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If 100 envelopes cost 70 cents, how much would 250 cost?

Order Envelopes in Bulk to Save More: 100 envelopes cost (70 cents) vs 250 envelopes costs

Envelopes costs for developing and printing? How often do you use an envelope at home? Envelope is the simplest stationery item without a direct alternative. You never know when you will need it the most. What’s more irritating is its unavailability when you might need it the most. Although envelopes are easily available in a store near you, but moving out each time to get one is not worth it. One of the biggest reasons why people fall short of envelopes is the purchased quantity. Most people tend to purchase envelopes when they need it. They buy in units. But did you know you could save a good amount by purchasing them in bulk?

No matter what you buy, when you get it in bulk, it will significantly come with a discount. However, envelopes are not required every now and then. Hence people also do not think to get it in bulk. One more thing that people don’t think in the long term cost. When you get one or two envelopes at a time, the cost may look low for the moment. But when you keep buying one or two frequently, you end up paying more in the long run.

Expenses in the nearby stores for 100 envelopes and 250 envelopes cost and pricing

You might get a lot of cheap options for buying envelopes in the stores near you. But the quality may not be that good. Typically, people may need around one or two envelopes for a day. Hence, it becomes easy for them to get those quickly from the local stores. Once again, when you are getting your envelopes to cost this way, it is only increasing your budget.

When you should buy envelopes in bulk?

Try to understand the consumption on an average. Do you need envelops frequently? Perhaps, you should move on to get them in bulk. Purchasing the envelopes in bulk will not only save money but your time too. You do not need to move out every now and then for it.

Secondly, if you are an organization and use too many envelopes on a regular basis, you need to get them in bulk. In fact, you can often enjoy good discounts on placing bulk orders.

Cost of envelope per unit

hand built envelopes for cheaper production costs
hand-built envelopes for cheaper production costs

Local stationery shops will sell you envelopes on the basis of units. These are sold individually and naturally, the prices are based on per unit. This means the price of each envelope can go around $0.70 per unit. So if you need one envelope at a time you pay this. However, if you need more than two envelopes regularly, perhaps you should choose other options.

Cost of envelope per pack

Buying envelopes in packs are cheaper. You get to buy a pack of envelope from the same stationery store near you. At least the price is relatively cheap when compared to an individual unit. For example, one pack of envelope can cost between $9 and $12. This means, one envelope will cost about $0.09. This is nearly a 90% saving from buying envelopes in individual units.

Buying in Bulk Gives you real savings

So where does the real savings in buying envelopes lie? What if you buy more than one pack of envelope. Now you already know how you can save a big amount by purchasing a pack of envelope instead of individual units. But what can happen if you buy five packs instead of one? Well, if you get too many packs at a time? Will it be more expensive? No, it will be even cheaper instead. At home, you may not require so many envelopes at a time. But stocking up some spare envelopes at home can often prove helpful during emergencies.

For example, if you buy a total of five packs at a time and each pack costs between $15 and $20, the individual cost of envelopes drop further. The price of each individual unit comes roughly to $0.03. This is so much cheap instead of buying an individual unit. Hence, the more you buy the envelopes in bulk, the more you save.

Where to find the best envelopes?

 You can mainly find envelopes in two places. It is either from a local stationery store near you or online. Both these options have their own advantages and disadvantages. On reading further, you will have an insight of the cost incurred when purchasing envelopes online and from a store.

A local store

You can readily get an envelope from a local stationery shop. They may not come in different options but can serve your purpose instantly. Buying envelopes from a nearby store can save you time. But you may not always get the best paper quality. This means you may need to meet your requirements with the available quality only. This is the reason why it often gets difficult to choose the right stationery store in the locality.

Another disadvantage of getting envelopes from local stores is the lack of customization. Often envelopes can demand the requirement for customization. All you can do is scribe on the blank envelope for yourself.


Buying online

There are plenty of advantages to buying envelopes online. The most important area you save is the cost. Sometimes the price per unit online is even cheaper than the local stores. This way you can easily save a big amount and get a lot of envelopes.

The option of customization is another factor to attract more customers. You can design your own envelope or choose from a range of templates. You have the option of choosing the paper quality and size. If you want to make your envelope stand out, you can add other interesting features. Briefly, you have the scope of getting the envelope exactly the way you need it.

How to get customized envelopes locally

Many of you may not be comfortable to get customized envelopes online. But be rest assured as you can get envelopes customized from local printers too. For this you can hire the best local printer who can design and print the envelopes as per your needs. The prices may vary from store to store. Here are some tips to identify the ideal store around you.

  • Choose the store that has good name in printing.
  • The store selling envelopes may not be the one to have a setup for printing.
  • If you are dealing in two different shops to buy envelopes and get it printed, plan your budget beforehand.
  • If you are using the envelopes for marketing purposes, you should take good care of the paper quality. Good paper quality will ensure better printing.
  • Before printing the envelopes in bulk, ask for a sample print.
  • Choose a printer with cheap envelope printing services.
  • A good printer will take charge of the entire cheap envelope printing process.

What is the price of a customized envelope?

A fully customized envelope when printed can cost about $160 for 1000 units. This is quite reasonable and does not differ too much with the price of a normal envelope. The printing process takes place before the envelope is finally folded to the desired shape. This adds more flexibility to the designing process and is helpful for creating the template too. Getting a customized envelope online is way more cost-effective than getting it from a local store. You can often get discounts or attractive offers. This can reduce the cost further.

Make envelopes customized at Home

There are many innovative ways of customizing an envelope at home too. This will save cost and make the envelope attractive too. If you want to use the envelope for special season and decorate it attractive, take help online. You can come across many innovative and easy ways of decorating an envelope. Some of the common ways of customizing an envelope online are:

Ink stamp: Ink stamps are a clever way to add a logo or company name to an envelope. You can also add name, phone number, and address along with these stamps. The advantage of using ink stamps is that it can be re-used for a long time. So far, this is also considered as the cheapest way of printing information on an envelope.

Hand: You could freely decorate the envelope with your hand. If you think you are good enough with the brush or with a pen, try your hand. Take reference from any design of your choice give the envelope a new look. Knowing calligraphy can be an advantage. You have complete control over the design here are it is cost-free too.

Print at home: If you know a bit of designing, try designing an envelope online and then get it printed at home. Every home printer should come with a customized printing base. This base should contain the measurements of an envelope. If you are not used to advanced software, use MS-word or paint instead. You don’t need to be very skillful with the process. Keep it simple with the necessary information only.

How to design a good envelope?

A good envelope does not come with too many design or too many colors. It is simple with minimum text. Often it is said that if you want to make things more creative, you should add a lot of colors. This is true but there is a difference when it comes to envelopes. The primary function of an envelope is to carry a document inside it. This means the document inside will already have all the necessary information. Hence, you do not need to print too much information of the envelope. This will increase the cost of printing.

Design the envelope in a way that can provide users with an idea about the type of document inside it. Here are some simple tips to design a good envelope:

Add less information

Most professional envelopes come with a logo, address and contact details. You can keep the same information but present it creatively. No need to add extra information. This will make it clumsy and boring.

Use unusual backgrounds

Envelopes with white or brown backgrounds have become common. Make use of unusual backgrounds to make it look attractive.

Add quotes

Adding short quotes related to the content inside the envelope can be relevant. The will naturally spark curiosity in the minds of the users.

Use fancy patterns

Using fancy patterns can make the envelope unique. Make use of solid background and play with interesting patterns of light shade to give contrast.

Use colors wisely

As said earlier, using colors wisely can make a difference. Refrain from using too many colors.

The price of an envelope along with a good design can vary. Sometimes a complicated design can increase the cost. But no matter what, if you are buying and printing the envelopes cost in bulk, the chances of saving a big amount is always there.

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