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Office Depot Color Copies Flyers for Cheap Near Me

Advantages of Getting Office Depot Color Copies Near Me

 The demand for innovative Office Depot color copies is ever increasing. And when it comes to getting it from the best of the best office supply brands like Office Depot, the demands are bigger. Office Depot Inc is one of the biggest and worldwide recognized companies. It deals in the supply of basic office products and services. It caters mainly to the local businesses and to all those associated in using such products.

More about Office Depot

Office Depot is based on American and it’s headquarter is located in Boca, Raton, United States, and Florida. It is an office supply retail company with combined annual sales of nearly $11 billion. The company works along with 38, 000 associates in its business in the United States.

Color Copies from Office Depot

 Getting the best services from a worldwide recognized brand is the choice of many. Just like most other color copies provider, Office Depot also has its same-day color copies printing services. As per Office Depot, it has its services available at its local stores. The best part about getting the color copies done from Office Depot is the touch of professionalism. The professional print associates at Office Depot can suggest and provide you with the best ideas. They can help you to create excellent color copies. The copies are more than sufficient in terms of quality and to meet your requirements.

Office Depot can also provide you with cheap and same-day design and printing services. In the end, you can expect a professionally produced product, irrespective of the type of service you opt for. Some of the common types of color copies from Office Depot include Copies, flyers, same day business cards, presentations, and booklets.

Prices of Color Copies at Office Depot

*Update: As of 05/30/2020 the website is now working properly. If you wish to visit Office Depot color copies product section follow this link: https://www.officedepot.com/a/products/870284/Copies/

The official website of Office Depot color copies site suffers from a malfunction. Perhaps, they should invest some extra attention in constructing their website and making it work again. Such a website can easily turn away thousands of customers to other supplies daily.

Based on assumptions, the cost of color copies per day should be somewhere around $0.49 to $0.69 per sheet. The price is for color printing. If you want to get your printing works done in black and white, the price can be estimated between $0.07 and $0.09 per sheet in normal paper.

The chances of getting discounts at the Office Depot stores near you remain high. They can offer you with great discounts on big quantities. For example, if you want to print over 100 pages, you have the chances of qualifying for bigger discounts. In some cases, the priced can go as low as half. So when you visit the Office Depot store near you next time, make sure to ask for any special offer that may be running at that particular time.

Why visit the Local Office Depot Store Near you?

Visiting the local Office Depot store near you has many disadvantages. It can provide you with quality supply at the best prices in the market. The advantages of getting cheap color copies from the local Office Depot store near you are mentioned below.

The Turnaround time

The speed factor is probably the biggest advantages of getting your color copies done from the local Office Depot near you. When you choose to order color copies only, you will notice that a significant amount of time goes in the shipping process. This, in turn, affects the overall and final turnaround time to a great extent. This problem remains consistent even if the service providers are working for 24 hours. The problem of adding additional days for the shipping process can be ignored when you visit the store near you physically.

If at all you do not have any option other than ordering the color copies online, it is better that you place the order from an online provider. But choose a provider with a warehouse near you. There are many benefits of getting your orders done online, to know more you should try contacting the company.

The Paper Stock Selection

The reason why you should visit a store physically for getting your color copies done right is the paper quality. There are so many different types of paper stocks to choose from. The quality ranges from the good to the best. Not all paper type will suit the purpose and objective of your business. But what’s more important to keep in mind is to get the proper print out quality. Hence, visiting the store near you will give you the scope of touching and understanding the paper quality for yourself.

Apart from the paper quality, you can also check for any printing defects instantly. Since the color copy machines can be stopped immediately if you notice any defect you can stop the process instantly. This way wastage of paper can be minimized and you can save your color copies from going through another printing cycle. The chances of ruining the whole project are reduced this way.


Using free finishing tool

The local Office Depot store near you comes with many useful tools. These tools are all free of charge and can help to enhance the color copies quality. For example, the common free finishing tools include binding machinery, paper trimmers and staples, clips and more. When you get the final product in hand, these tools are very essential to give the color copies a finished look. This is another important advantage of visiting the local store instead of getting it done online. You cannot expect to ask these extra requests free of charge from the online service providers.

Some advantages of Getting Color Copies Done Online

Although there are many advantages of getting your color copies done from a retail store, the online store is nothing less. Apart from the shipping time, there are some relevant advantages of ordering color copies online. Here they are mentioned below.

Expect Expert Hands

You may not be fully aware of how these online color copy providers are working. Since they operate separately from the retail stores, people often confuse the people working there as less skilled. But this is not true. The online printing stores have their working terms and they strive to provide the best services in the market. You can expect top-notch quality services and expert hands-on your color copies. Right from the starting till the end of the printing process, your color copies are safe in the hands of the experts.

A Good Delivery Turnaround


Not always does the online service provider hide their warehouse information. Sometimes even the local stores near you will have a strong online presence. If you have managed to find a local store around you with a strong online presence, you can even arrange for a pick up instead of getting it delivered at home. This way you can avoid going through extended days of the shipping process. However, if you are too lethargic about moving out of your home and have a good duration of time in hand, wait for the finished product to reach your doors.

Online store vs Retail stores: Price

The prices of color copies are indeed quite cheaper online. It is cheap when compared to the prices at the retail stores. The reason why the color copies are cheaper online is the demand. More customers demand to get color copies done online. Getting it done online has many advantages. You can design it on your own or choose the best design from different templates online. Moreover, when it comes to the demands, the retails stores are restricted to fulfill only the local demand. But the online stores have the advantage of extending services nationwide. Sometimes they can even serve their services internationally.

This way the cost of operation in the online world gets divided among the millions of customers. This is where local businesses fall short. This is the reason for creating a major difference in terms of price between the retail and online stores.

Another reason why you can expect quality service from the online color copies provider is the stiff competition. By now you already know that the competition in the online world is far more intense than the local businesses. Hence, online business has to provide class services to remain rigid in the competition. They cannot afford to provide inferior services and ruin their name.

Any Alternative for Better Local color copies providers?

 The demand for color copies is to remain consistent at present. There are already some better alternatives to the local retail color copies providers. The competition can be expected to rise further and will always remain pretty tight. Hence, many retail stores that are not even related to printing have kept provision for color copy services for the customers. These services are placed on the front desks so that customers know about the services. Although they might not be the best option to get your printing job done, they are still an option for cheaper services.

Some of the top competitors of Office Depot in the local retail market include:

  • Staples Copy and Print
  • MinuteMan 24 hours printing
  • FedEx Copy Store
  • Kinkos Printing
  • UPS Copy Center

It is worth saying that both the online stores and retail stores dealing in color copies provide best in class services. They are excellent choices to get your printing work done in great quality. Choosing the one convenient to you can give you the best in class services. Hence, when you want to print color copies, always make the choice based on your budget and time limit.