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Low Cost Color Copies Print near My Place for Denver CO

How to Choose Colors for Color Printing Materials?

At times, it can be tough to make a solid impression on potential customers with direct mail marketing pieces. Most of the sales letters, postcards and marketing brochures that are obtained are either instantly thrown away or scanned briefly. Color can make your text and graphics outstanding. You have to consider with care all the colors that you may use for your preferred paper, graphics, and text, so as to be even more successful in bringing more attention to the products that you print. Here is how you can choose the best Low-Cost Color Copies Print near My Place for Denver CO options.

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Emphasize Text with color

For making the text more apparent, color is a very powerful tool – even more than making use of italic or bold colors. Typically, the smaller the texts that you can use over your printed products, the less vivid your colors are. When you use a colored font, you can make your text more easily readable just at a glance. Make sure that while using color as your text background, try using lighter color shades which can make it very convenient to read. When you design, keep in mind that the colors observed on a PC screen would be generally darker as compared to printed materials.

Make Use of Accent Colors

With an accent color, information can be conveyed easily and quickly. This can let your audience connect every dot in your messages. It is best to use accent shades for coupon codes, headings and other details that would be used by your recipients to get in touch with you, as well as other specific brand names or products, and any important benefits that you would like to stress in every message. Red tones happen to be among the most popular accents, given that the ink is frequently more effectual and cheaper in grabbing attention. As many people will scan all your printed materials only briefly, the use of an accent color by the Low-Cost Color Copies Print near My Place for Denver CO agencies can let you convey vital details to your customers.

Make use of brand logo colors

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Your logo happens to be among the most vital aspects of your business. Thus, it has to be every piece of marketing. Develop a consistent branding message with the use of colors from your brand logo on every piece that is printed. In case you are yet to design your brand logo, make use of colors which may be used in your postcards and brochures in headings and highlight the specifics in your text.  The use of same colors on your text and logo can save printing expenses for you, as you would use less inks.

Choose your paper with care

Typically, there are two varied forms of postcard paper or brochure – coated and uncoated. Based on whether or not you use coating, the colors of your choice could appear dramatically varied. Another alternative related to paper choices and coating is the use of a special form of coating that offers an illusion of texture. While ensuring a very smooth and flawless finish.

The paper color of your choice can also have a major impact on the finished item. As ink does not have opacity, the use of varied ink shades with various paper color shades can help you to get an unexpected and new color palette.

What Should You Check Before Color Copy Printing File Submission?

Before you upload, ensure that you have these requirements for your color copies printing file.

  • Spot UV: An extra mask or file has to be created in order to install a spot UV. The mask needs to be white and black with the space to be UV in 100% black without any gradient. The remaining, not having spot YV, needs to be in white color. Send the grey scale file or mask to your printer with your CYMK file. It can be very interesting to use Spot UV and may detect printing as a premium marketing and sales piece literature in readers’ perception.
  • Fonts: It is not necessary to use fonts with PDF files of high-resolution, which is more preferable. In case there is no embedding of fonts, make sure that you submit all your fonts with the file. You should place fonts in own folder.
  • Resolution: Ensure that every image is 300 dpi or even more, so as to get the most detailed pictures. If there is something less, you can get inferior quality. On your monitor, 72 dpi may appear acceptable. However, on printed products. 72 dpi means that the image quality will be poor.


Flatten Files

In case you work in any design software, such as Photoshop, which makes use of layers, make sure that the file is flattened before it is submitted for printing.

  1. CMYK: Every color copies file needs to be of process color or CMYK. Avoid using any color system such as lab or RGB, as these does not truly showcase what would be printed.
  2. Bleed: In case you need any printed piece of yours to print to the paper edge – or bleed on it – you have to ensure that one-eighth of an additional image is obtained all around.
  3. Crop Marks: These are very vital on every printing job, so that the color copies printer has an exact understanding of how the job should be cut – particularly in case you are making use of Spot UV. These can offer the exact positioning that you are placing a request for.

Trim Area

Keep every important image, text and border a minimum of a quarter of an inch away from the trim edge. You can get Low Cost Color Copies Print near My Place for Denver CO template free of cost on lots of printing websites online.

Rich Black

Any black background needs to have the percentages 100-K, 40-Y, 40-M and 60-C. So that a rich black color can be obtained. When you view on your monitor. You can find the black colors appearing similar although these will appear significantly varied when printed. You should keep every type just all-black (0-C, 0-M, 0-Y, 100-K). The font sizes have to be below 28 pt in order to be easily legible.

Low Cost Color Copies Print near My Place for Denver CO
Low Cost Color Copies Print near My Place for Denver CO