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Scribble Pen – Color Scanning Pen History

 The Smart Scribble Pen lets you Write and Draw in any Color

 Imagine a pen that allows you to write and draw in endless colors! Say hello to the scribble pen. This pen works with unlimited color variants using a special ink cartridge. The smartpen scans with advanced technologies and replicates the same color. This means you no longer need a pack of colored pens to complete your work. This pen can scan colors with the inbuilt RGB color sensor. Although the sensor is on top of the pen it is actually fixed from within on top of a colored object.

These pens are excellent for doodling and making interesting colored copies. So if you are good with sketching and drawing, this pen is simple for you. The pen comes in three different tips. These three tips have separate stroke weights. What’s more? Well, this is a smartpen, so you can easily connect it with a smartphone or tablet. It runs on iOS and Android version. Connecting the device with your phone allows you to save the ink colors you have already scanned. Keep reading to know more about this revolutionary pen.

Features of Scribble Pen

This amazing smartpen comes with the most advanced features. It initiates to make your work experience flawless and unstoppable. Here are the amazing features that you should know about this pen.

  • The scribble pen works with the help of a battery. Once charged the battery can work for up to seven hours. One can charge the pen using a standard Micro USB cable.
  • The version of the scribble pen is known as the Scribble Pen Stylus. It works on tablets. This pen does not need a smart ink cartridge.
  • With the help of this pen, you can scan colors from any object around you. You can then get the same duplicate color and use it for your work.
  • Using the smart device you can sync the scanned colors and save them for future use. This is possible for the Bluetooth connectivity.
  • The device also has a personalized app that lets you check the colors you have scanned.
  • Some of the innovative places from which you can scan the colors are cosmetics, fruits, walls, tree leaves and more.
  • The other smartpen variants work with refillable ink cartridges.
  • The amount of ink can provide you with 30 miles of drawing.
  • You can use the scanned colors in Photoshop too. Additionally, it may work in other devices as well.
  • The app can help you to access the scanned colors from anywhere.

With so many fast and advanced features, the scribble pen is excellent for professional designers. It is a great choice for those who love to play with different colors.

The Smart Pen is Portable


One of the biggest advantages of scribble pen is it is portable. You can carry it anywhere in your pocket. It is excellent for business people who need to work while traveling. It is light in weight and small in size. Whether you carry it in your pocket or store it in one corner of your bag, it will remain safe. The pen body is durable. In short, the pen can solve a lot of problems for practical industry and home uses.

How does this Pen Work?

Now that you know how amazing the pen is, you will want to know how this pen works. The success story of this smartpen was unfortunately not very easy. After several failed attempts to launch the pen in the market, the company finally started with the product on its website.

The story goes back to 2011 when a group submitted this project with hopes of getting it funded. Although the idea was an instant hit, it immediately got canceled with the attention of the Kickstarter team. They claimed that the technology was only promising a fake result in future. Hence they asked the group to submit a proof the backed the working procedure of the project. The Kickstarter believed that it a proof backing the project procedures could ensure that such a technology was real. But the group was not ready to disclose any information relating to their project. Hence the project failed to receive any funding.

Once published, the project managed to raise about $300,000 in the first few hours. However, when the cancellation was announced, the money was reportedly returned to the original bidders. In between failure and success, the team had seen several downfalls. Later it had run into another funding source known as Tilt. But once again the reason to provide more details about the project was the cause of cancellation. The scribble team only needed a working prototype for its success. However, the prototype was also the reason why they needed crowdfunding. At the time the technology required to create the prototype was not available.

The Research Went On

The difficulties in launching the project seemed never-ending. On one hand, securing a working prototype was important but in reality, the technology for a working prototype was not available. The actual working process remains unclear, despite some videos recording the process to prove its work. The video became more controversial when Reddit took up the topic. Reddit is one of the biggest discussion forums online where people love to discuss controversial issues. After several failed crowdfunding attempts, the company decided to sell the pens through its website.

How is Pen Made?

scribble pen functions

When you look back to the history of this useful tool, the scribble pen has gone through a lot of changes. The changes are noticeable in the mechanism as well as the design. The team has announced for a two-year intense technology and design path. The shape of the pen you see today is the result of this path.

Before the pen was launched it needed to be made ready to use for home and commercial purposes. This was the main reason why the pen needed to go through a lot of mechanical and design changes. The scribble group made sure that the pen worked flawlessly. Hence they took special care to make it work free of defects. Since the pen design was to work in home applications, the size was an important factor. Hence the size was also reduced. The final idea of the pen is to fit a small scanner and cheap printer in your hand. Hence, to make it possible, a lot of new technologies and innovations needed to come in. The company works intelligently to tackle all hindrances. This made it possible for the pen to find a new era of success in the market.

What can the Scribble Pen do?

The pen is small in size, yet so technologically advanced. It provides users with high performance. The pen comes with a small eye sensor. This sensor is responsible to scan the color from the object in front of it. Once the color is captured it is converted to RGB format. This is further converted to color palette code so that the replication process gets easier. The smartpen is very handy and easy to clean.

Using the scribble pen is also very easy. You need to point the pen towards the object. It will automatically scan the color when you press the button. When you hit the button, a small stripe near the pen sensor lights up with the color you are copying. When you scan the color, you can easily save it with the help of its application on your smartphone. Saving the color will let you use it in the future.

Refilling the Ink

Visit the company’s own website to find Refillable Ink Cartridges. But you can find such cartridges over any used website store on the internet. The company website says the ink cartridge connects to a dispenser and mixer. It can recreate the exact color you have scanned. Each cartridge has a capacity of 30 miles of ink. The new cartridges are available in less than $10.

Drawing Convenience

The drawing process with scribble pen is very simple. To make your work easy, this pen is available in 3 drawing tips. These are useful to give separate texture and feels. When drawing, you can use these different tips to make it thinner or bolder. Depending on what work you are doing, you can choose the pen tip that serves your purpose the best.

Does the Pen come with a Guarantee?

Surprising the scribble pen is still not available for sale after so many years of market presence. Nobody knows whether the company is a scam. People are not sure about the real existence of the company. But when it comes to the product the idea is still a hit and many are secretly waiting to have their scribble pen. But traces of the product selling in the market cannot be ignored. So you could try one of these pens without waiting further.

Alternate places to look

 If you are desperate to get one scribble pen, you can check out Amazon and eBay. You may not get the same scribble pen, but you will find similar pens. These pens are already available to the public for sale. For example, on eBay, you can find a scribble pen in about $25. These pens look futuristic and they also cover an extended guarantee period. This will save you from getting scammed. The alternate options even allow you to save a big sum of money. It prevents you from paying nearly $250 for a pen that has no existence in reality, as per the Scribble website.

The mystery of the real scribble pen seems to remain clueless. Despite so many consequences and failures, it is worth saying that the idea of such a pen deserves to be an instant hit. Thanks to the Scribble group to put forward such an idea. Today you may find a lot of alternatives for the original scribble pen. However, the original idea deserves great appreciation. If the real pen was available for sale, it could have been a great tool for designers. Creating and designing amazing characters and objects with exact colors could be so easy. Had there not been any problem with funding, perhaps you could enjoy the interesting features of the pen easily.

ebay scribble pen alternative
eBay scribble pen alternative