How to Prepare Images For Large Format Printing

Prepare Images For Large Format Printing

A vast difference is involved in the preparation of images. Consider what printing method (digital or offset) and how big the final print out should be. These are 3 crucial details to take into consideration at the time of preparing a beautiful art. You should know how to go about it, preferably before you get started to avoid working twice. We will go thru on how to set up a large format printing design from the beginning. But first, let’s clarify some basic concepts.


What is Considered Large Format in Printing Industry Words?

By saying large format, we don’t mean a significant amount of printing material as if you order 5,000 business cards. 5000 Cards is definitely a large order, and a lot of paper and ink will be utilized to accomplish it. The excellent format printing technique is not intended for this sort of printing orders, instead. When we refer to the term “Large Format Printing,” we refer to the following printing products:

  • Banners
  • Posters
  • Signage/yard signs
  • Building/Vehicle Wraps
  • Window Signs
  • Static or LoTac
  • Wall Coverings

Large Format Printing mainly refers to any sort of printing that could be looked at from about a meter of distance and further on. If you cant read it form a meter of length, then this might not be a cheap large format printed material.



Which is the Most Popular Large Format Printed Product?

We asked a few printers, and they all agreed that cheap Posters printing is among the most popular large format products sold daily. We will add a top to button list on the popularity of these products in regards to the information provided by the printers. In the first place, we find the posters, 2nd place the yard signs, 3rd windows signs, 4th vehicle wrapping, 5th wall covering, 6th vinyl banners.

Main Design Tips for Preparing a Large Format Design for Printing

When you are getting ready to design a large format design to print it later. We recommend you contact the printer who is going to be writing the large-format plan to request the information on their specific requirement for that project. Conditions for large format design varies for every type of large format printing product like the vinyl banners. This product carries wholes in the corners and the yard signs that are just flat design. Also, depending on the quantity, you are planning to order, and how many colors the design carries, you might be using CMYK or RGB color formats.

Printing Companies RGB-CMYK-55printing

Design Resolution for Cheap Large Format Printing

There is a huge difference in printing a small marketing material with a lot of little details and printing a large format piece of marketing material that should be looked at from a certain distance. The resolution for printing a business cards, flyer, postcard or even a brochure which is considerably larger than the previous ones, is always recommended to 300 DPI (Dots Per Inch), that means that a big amount of dots has to fit a Square Inch, a good printing machine has to be used to print with that quality. For sings, that level of detail is not necessary as nobody will ever have to close up that much to appreciate little details within a sign, banner or car promotional wrap, so 72 DPI (Dots Per Inch) is used as the standard resolution for the signs.

Which is Cheaper, The Color Process VS Digital Large Format Printing?

It will always depend on how many repetitions of the sign is needed and how big it is. For example, if you are planning on getting 100 units of yard signs with a simple 2 color design layout. Then this job is going to result a lot cheaper to print than if you use a digital large format printing machine to do it. On the other hand, if you only need 1 single but huge vinyl banner, preparing a color process plates for a single unit would be a waste of money and effort. You should be going cheaper with the digital large format printers in this case.

– 1 or 2 Colors Design Preparation for Large Format Printing For Cheap

Many huge signs are elementary form and just use a few colors to avoid the use of a digital printing machine. These digital prints are costly and can cost hundreds of thousands to buy and then cost thousands to operate and maintain. So the old-school color transfer plates come into action when your design fits this requirement, saving you a lot of money. The design could be built in CMYK or RGB. Just make sure to use different layers for each color as they will later get separated to perforate the color process plates. For the final file, remember to carry only 1 design layer per color at 72 DPI of resolution as we already explained before.


– Full-Color Design Preparation for Large Format Printing

For the full-color printing process, it comes out a lot easier as there is no need to separate colors in layers. No need to use the famous CMYK that dulls the colors on your screen. This time you can use the beautiful looking RGB color format. And the resolution could be set to anywhere over 72 DPI to guarantee a good (from a distance) quality.



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