of any service company can tell you about different discounts that USPS offers.

Send Your Order: Your work does not end at the printing of the mailers. You have to do a lot of legwork to ensure that all your mailers reach the targeted audience at the right time. That is why it is always better to take the help of an experienced EDDM printing service who will do all the legwork for you. By forging relationships with one of such companies, you ensure that every minute of your time is being used productively. Such services can also check the filled-in forms, bundle the website in the right manner, and deliver it to the post office in orderly stacks.

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Cheap EDDM Postcards Printing Requirements


Cheap EDDM Postcards Printing Requirements for Your Business

Cheap EDDM postcards printing requirements have made local marketing easy and dependable. With Every Door Direct Mailing, you can now send your leaflets and brochures in the most convenient way. Additionally, with EDDM, now print special openings, book launch or political campaigns. The post office is responsible for making sure that your EDDM reaching the mailboxes. The greatest advantage that comes with this mode of advertising is higher readership rate. Since with EDDM you are reaching out to every mail-box in the area, it will result in a good promotional.

Unlike billboards or banners, with EDDM you are establishing a very personal mode of communication. With these cheap prints, you are creating a sense of trust. With EDDM you have higher chances of gaining potential customers. Also important is the fact that you are having customers of all age groups and interests.

EDDM postcards print for cheap
EDDM postcards print for cheap

Additionally, EDDM has its own set of conveniences. For example, with EDDM you do not require to purchase a mailing list and update it regularly. This is a complete waste of money when you are targeting a small scale business. With EDDM you can target people, more easily. The best part is perhaps you do not need to know the address of the recipients. With a minimum cost, you are distributing them in bulk.

The Ways To Get It Done Right

For your inexpensive EDDM printing requirements, you can choose cheap prints for printing. In this case, you will get various options like flyers or brochures. These prints will make sure that you can order them in bulk for efficient distribution.  Furthermore, you can mail them in ample to make sure they are getting noticed.

Also, you have to make sure that you are using the right ZIP codes for an area. This is important because the ZIP code varies from area to area. Since with EDDM you are not required to pay for stamps and envelopes it will lower your additional charges. Furthermore, it will make sure that your prints are not getting discarded.

Also with your cost-effective EDDM printing requirements, set your market goals beforehand. This will additionally make sure that your investment is not a waste.

Make These Cheap EDDM Postcards Perfect

There are actually many ways to ensure that you are making the most of it. You should moreover make sure that you are keeping it both cheap and impactful. The main factor responsible is the design. Since these are your marketing tool, the design is a vital component. Your cheap EDDM printing requirements will thus give you what you need.

  • Color them good- The color component will make your EDDM prints attractive. Pay proper attention to them. Make sure your prints are looking dull and lacking in luster.
  • Use paper stock- For your cheap EDDM postcards printing requirements, use simple paper stock. As for the finishing, keep it uncoated. Naturally because if you opt for another coating it will have a significant effect on the end-price.
  • Plan a date- Set your dates and ensure you are printing in advance. If you are marketing with these cheap prints, it is better to fix a date. Making it otherwise can look sloppy and can slow down your business. Also with a time limit, you can track the progress of your marketing device.

Apart from these, include well-designed templates. The templates should convey the details and make the print look good. Have a list of things that you will need to print. After this, try to filter the list. Ensure that you are printing only the essential details in your EDDM prints. Excessive details can make them look boring.


How To Prepare Cheap Eddm Mailing

Know-How to Prepare Cheap EDDM Mailing

With the help of EDDM mail, you can freshen up the marketing strategy but you need to know how to prepare cheap EDDM postcards mailing. EDDM mailing is an efficacious way to get in front of the customers. Your customers respond to various communication methods. Thus, direct door direct mail can be an amazing addition to the marketing strategy. This is memorable and also tactile. As a matter of fact, it will get you into the hands of the customers. To make the EDDM mailing more effective, follow the tips.

Use Personalization

Personalization is a powerful tool when it comes to every door direct mail. Each and every mail can be personalized differently to appeal to the customers. For instance, you can personalize it using the letters of the recipient’s first name. You can personalize with images or texts. However, the variety of personalization will largely depend on the relevant data you have included. The more relevant information, the more opportunity you have to customize it. Keep in mind that EDDM connects with the customers on an emotional level.

Use an Appealing Design

Another important thing you need to think about when you consider how to prepare cheap EDDM card mailing is the quality of the design. It is important to make it attractive so that your business stands out from the others. The message should be clear with an appealing graphic. In case it is not a postcard, the message and the design on the box or envelops is more important than the inside message. This is because the recipient will open the boxed or envelop before reading what is inside.

Keep a Call to Action

Do not forget to include a call to action when you think of how to prepare cheap EDDM postcards mailing. This is an important aspect of the sales process. However, keep the call to action short and effective. The customers should understand that it is one of the most prominent pieces in the mail. In fact, there should be an urgency to respond. Keep words like limited time, deadlines, or limited quantity for facilitating response.

Test and Refine

Every door direct mail campaign should have a level of testing. This is mainly to improve the results. Testing will help you to know if your mail is working and generating a response. Thus, you will be able to enhance the direct mail response. If you test two different campaigns, you can understand which is working the best.

Sell the Offer

When you consider how to prepare affordable EDDM print and mailing, you need to keep in mind that you have to sell the offer and not the product. Thus, include an offer which is compelling and relevant to the customers. The offer might take different forms like a free sample, discounts, or free consultations. The main aim is to engage the customers so that you are able to sell more.

If you keep these tips in mind regarding how to prepare low-cost EDDM mailing, you will not have problems in printing the most effective EDDM mail. However, many people fail to understand the importance of EDDM mail.

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Design a Postcard for EDDM in 24 hours

Tips and Tricks to Design a Postcard for EDDM in 24 hours

The door direct mailing Postcard for the EDDM system is a popular marketing technique that runs 24 hours. Marketers use this method to reach customers directly at their homes. If used properly, the door direct mail system can prove successful. In this digital age, EDDM may look outdated. This is also the reason why direct mail is neglected. However, clever marketers take advantage of this decline. We will discuss it later. When you talk of digital marketing, you know what impact it can make. It can provide businesses with an all-round performance. It is fast, accurate and very effective.

You will find adequate reasons to consider branding through digital marketing. Then does it leave any space for EDDM? Yes! It does. Digital marketing and Postcard for EDDM can often work hand in hand. Each marketing technique has flaws and benefits. What if we said that EDDM can cover the flaws of digital marketing? And in return, digital marketing can do what EDDM cannot. But today we are going to discuss what EDDM can do for your business. For this, it is relevant to know about the flaws of digital marketing.

Things that 24 hours of Digital Marketing cannot Do

EDDM printing marketing vs Digital Marketing
EDDM printing marketing vs Digital Marketing

Until now, you must have known about the benefits and advantages of digital marketing. You already know how digital marketing will benefit your business. But do you know about things, digital marketing cannot do? Today you will know it! Here are the limitations of digital marketing

Too Much dependence on technology

Digital marketing is dependent on digital devices. This type of marketing is useless without digital technologies. Unfortunately, a major portion of the audience who could otherwise be potential customers, don’t use or have these technologies. As a result, digital marketing does not make sense to them.

Frequent Technical issues

Technologies work on instruments and machines. Hence, they are subjected to frequent technical issues. Although digital marketing is fast and efficient, it is reduced to zero in front of a technical breach. Technical problems can occur at any moment. The only way to prevent is frequent maintenance and timely check-up.

Heavy Maintenance cost 

Digital marketing is itself expensive and so is the maintenance process. It is also due to a constantly evolving environment that the maintenance cost is so high. Every maintenance cycle is expensive. This makes it difficult for small businesses to stick to this technology.

Increased Price Competition

 Many websites are in digital marketing. They work to serve clients with good branding services. This makes the basic price structure highly competitive. Hence, the lowest rates in digital marketing are expensive for small businesses.

Increased Worldwide Competition

The competition in Digital marketing is growing. Every type of business wants to have an online presence. More online presence means increased demand for digital marketing. This has increased the competition further at the global level. As a result, this marketing makes an impact on only a few selective brands.

Greater Ignorance

Although digital marketing has a greater reach to the target audience, the chance of ignorance remains high. Many clients will not consider clicking on the advertising campaign. Some customers will not bother to look at the campaign.

Every Door Direct Mail

The door direct mail system is easy, available 24 hours, and hassle-free tool. The business information is presented to the customers in postcards. These postcards are printed in bulk. The postal service providers take responsibility to deliver these postcards to every house in a given locality. The campaigns should reach the house of customers within a few days.

Characteristics of a Postcard for EDDM done in 24 hours

  • Each campaign is posted on an individual postcard.
  • The printing process is easy and takes a very short time.
  • Printing in bulk saves a good sum of money.
  • This makes the marketing type cost-effective.
  • This is also the reason local and small businesses prefer this marketing method.
  • The speed of delivery is reliable and mostly on time.
  • If designed appropriately, EDDM can work for every business.
  • The Every Door Direct Mail postcard is customizable and comes in endless varieties.
  • EDDM is long known to reach the target audience successfully.

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EDDM by USPS (Every Door Direct Mail by the USPS)

Importance of Every Door Direct Mail in the Digital Era | EDDM by USPS

Full research on what is the EDDM by USPS for the USA. The internet can guarantee you to provide all-round performance in launching marketing campaigns. It is fast, accurate and effective to create an impact immediately. The internet has revolutionized online marketing procedures in several ways. But certain barriers in this method can sometimes make you trust back the traditional marketing forms.

The excessive dependability of digital marketing procedures on technology is harmful. It can make things expensive and complicated. Talking about, every door direct mail system, in many ways this method is convenient to reach out to your customers.

Every Door Direct Mail by USPS

maps for EDDM local mailing options

Every door direct mail system is simple and hassle-free. The advertisement or business information is presented in postcards. They are printed in bulk and distributed to every house in a given locality through the postal services. This means the postcard is the primary marketing piece. The mailers will generally reach the customer’s house within a few days. Moreover, the postal services tend to treat these mailers differently. They often allow these bulk emails to enjoy special discounted rates or by giving them special permits. Here are the main characteristics of this type of marketing:

  • They are printed individually in each postcard.
  • They can be printed in bulk and within a short time.
  • Bulk printing saves money as well as time.
  • The delivery speed is dependable and generally on time.
  • It suits best for the small and local businesses.
  • If designed creatively, they can work for other types of businesses too.
  • It is customizable and can be designed in endless varieties.
  • It is cost-effective and result-oriented.
  • Can successfully reach the target customers in their doorsteps.

Digital Marketing in Terms of Feedback

maps for EDDM local mailing options any business, feedback is a very important factor to drive it. But feedback also has the power to make or break your business. No matter what the consequences are, honest feedback can help businesses understand their flaws and rectify them. There is no option to develop the mindset of people. As per human psychology, when customers come across negative feedback, they turn away from the business. They do this without judging it for themselves.

In the digital world, this is more prevalent because almost all platforms come with an option for feedback. These feedbacks are mostly available in public. You cannot stop it; moreover, turning off comments is also not an option. This can develop doubt in the mind of customers. When it comes to every door direct mail system, this problem is not there. There is no immediate feedback and once people know about your business they develop the curiosity to try it.

Although the digital world can enjoy the advantage of immediate feedback or complaints, it may not always be positive. That means negative feedback can bring losses to the business easily and immediately. The EDDM, on the other hand, is a simple piece of information in the form of an advertisement. Of course, feedback is possible here too, but not immediately, it will take time.

EDDM eliminates the use of training or professional expertise

Digital marketing requires a good amount of training and expertise. Without adequate knowledge in the field, a campaign may not be successful. For this reason, businesses take help from agencies or media firms. Once a social media campaign is launched, the work does not end there. These campaigns need to be managed well on different platforms. This makes the digital marketing campaign a long term one.

But when it comes to EDDM USPS the necessity of too much expertise is not required. You need to plan and design the mailer well. For this, you can either do it with software or sketch it for yourself. Once the design is ready, check the scaling and sizing requirements with the postcard size and proceed with the printing. You may hire an agency to design the mailer too but that would mean additional cost.

No need to Update Strategies

mailbox maps for EDDM printing product distribution

Using every door direct mail system works in one simple rule. There is no use of modern strategies or advanced technologies. Moreover, it is not internet-based. The marketing campaigns that use digital technologies update from time to time. It’s done to provide people with better services. This means one strategy will not work for a long time. There is continuous competition to stay on top.

Of course, EDDM by USPS is of no match with the digital media based on the processes involved. But it is also true that changing plans and strategies from time to time may not always bring positive results. A new strategy will need a lot of research, effort and time. For a mailer, all you need to do is print a well-planned design. You can follow the latest trends in designing to make the postcard more attractive to the customers. This will not take up much time and save money too.

EDDM is not bound by the law

Creating and distributing an EDDM is easy and does not involve too many legal procedures. But when it comes to the digital marketing campaigns, the matter of privacy and security is the immediate concern. The internet is not a very secure place and involves too many sensitive data and personal information. Hence, the legal authorities in every country have set up laws, rules, and regulations to control cybercrimes. These rules also apply to the various forms of digital marketing on the web.

Mailers generally come under the guidelines of the postal services. But these guidelines are mainly related to the size and design of the advertisement on the postcard. The chances of any mishaps through EDDM are less likely. Hence, the method is known for its simplicity and convenience.

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Cheap Every Door Direct Mail Postcards Prints

Use Cheap Every Door Direct Mail Postcards to Boost Your Business

The cheap Every Door Direct Mail postcards print system is an excellent option for local-level printed and mailed marketing. The process is very simple and convenient. The marketing campaigns come in postcards. There are many ways to make the design attractive. Once printed these postcards are sent in bulk to the registered postal service provider. They will distribute the postcards to every house in a given locality. A business can benefit from EDDM in many ways. It is not just the small businesses but the bigger brands too. The business of any size can take advantage of the benefits of EDDM.

How EDDM is different from Digital Marketing?

As the name suggests, EDDM is very different from Digital Marketing. The door direct mail system has got nothing to do with Digital Marketing directly. Although the postcards are designed digitally with the help of advanced designing programs, in the end, they come in printed form. Digital marketing works on various platforms. It works with the help of an internet connection. This form of marketing all requires devices that support digital technologies.

A person will commonly come across digital campaigns while surfing the web. Most websites contain marketing campaigns. Digital marketing indeed has a wider reach. Moreover, a large proportion of people are accustomed to every type of digital technology. Tech-savvy people understand digital technologies better. It is natural for you to question the purpose of Every Door Direct Mail in the digitally addicted world. But once you understand the benefits of EDDM in today’s era, you are almost certain to get convinced.

Benefits of using Every Door Direct Mail

The door direct mail system is a very powerful tool in marketing. If used properly it can penetrate to a large mass of audiences efficiently. Read on to know about the benefits of this marketing system in the modern world.

It is cost-effective

The first reason why most marketers are convinced to use this marketing system is the cost. Every door direct mail system is cost-effective in multiple ways. Firstly the production cost is low. You can print the postcards in bulk and in a very short duration of time. Delivering postcards is also easy. Once the printing job is over, hand the postcards to a registered postal service provider. You need to pay the minimum charges for delivery. They will responsibly deliver the postcards to your preferred location.

Every Door Direct Mail by USPS
Every Door Direct Mail by USPS

Enjoys discounts

Since the postcards are delivered in bulk, they can enjoy discounts and special treatments. This is a common benefit of doing anything in bulk. Clever marketers will choose this method over other traditional marketing forms. None of the other forms will enjoy discounts and special treatments as much as EDDM.

Easy to Design

Postcards are easy to design. If you know how to design you don’t even need a professional designer. With the help of your computer, you can find thousands of online applications to design amazing marketing postcards. Most designers choose to work with professional applications such as Photoshop and lightroom. If you do not know to use these professional applications, there is nothing to worry about. Most of the online applications do not require professional skills. These applications are very user-friendly. Moreover, you also have the option of choosing from different templates.

Better Reach

Postcard marketing is a traditional form of advertising. But it certainly knows how to go with the modern trends. Hence, over the years the concept has upgraded. It is due to this up-gradation, the postcards have better reach to the target audience. Digital marketing promises to reach a mass audience. But you still don’t know whether it can make an impact. When it comes to the door direct mail system, it may cover a small area, but it will reach every door. Therefore, you will get a rough idea of what impact it can make.


Marketers love to work with flexible marketing options. And Every Door Direct Mail is flexible and cost-effective. You can customize the design as per the business needs. There are no strict rules or restrictions to follow. As long as it meets with the specified standards from the postal service providers, you are free to do anything. But make sure to include relevant content and graphics to grab customer attention.

Scope of creativity

With postcards, you have a massive scope of creativity. It is always recommended to make your postcards creative. This will make it stand out from the rest of the marketing campaigns. Make sure to include a unique factor so that people can recognize it instantly. You are free to design the postcard with designs, patterns, and colors. You may include other visually appealing things too.

How To Determine the Right Location?

Every door direct mail is all about reaching the door of every house in a particular locality. Hence you have to specify the postal service provider beforehand about the delivery location. It is not wise to choose a random location. The choice of location depends on several factors. Have you ever thought about the type of audience you want to reach? If not, you have to do this without fail.

Consider the Product Type

The location is dependent on the type of product you are dealing with. Choose a location where you think the demand for the product is more. Prefer the locations where people need your product or service. This way the mailer can give great success. Customers should be instantly compelled to try your product. A particular product may have more demand in a different location. Your business unit could be far from that area. But it does not matter. If you distribute the product in that location, you know that the correct audience knows about you. When they need your service, they will automatically turn up.

The type of Locality

 The tastes and preferences of people vary with localities. People tend to choose products and services that are easily available near them. Hence products or services that are quickly available get the limelight. Choose the location/s where you are sure to reach your audience quickly. This way you will reach the right customers in no time.

Don’t Choose a Random location

If you have a local business, you will want to promote the brand in the local area. Now, the local area is not small. Invest some time to pick the localities that will work best for your business. If you choose a random location, it will be a waste of time and money. What’s the use of distributing postcards where you have no returns. Hence, never choose a random location for EDDM

Consult with the Service Provider

This is the last thing to determine the location. Once you know the routes, consult the same with the service provider. There are times when a service provider may not deliver the postcards in the location of your choice. In such cases, you should work with other postal service providers. If you want the postcards to reach multiple zip codes, mention the same to the service provider.


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