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How To Use Cheap EDDM Printing Providers Online?

Cheap EDDM Printing is an Effective One to One Marketing Communication

Have you come across one of those interesting printed postcards with texts and patterns like the cheap EDDM Printing products? We are not talking about the ones you get on the road or roadside shops. EDDMs or Every Door Direct Mail is different. Neither do they have any relation with the digital world nor do they work digitally. These are rather hardcopies that contain printed advertisements. They can reach customers right at their doorsteps. EDDM is by far the most affordable method to reach the target audience.

cheap EDDM printing - design sample for indicia inclusion
cheap EDDM printing – design sample for indicia inclusion

In this article, you will know how effective this method is in one to one marketing communication. You will also know the different businesses that benefit greatly from this method and how to make the concept more attractive. The EDDM can seem like a lifeless method of marketing. But most local businesses prefer this method as a way of marketing their business.

EDDM Printing

EDDM can be termed as the concept of extracting digital content in hardcopy. There is a belief that marketing campaigns in the digital world can only happen online. But is it not interesting to get that attractive digital print in hand? The concept of cheap EDDM printing has been there for a long time, but recently it is starting to take off in a more demanding way. This is exactly what the small and local businesses think of when they want to advertise themselves.

What are the Immediate Benefits?

Unlike the rest of the direct marketing forms, every door direct mail comes with interesting immediate benefits. It is not just an effective form of one to one marketing communication but can boost your sales immediately, if done right.

  • Reaches Directly to Target Customers

Communicating the right information to the right person makes a successful communication. One thing that EDDM assures is, the mailer directly reaches the targeted customers. Since there is no other barrier involved in between, the process is fast, effective and efficient.

target selected audience with USPS EDDM Program
target selected audience with USPS EDDM Program
  • First Choice for local businesses

For startups and local businesses, it makes no sense to launch campaigns on large platforms. Hence, every door direct mail is the first choice for most local businesses and startups. It informs the local people who are close to the business location. This is the most basic way of starting the marketing process.

  • Cost-Effective and Affordable

EDDM is an excellent way to boost your business at the local level. Small businesses and startups may not want to invest too much money in advertising. At least in the initial stages, it may be too expensive to invest a big amount in advertising. Hence, using this method, one can not only save money but also cover a big sector in the same budget.

  • Spread of Information

Local businesses can find EDDM to be more helpful. Once the mailers are posted in the respective areas, people naturally tend to discuss it. This results in the spreading of information.

Cheap EDDM Printing Vs the Digital World

The advertisement you come across in any electronic device falls in the category of digital advertisement. This form of advertising is effective because of the innovative concepts used for portraying the message. But the process is expensive and involves a decent amount of time in creating it.

Every door direct mail, on the other hand, is a printed hardcopy with the message the advertiser wants to communicate. It does not need an electronic screen and is distributed physically to individual people. Of course, this method will not have extensive reach to people in different parts of the world. Hence, it is considered as a suitable medium for local and small businesses.

How is EDDM different from the Digital World?

The transportation and movement of communication in the digital world are quick. But it does not guarantee to gain the attention of every customer. Some audience may ignore the advertisements while others may not find it appropriate.


The digital world, on the other hand, has the advantage of using interesting and new concepts. These can even convert the most boring and meaningless campaigns to an interesting one. But EDDMs needs to be designed interestingly so that people are impressed and attracted in the first look. Moreover, the texts need to be used wisely in a small space. But the reason why certain businesses still prefer using this method is for the reach. The mailers are assured to reach the right customers and urge them to try the business. Hence it is important to design a great EDDM.

Tips to Design an Attractive EDDM

It is easy to design an attractive cheap EDDM printing project. You need to be clear of the concept and the things that are most important for your business. This is how you can avoid any confusion. It will also prevent you to commit mistakes to make the design more complicated. Take help from these following tips to make your EDDM more appealing and attractive.

  1. Choose an appropriate layout

Before proceeding with the design, the first mistake to avoid is selecting the wrong layout. The importance of layout is often ignored, however, the layout is the same place where the entire advertising content will be based. Unless you choose the correct layout, you will never make a good design in it.

  1. Use Bold and Crisp Headline

Every EDDM should have a central message. The clever way to highlight this message is by placing it in an appropriate location and making it bold. Always remember, this central message should not be too big. It should instead be easily comprehensible so that the customer is immediately informed about the services in a few seconds.

  1. Use Graphics and images

As you know, images and graphics invite better attention than texts, they are very important. It is a good idea to use graphics and images in the EDDMs too. A secret tip is to use one worded catchy words. For example “DISCOUNT”, “SOLD” or “HURRY” are some words that gain attention instantly.

  1. Don’t forget to add Good Colors

Colors are great to play with the senses and emotions of people. Use colors wisely in the EDDM to develop a positive impact on readers mind. However, take care not to use too many colors, else it can look clumsy.

  1. Add Contact information

Missing out contact information would be a big mistake. It will ruin the entire idea of advertising. Your customers will fail to contact and you will not get a second chance to win back their attention. In the end, you lose customers.

  1. Call to action

You can add a call to action, in the end, to make the mailer more interesting. It will compel the audience to develop more interest in your business. Mentioning sentences like, “ Visit us online” or “know More at” can be used to increase customers attention.

  1. Check the print quality

In the end, it is the print quality that matters the most. It makes no sense to distribute poorly printed mailers. The audience will reject it straight away. Hence, print it on a standard quality paper and through the right printer.

What Makes EDDM a Great Communication tool?

One to one communication is the best way to reach audiences. But when this is not possible for the individual sellers, they depend on advertising. Generally, one to one communication is considered as a face to face communication. But when the audience is individually going through a message from your end, it is also a part of one to one communication.

EDDMs can make communication easy

There is no distraction involved in this type of communication. The mailers reach the audience directly and instantly grab the attention of customers. This makes the process of communication easy and convenient to understand.

Sends Customers a clear picture of your business

The mailers are short yet expressive, they contain a clear and crisp message that can be read and understood in a short time. Customers are busy and they will not invest too much time in one area. Hence, EDDMs is the best way to spread the message about your business.

Creates Bond

It may not create a direct bond but EDDMs can create an emotional bond between the customers and business. This is more visible for the companies that have launched an interesting business in a comparatively low lying area.

Customers can contact you directly

The biggest advantage of EDDM is customers will contact the seller directly. This means the process of providing service remains between the seller and the buyer only. No third party is involved in this method.

Can make a long term impact

Certain customers tend to save the mailers with them for long term use. They might use it in the future or use it as a reference later. But this serves the sellers objectives too. The longer people talk or think about your business, the better are your chances to flourish.

Types of Businesses that use EDDM

There are mainly three types of businesses that use the EDDM Printing method for marketing. However, the method is not restricted to other types of businesses. But every business chooses their method of communication, based on the intensity of impact they want to create. The three common users of Every Door Direct Marketing are:

Small businesses: The system is advantageous for small businesses because it is cost-effective. Small businesses need to set up their foundation and also save cost at the same time. Hence, this is the best way for marketing in the initial stages. Moreover, this method can also help small businesses to gain popularity at the local level.

Local Businesses: Every door direct mail can be excellent for local businesses. This not only makes the local people around the business aware of it but highlights the particular business too. Additionally, this is also a cost-effective method that remains well within the budget of the business.

Startups: Just like small businesses, startup companies also need to build a strong foundation. Hence, investing too much money for advertising, in the beginning, could be expensive. Hence, many startup companies prefer to use this method for their initial marketing campaigns.

Reasons to use Every Door Direct Mailer system

Choosing individual customers to deliver a marketing campaign is a tedious task. It requires a massive amount of time consumption. But the mailers enjoy certain advantages like no other form of communication.

  • EDDM’s do not require names, addresses, and postage permits

The mailers are distributed to every house in a particular area. There is no need of individual names, addresses or postal permits. These posts are sent in lot hence they can enjoy special permits.

  • It is affordable

The simple reason for businesses to use this process is for its price. It is not only affordable but easy to prepare too. The cheap EDDM printers online do not take much time and can print multiple copies in a short duration.

  • Reduces overall marketing expenses

If you are into multiple methods of marketing, you can include EDDM as one of the methods. This can reduce overall marketing costs.

  • Boosts sales

Cheap EDDM printing helps boost sales

This method is the most effective form of one to one marketing communication. Hence, the chances of a boost in sales always remain high.

  • You can design it yourself

EDDM is not only customizable, but you can take charge of designing the entire advertisement for yourself. This way you do not need to hire a professional for designing it. You can save money and get the printing done from any local printer. Designing the layout for yourself leaves you independent to make any modification if needed.


Your first thoughts on using EDDM’s may be a bit confusing. But the trick to determine whether the process is appropriate for your business is to judge the business size and popularity. If your business is small and still at the amateur level, you can try this form of marketing. This way the initial sales of your business are likely to get boosted. EDDM’s have the infrastructure to help local businesses achieve the impossible.

Access to advanced cheap printing methods helps the company enjoy EDDM technology and expertise. This is the best way to boost your next branding campaign.

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