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Same Day Business Card Printing Possible?

Is It Possible to Get Same Day Business Card Printing?



Yes, there are many ways to get cheap business cards printed the same day. Some compromises on the quality and the price have to be made for this to work out properly. Remember that designing, setting up, printing, cutting and packing is extensive work and most of the leaders in printing business cards, does this process by bulk for several of customers per print out. Packing a group of maybe 50 customers that will print a business cards order is not easy, so it can take a few days, to sum up.

If you wish your printer to skip the line and just do your job first, they will have to run the printing machine, the cutting crew, packing personnel just for your order instead of splitting these expenses into a group of 50 or more. So you must know there must be an additional fee for this. Anyway, there are other ways to get cheap business cards printed the same day without going to file a bankruptcy.


Print Business Cards at Home for Cheap

Want to get a few business cards printed out for cheap and right now? If you have a home color printer, could be inkjet or laser printer, the first choice would be just adding up a very useful tool, the trimmer. With the use of any software like MS-word, Photoshop or even a phone app called “Business Card Maker & Creator“. You could build, arrange and organize at least 10 business cards per page and have them ready for printing.


Remember that the paper stock used for business cards is a lot thicker than just the regular plain paper. You may go visit Staples or Officemax where you will find a huge variety of paper stock and textures. Before you buy the paper for your business cards project, make sure to look at the printer maximum weight capabilities. Often an 80lb matte cover paper would be compatible with your printer and thick enough to make your business card look stiff and presentable. 80lb cover paper is often used as the front and back of a booklet arranged printing project.

There is no cheaper and faster way to get business cards done than this. But you need to put some effort in with the design, layout, print-out, cutting and packing yourself. If you wish to get them done the same day, still for very cheap? Then you need to continue reading.

Local Printer Providers with Same Day Cards Printing Capabilities

If its early in the morning and you just realized that you need some cheap business cards done quick, you might still have a chance. There are a lot of local printers with color copier machines (instead of Offset color process machines) that are capable of printing the business cards within a few minutes of your arrival. Buy some extra time by designing the business card front and back yourself. If you have no designing skills and don’t want to try using the online app we recommended before, be ready to settle for quick and generic-looking business cards.

On store, designers could help you build a business card design, but you need to provide your logo and most of the text information to them. If you could at least type the information down, with no grammatical errors, it will save a lot of time for quicker service. The logo make sure is big enough and at least 300 DPI of resolution to avoid pixelated printing which looks horrible. Business cards design setup service usually comes for an extra prime, but its really worth the money for many reasons:

  • Designers will double-check your images and logo for quality compliance.
  • The text will be double looked at for design purpose.
  • The design will look more professional compared to home-made versions of the same.
  • Arranging the business cards at a rate of 10/sheet is included within the designer’s fee.
  • The designer can throw in some ideas and decrease design developing time.

Avoid Offset-Printing for SameDay Services


If you know a few printers near you, it is good for you to ask what printer technology they use. If you hear they say “We print out business cards with Offset Printing” then you better start walking to the next printing store near you. Offset printing is a process in which a lot of steps are required to complete a business cards printing job. It is not just slow but also it is pricy when you need it for right away. They could even promise you same day printing without knowing that some complications could occur during the printing.

Avoid all these situations by going to a local printer near you that will use a professional color copier machine to get your business cards done quickly. Color copier machines don’t need the extensive setup process as the offset machines do. If they are laser color copiers, even better as the toner burned into the paper will be water and sun-proof as well.

Search online for some local choice not so far away from you. In case you need to leave the document and return later for the final product.

Recommended Places


Among the most popular laser color copier printers that will offer finished business cards for cheap we will find:

  • Staples
  • Officemax
  • Kinkos
  • Minuteman Printing
  • Alpha Graphics

In our personal experience, Staples has the most recent machinery, better maintained are for work, wider selection for paper. Very capable personnel to help you design and arrange your project quickly is also available during regular business hours. If you need a special paper or laminating for your business cards, these services are also available for you and it will still be delivered the same day.

A little tip for you. If you are in a rush, don’t accept the invitation for you to leave the printing premises and return later if possible. This will delay your order further more than you can expect. If you are capable of staying there at the printing store, you may assure the “same day printing” promise is granted to you. This way you avoid new customers walking in and flooding the employees and designers with new jobs while yours goes to the bottom of the line just because you walked out.

Online Printers with Same Day Print Capabilities?

There are a few online printing companies that offer the same day printing option on many of the top products like business cards, brochures, flyers, bookmarks, among others. But even if they print and ship the product the same day you placed the order, it is practically near impossible to have them delivered to you via a regular shipment method, also the same day. So make sure this online company accepts local pickup and also make sure it warehouse is near you.

Cost of Printing Business Cards with Same-Day Options


We will not lie to you, printing business cards with same-day delivery will never be a cheap task for printer providers. Same-Day business card printing mostly means they will stop about anything they are doing just to print and finish your job first. This will make you jump a huge line of products just in exchange for speed.

Be careful, a lot of printer providers offer SAME-DAY PRINTING when they actually run the prints with a 24-hour delivery guarantee. This is a very bad misconception and you should talk clear that you need the order in your hands this very same day you are placing the order.

Just for the sake of giving you a price example on how much would it cost to get same-day cheap business cards printing services, we will run some estimates in popular quantities. *These prices include design, printing, finishing, packing.

50 Business Cards = $20 – $45

100 Business Cards = $45 – $80

250 Business Cards = $100 – $180

500 Business Cards = $180 – $250

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