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Myth of Ink Smudges When Printing Over Glossy Paper

Busting the Myths behind Ink Smudges on Glossy Papers

For decades it has been considered that printing on glossy paper the ink smudges. But now it’s time to bust this myth. It is a common misbelief that matte papers are safer than glossy papers. The reason is that matte papers do not smudge the ink. So does this mean you should refrain from using glossy papers? No, not at all. Printing on glossy paper is always in great demand. Prints that come in glossy finishes are attractive than the normal prints. Firstly, it is the paper surface that is glossy and the ink remains the same.

Since the surface is slippery, it can take a little longer for the ink to dry completely. Apart from this, there can be various other reasons for ink smudging on glossy papers. If you have been facing this issue lately, after reading this article you should hopefully stop. For the ink smudges problems you were unable to find a proper solution so long, this article will point out the common flaws and help you improve.

Cheap Quality Printer

 This is one of the most primary reasons for poor printing quality. A poor printer can destroy the printing in no time. It is not just the glossy paper, but it will not even work for the normal papers. When it comes to glossy paper specifically, these papers are more sensitive to the printer for its glossy surface. The ink takes longer to settle on the paper surface. Printers from well-known brands will not take all the necessary measures in keeping the print quality safe. However, these printers are more expensive. Hence many people tend to avoid these high-quality printers and go for the unknown brands.

To avoid this, you should go from the printers that are standard in the market. It is okay if you are not going for the most expensive printer in the market. But at least go for something that can offer you a decent quality printing. Read the specifications of the printer carefully. It is important to understand the paper capabilities of the printer.

Some printers are only capable of printing in normal papers only. These normal papers are lighter than the glossy papers and easy to manage. In that case, if you try overloading these printers with the heavy weighted glossy papers, it will leave the ink smudges. If you think your present printer is not providing the optimal glossy printing quality, this is probably the reason. Go check your printer specifications and stop overloading the printer right away.

brands for printers with ink smudges capabilities
brands for printers with ink smudges capabilities

Low Capacity Inkjet Printers | Highly Risky for Ink Smudges

The low capacity inkjet printers come with small electric motors. These motors are not sufficient enough to roll the glossy paper through the ink cartridges. When the printer finds a paper with more weight than its actual capacity, it can brush more layers of ink than the normal levels. This will further increase the time of drying the ink. The delay in the drying process can leave the ink smudges. Sometimes it can even never dry the printing sheet and this can smudge the ink as soon as it comes in contact with the air.

Cheap Glossy Paper

Not always it is the fault of your printer. You may have a good printer but a bad quality paper. This happens because you may lack knowledge about the best papers for printing. These days you will find a range of cheap alternatives for everything. What’s scarier is the most branded products also come with a similar duplicate brand. So you can get tricked easily.

This means you could be happy with the fact about purchasing an original bundle of glossy paper from a reputed brand. But in reality, you have been tricked and provided with a duplicate product of the same brand name. Such inferior paper quality can ruin the quality of printing.

A good quality glossy paper can drink any amount of ink from the inkjet printers if it’s crafted with care. If the glossy paper is properly fabricated, glossy paper can give you the best results. Then the glossy papers are imported from a different country proper care should be taken in the packing and shipping process. If you are looking for good output, you cannot compromise on the paper quality. Choosing an inferior paper quality will give you low-quality printing. It further increases the risks of ink smudging on glossy papers.

Printer and Paper type does not match

Not every type of paper will match with the particular printer configurations. Each manufacturer comes with a separate set of configurations. In the market, you will come across two leading brands in printing at the moment. One is HP (Hewlett Packard) while the other is Epson. Although both these brands deal in inkjet printers, the configurations are different.

The biggest difference between both these printers is the water resistance. The Epson printers provide waterproof printing while HP does not. This is one of the major factors that determine the printing quality. Getting waterproof printing is very important for posters, flyers, photographs and many other things.

Getting back to the point, a paper that was not even meant to go with a particular type of inkjet printer will certainly not perform well. One solution to this problem is to go through the recommendations of the printer brand. Go through the specifications to know the best fit paper for the particular printer. Often printer companies recommend particular brands of paper. Use these papers to get the best quality printouts.


Inadequate time for drying

As mentioned earlier, glossy papers are thicker when compared to the normal papers. So these papers need more time to dry. Sometimes it’s just the insufficient amount of time ruins that whole picture. You may have a good printer with the best quality glossy paper. But once you get the printout in hand you carelessly touch the printed surface. No matter how good the printer is, always allow some extra time for the paper to dry.

The natural temperature also determines the speed of drying. People are too ignorant to assume or understand these factors but this is true. The natural temperature may be too cold or humid. This means the glossy paper would require some extra time to dry completely. Hence once, you get the printout in hand, hold it gently by the edges and place it on a hard surface. Leave it in peace for some time to allow quick and complete drying.

In the case of normal papers, the ink tends to dry instantly. This is because the paper is very thin. It dried almost immediately at the time of being printed. However, for glossy or photo printing paper this could take longer. It will take about 30 seconds for the ink to dry completely on such paper surfaces. Hence, if you are printing multiple pages in one time, keep removing each paper as it comes out of the printer. This will prevent the chances of friction between two separate papers. Friction between two pages can also be responsible for smudging the ink on glossy paper.

Laser Printers

If you are using laser printers instead of inkjet printers, you should know that these printers require a warm-up period. Hence these printers have to be given a certain amount of time to let the copier machine warm before it starts with the printing. It is more important to let the machine get warm when you are working with glossy papers.

How Poor Quality Ink affects printing?

 The quality of printing is deeply associated with the ink quality as well. As per the recommendation from experts, you should always use the best ink cartridges in the market. Ink cartridges are expensive but they come with the best ink quality. Many people to save the expenses go for duplicate products. These duplicate quality products never provide the best outputs. Moreover, prolonged use can destroy the printer from within.

Duplicate products can easily hamper the printing quality. Always try to use the ink cartridges from the same printer. This will keep the printer in a good state and give you the best results for a long time. Always remember that the printer, the ink cartridge, and the paper quality are all interdependent. If you are looking for quality output, it is important to maintain these three factors.

Tips to choose a Good Printer

If you want to choose the best printer, you should not choose it based on a brand. You should instead choose it based on your requirements. Understand the things you want from the printer and the type of prints you require. Every month if you have to indulge in a lot of printing work, always go for a heavy-duty printer. But when you do not need the printer frequently, you can go for a standard printer. But you can still get a good one within your budget if you search properly.

You should also determine the type of printing you want to do. For example, if you are more into printing photos, postcards, flyers, and other colorful documents choose a printer of the same category. In this case, you need a printer that can handle glossy or other heavy weighted papers. This way you should also understand the ink consumption and the cartridges that fit best for your printing needs. Good printing quality will be the direct result of the type of print setup you have made. Make sure to make the best printing arrangements to get the desired printing quality. Ensuring your printer to go through scheduled maintenance can increase longevity.