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Printing and Mailing Services Near Me For Cheap

Cheap Printing & Mailing Services Near Me

If you landed here looking for printing and mailing services near me for cheap. Then we could suggest you might be interested in the EDDM eligible postcards printing and mailing program. Printers near you and I will handle the confection of these flyers very easily. USPS near me and you will handle the mailing of these flyers. So for this search, we believe we got the perfect Match.

printing and mailing services near me
printing and mailing services near me


What is EDDM by the USPS?

EDDM  is an abbreviation for the full term Every Door Direct Mail. The abbreviation stands for a new mailing system by the USPS. By “new”, we mean it been available only for the past few years. This system helps regular mailing entities to send via local postal mail without the need of a recipient list, names either addresses. USPS provides all this information for the customer who is interested in mailing postcards to a designated zip code or area. Mailing costs are really cheap and you save a lot of money with the fact that no mailing list is required.

The actual printing of the postcards for mailing has to meet a few requirements to become EDDM eligible. We will disclose here what exactly is needed in a postcard to become eligible for the Every Door Direct Mail program by the USPS you could find near you.

  • The postcard for mailing should be over 5″ tall, and over 6″ wide.
  • The EDDM Indicia, consequently, your flyer must include/contain a symbol anywhere within the design (back and front).
  • Paper stock for the postcards for mailing must be 80lb cover paper or heavier.
  • Bundle flyers on packs of 50s of 100s with the Pre-designed printed slip provided by your local USPS.
  • You must provide the exact quantity of postcards required by your local USPS. This will vary from zip code to zip code.
  • Must select a destination for mailing. Business or Households are available thru this program.

For more choices on printing and mailing services near me. Find the full and official list of requirements for EDDM eligible postcards at https://www.55printing.com/cheap-every-door-direct-mail-eddm-printing/

Finding an EDDM USPS Office Near Me

If you haven’t done so yet, you could run a little search on Google and find what USPS is the nearest to your location. Usually, USPS stores are all over the place and at least, 1 per every small city or town. Searching for a local USPS store with EDDM Mailing capabilities might not be a hard task. Before you head to that local office, make sure to call and ask to see if they have availability to accept the EDDM eligible postcards first.

Also, some USPS stores have different requirements for the EDDM flyers, like size, indicia location or even paper stock weight. So be sure to ask about their specific requirements before you hire a local printer to accomplish your project.

printing and mailing near me

Hiring An Affordable Printer Near You

You must be aware that old-school printer stores, mostly near you, might not be the best choice. The outdated price structure is king in most of these old printing places. Prices and printing quality is very far from what you could get with bigger companies. If you go beyond your local town or city, a better choice could become available. Remember these old businesses dedicated to printing, mostly still using hard to manage machinery. Low quality offset printing presses and many other factors. This old machinery requires a lot of time to set-up. Flyers printed in this old machinery won’t stand a chance in competing with the actual quality of flyers seeing every day.

So when looking for a place to print your postcards for mailing near you. Remember to look for modern looking print places. Young people as designers with fresh minds, ready to take your project to the eye of potential buyers. Designers capable of capturing your needs and creating a captivating piece of art out of the conventional, therefore, standing out of your competitor’s flyers.

Hiring a cheap printer by the name:

The name of a company tells you a lot about them. For example, if you see a business with the name of “Sings and Custom Printing” or “Digital Sign & Printing”, a red flag is turned on that this might not be the best choice for bulk postcards printing for mailing.  As by the name, therefore, these 2 previous companies might be focused on a different type of printing industry. Digital printing is mostly used for little quantity productions, as well as the signs, are just needed in units instead of thousands. So these 2 companies might be doing awesome signs and vinyl banners, but not the best choice for printing bulky amount of mailing pieces of flyers.

If instead of those printer company names, you now see something like “Express Printing”, “Henry Printing & Graphics, Inc” or “Printing Fly LLC”. Now we are talking of bigger possibilities of a best chance to find a proper printer for our mailing postcards. These are usually companies located near you and me, therefore, with enough capabilities to compete in quality and speed with international providers. Even though the price might not compete at all, but for a faster and person to person service, this is still among the best choices.

Hiring a cheap printer by their popularity:

Looking at the TV at night, you might find a lot of annoying ads between your favorite night shows. These ad segments can show about local choices for printing near you. Pay attention to what these ads have to offer for a few reasons. If a local printing company near you is investing money in TV ads. It shows a very serious focus on bringing customers in. That also means they will be taking good care of you once you arrive at their business. Also, gives you the impression that they are over ready for any new print project.

If a local printer is investing in TV ads, they should be promoting in many other media. That means its not just the old uncle printer business right there. This will give you a good idea of the size and popularity of the printing business.

Another way to look out for a business popularity level. Would be to search for online reviews on local business listings like Yelp, Google Business, ResellerRatings or YellowPages. These pages are very good at providing you with an idea of what people are saying online about local printers near you. Note: If you see a business with 2 o 3 reviews only, don’t take them into consideration. Look out for printer businesses with over at least 10 reviews online.

Hiring an ONLINE printer that will print cheap and fast

55printing.com also provides Printing and Mailing Services Near Me

You shouldn’t stop at just looking at your local printer options near you. Looking online for international printers, consequently, could bring you better pricing, better service, and faster printing services. Unfortunately, shipping delays are inevitable as it will print and ship mostly from a state or city near you. Shipping delay might be worth the wait after you see the price you could get online. Most online printers are EDDM knowledgable, that being said, they are trained to inspect your design and product selection to comply with your local USPS mailing flyer requirements.

You could just make a simple search for “EDDM Printing”, as well as, “Cheap EDDM printing”. This way you will be able to compare top international printer sites, their prices, printing turnaround, and many other little details. Notice that at 55printing.com, the design file inspection is totally Free of charge and even before you place your order. This is always a good thing that a professional look at your art before you go for final printing.


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