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How To Make Your Own Stickers in House

Make Your Own Stickers


Planning on making some stickers? there are a few ways to accomplish this task. You may hire a printing company specialized in sticker printing or you can try to print them at home with a few tools. In this article, we will provide instructions on how to get it done for cheap and fast, both ways.

First, we will talk about how to make your own stickers at home, as not many people need thousands of stickers, and maybe you just need a few dozens. For short-run printing like this, we will always recommend in-house printing for a faster, easier and possible repeat in any near future.

Make Stickers at Home Considerations For Printer, Paper, and Software

Best Printers for Sticker Printing at Home

For in-house sticker printing, you will first need to locate a printing utility provider near you. Maybe home-depot, staples, office-max, search for option in your area and head there to get an Inkjet or Laser printer. Read the specifications on each printer on what is the thicker paper it can handle as the sticker paper is a very thick, multi-layer paper and usually very heavy for the cheaper printers available.

For the Printer selection, we would need to separate them by your needs. If the stickers you are planning to print are just black and white. A laser printer would be the best choice for you as the cost per page is way cheaper than inkjet, the printer is faster, toner burnt into the paper last longer and looks cuter. If you decide to do colored stickers, then the Epson inkjet printer would be the best solution as they come with waterproof functionality and will allow your stickers to be durable and retain form against possible water drop or humidity.

Best Paper Available for Sticker Printing


  • Sticker Shape and Size: In the USA, most of the printers come standard to print on letter-size paper (8.5″x11″). If you wish to print stickers, you should find pre-cut templated label sheets for stickers. This paper is kiss-cut with special machinery just to perforate enough so you can then peel off the extra part of the label that you will not use. The designs available for stickers are very wide in range and sizes, most popular shapes are the oval rounded corner shaped stickers for a final professional look over the square type of sticker.
  • Sticker Paper Finish in Matte or Glossy: For the most part, people love the glossy finish in all sort of printing, it’s shinier and looks cleaner, but for stickers and durability of the same, we would like to recommend the matte version of it. Holds better to the ink and works a lot easier with any cheap printer.
  • Sticker Paper Thickness: Most of the sticker paper come on a light 60lb paper for easy use in any printer and copier. Make sure not to buy anything thicker than this.

To buy this sticker specialty paper online you may refer to any of these sites: onlinelabels.com, sheet-labels.com, worldlabel.com. We recommend buying in person so you may have a better touch and feel to the paper beforehand.

Best Software (Easy to Use)


There are many online apps online that will allow you to design and print the stickers on the fly. Problem is you are subject to their not so cheap printing pricing. So we would rather recommend a home-based software that could be easy to use and at the same time you will be able to elaborate your stickers your own without a problem.

  • MS-Word: There are hundreds of available templates online for you to edit and play around with your MS-word app. They build it in a way that the text you type on the first label automatically repeats itself all over all the other labels so you don’t have to copy and paste every change you do to each sticker. All popular sticker paper provider will carry these templates at their website for you to download completely FREE.
  • Photoshop: If you are some sort of design pro, photoshop will be your best bet as the modification capabilities and bleed options for the sticker design, are endless. Just design 1 sticker and then replicate throughout the page with the pre-sorted downloaded template from sticker provider page.

Last-Minute Adjustments For Printing


So we downloaded the factory provided a template to fit the bought pack of sticker sheets. Awesome! But not so fast. Each printer has different side margins and we are never 100% sure that the template will fall in the paper perfectly the first time. A further modification to the template sheet must be done for testing before you load your final design into the template. This is very easy to do either in MS-Word or Photoshop or any other design application you are using to design your own stickers.

You may notice a slight difference in the printed guideline sticker borders, you might also notice an off-set position horizontally or vertically. All this can be re-sorted and must be taken into consideration before you drop your final design touches to the file.

Depending on how demanding is your sticker design, you might want to super-align the paper to the actually printed template guideline. If you are just printing some regular text for mailing stickers, just don’t worry much about this. If you are designing a nice sticker for promotional purposes, then keep reading.


A Photoshop user will know right away how to adjust the file, but for not so expertise MS-Word users, aligning a sticker page by your own, might not be so easy. Make sure you take a deep breath and get ready to move the page margins up and down, add some extra space on the right or left to push the entire page in some direction. Additional steps could be taken for a perfect fit.

Ready To Print Some Stickers?

Not much is left to say for preparation if you wish to print some custom stickers your own, now that you have the printer, the paper downloaded the templates, have some free application like ms-word and then completed the design with no difficulty. You are just ready to hit “PRINT”. Run any last-minute modification if needed to make the template fit to the actual page.


In the future, we will show you how to print on Roll-Labels for your own. It is easy to manage and very practical in diverse situations.



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