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Printing and Mailing Holiday Postcards Online

 Best Ways of Printing and Mailing Holiday Postcards Online

Be ready on how to get the best Printing and Mailing Holiday Postcards Online for this upcoming dates. The holiday season is just a few months away and you are already confused about getting the holiday cards done right. But this year you can worry a little less because you can expect a lot of new and interesting tools from the online world to work in your favor. The online platform is in many ways more competitive than the real market. It is fast, effective and convenient. There are very few tasks that you may not be able to do online. Thankfully, getting the best holiday card designs and prints is not on that list.

The Necessity of Printing Holiday Cards

Many people decide to craft their holiday cards for themselves. Previously this practice was more popular with the handmade postcards. But now people have taken up the smarter way of designing and printing the cards for themselves. For this, they take the help of professional software or hire professional designers to work on behalf of them.

Designing multiple handmade postcards can be a real challenging task. It will take much of your time and make the work stressful with time. But when you do the same task with the help of online software, you can prepare and print the same design for multiple copies. The design is to remain unhampered and uniform for all the holiday cards. You can design the cards and then use color and custom colors to enhance the look. You can also take the help of certain pre-designed templates to make your work easier.

This way you can create one or more than one design easily and get it printed or mailed. But now you must be thinking that what you should do if you do not know how to use professional software. Worry less because now you can find several kinds of online software that are extremely user-friendly. You do not need to be skillful or expert with the machine. Some websites can make your task easy and fast. Keep reading to know the easy ways of designing, printing or emailing the holiday cards online.

designing a holiday postcard flyer for mailing
designing a holiday postcard flyer for mailing

Stand Out from the Ordinary Holiday Card Designs 

The pre-printed holiday postcards from the local stores are a very good choice when it comes to making a quick selection. They are perfectly crafted and go well with your busy life too. But can they help you stand out from the rest of the postcards? The simple answer is no and here is the reason. Firstly, you are not the only one to distribute postcards in the holiday season. Unlike you, there are thousands of people who will distribute postcards. In the same you are residing, many people will buy the same postcard from the same local store.

This means the holiday postcard you choose to send to your friend is not unique. Your friend can get the same postcard from another person. This is just a complex process and in the end, your holiday card does not make any difference. Designing your postcard can help you stand out from the rest of the postcards in the market. They are unique and the chances of imitating the design are almost none.

Customization and uniqueness

If you are too choosy about design, you will be easily convinced to reject the pre-designed holiday cards in the market. In the end, the market can only offer you and the rest of the others with the same type of designs. This is where you will greatly appreciate the idea of customization and uniqueness in the postcards. Since you want to make the holiday card stand out from the rest you want to explore more in this area. Getting holiday postcards designed online has many advantages and benefits. The regular card that you find in the market just before the holiday seasons is designed with this software.

Holiday Cards for Marketing Purpose

Many reputed brands and businesses keep sending postcards of warm wishes and greetings during the holiday season. Choosing a greetings card from the local stores is not the correct option. Every business should have its customized holiday cards. They should have the logo imbibed. Many Businesses use greeting postcards during the holiday season. They use it to announce special offers to simply maintain a good relationship with their loyal customers. Hence, they use self- designed and printed custom card during the holiday season.

How Shutterfly helps to Create Amazing Holiday Cards?

You may have heard a lot about the top-notch professional software Photoshop. It is undoubtedly one of the best designing software in the market. You have complete liberty and freedom to design a complete holiday card with the perfect shape and size. But one thing that is also true is it requires some skills and creativity. You cannot start designing right away. You should know how to work with the operations and how the different tools work. This means you need to invest time in learning the software.

But these days, you can design anything with user-friendly software. Shutterfly is one such software that does not require a lot of skill or creativity. The application is user-friendly and gives you some of the best designs. You can even customize the templates to your heart’s content and get the desired design you would like to have on the holiday card.

Benefits of using Shutterfly

shutterfly holiday postcards design online
shutterfly holiday postcards design online
  • Makes your life simple in terms of designing.
  • Help you create unique designs in a very short time.
  • You do not have to be very creative or skillful in using the software.
  • Print the custom-designed postcards in no time.
  • You can even send the postcards in the form of mail.
  • Simplifies all your printing, designing and mailing needs.
  • Use it as a mobile application for both Android and iOS platforms.

How to Design and Mail Holiday Postcards from Shutterfly?

Shutterfly is a very user-friendly software that fulfills all your designing needs. You can use it even with absolute or no knowledge of designing. The application can even import contacts for you from different sources of your choice to make mailing easier. This application can mail your preferred audience on behalf of you. This service is applicable for an additional cost, but the service will not let you down. When you use it you will find the application worth every penny.

Few applications can directly help you to design the right postcard and get it delivered through online mail at the same time. Such services are extremely beneficial during the busy festival seasons. Shutterfly comprises of about 700+ pre-designed postcards. These postcards come in different shapes and sizes. You can choose one of your choices but don’t forget to customize the design. There are many ways you can great creative with the application as well.

Other Ways to Design and Print Cheap Holiday Cards

 If you’re not planning to get the holiday cards done to serve a marketing purpose, you may not want to invest much in the postcard. Hence, getting a cheaper and quality service is your main priority. To get cheap greetings card printing services 55printing.com can be your second choice. Just like expensive online services, there are websites like 55printing.com. This website can provide you with services at cheaper rates.

For many of you, the website can also be a local printer that can print a holiday card just near you. There are many benefits of getting the work done from a service provider next to you online. They can not only print the cards but get them delivered at your doorsteps too. When you place your order with this particular provider, you find the process easy, it is simple to find easy to get free support from the crew.

This application comes with many varieties of pre-designed templates. It also has tools to customize and modify the templates. You can take the help of this application to design and print holiday postcards in bulk. It will save you time and money. Most times the online designed postcard comes in cheaper rates than those available in the local stores. At 55 printing you will not find an option for online mailing. This means you cannot send the postcards through mails. But you can still get them printed in bulk and delivered at your doorsteps. You can later get the postcards mailed with the help of registered stamps.

Designing Postcards by an Individual


As an individual if you are looking to design and print the postcard to send it to your near and dear ones, use any online software. If you have a printer at home you can probably get the printing job done for yourself. You already have an idea of the number of postcards you need to print. If you print it at home, you save the cost of getting it printed from a retail store.

Many online applications and websites come with free services too. You can use them to design and print holiday postcards. Once you have the softcopy of the holiday card ready, you can do the mailing work from your mail too. But if you are a business unit and you want to give your postcards a highly professional look, you should go for a professional printer. They can serve you with top quality services probably with genuine discounts.


Designing and Printing a postcard is no longer a difficult task. It is simple, easy and fast. Thanks to the number of online tools and applications. Most of these applications are versatile and extremely user-friendly. You can use them even without too much knowledge. So now, it’s time to prepare for the holiday season. Delay no further and get going with the planning process of getting the best holiday cards immediately.