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How to Make a Vector Image in Photoshop?

Vectoring in Photoshop


There are many ways to draw lines for a new and fresh design in Photoshop, most popular methods are drawing it (dropping ink into the empty canvas) or just drawing a vectorized object. To draw with ink, just select the pencil tool, color and draw at free will, but to make a vector image in Photoshop, it’s a very different method. There are many benefits on creating vectorized objects in Photoshop and we will disclose these in the following paragraphs.

In this video, we will explain how to create a vector object vs creating a pixelated object. Also will increase and decrease the image resolution so you notice the clear advantages each of them has. Notice that both circles are created within the same boundaries, inside the same sized canvas. As soon as you start playing with the size of the image, the vector object keeps all its possible quality. Unfortunately, you will notice that the pixel circle will fade with every change. Thanks to Photoshop technology, the circle don’t lose out too much quality on each jump, but the difference is noticeable.



Step By Step for Windows Version of Photoshop

  • 1st step, open Photoshop on your Windows computer. Remember that MAC and SmartPhone versions of Photoshop are not similar, functions vary from version to version. This is why we are dividing the instructions as per console.
  • 2nd step, create a new image for testing vectoring, for this step, we rather create a very small image to start it off, so then we can enlarge it and see the vectoring importance. a 300×300 pixels image would be good enough for this testing.
  • 3rd step, select the vectoring creation tool and make sure it has no border color, filled with black. create a small circle-shaped vector object. Leave enough space for another circle just as big as the one you just drew.
  • 4th step, take the pencil and modify the size and strength of it to match the circle we just created. Strenght to the maximum and the circle size to match the vector circle we created first. Drop a point of drawing next to the other circle.
  • 5th step, now we have 2 beautiful and perfect circles to play around. Increase the size of the canvas to 2,000 pixels by 2,000 pixels. Now zoom in to the edge of both of the circles to notice how they got optimized for the new size.
  • 6th step, Now decrease the canvas size to 50×50 pixels (very small size). Zoom in to the edge of the circles and take another look.
  • 7th step, Re enlarge the image to at least 500×500 pixels, zoom in and out to notice how pixels lost all their quality while the vector maintains the same aspect as the beginning.

The Final Results:

This was a very simple test just to prove how the vectoring works in Photoshop, how they maintain their quality, benefits and to confirm there are no downsides on creating a vector object against a pixelated image.

There is much other application that can do the same functions as Adobe Illustrator, tutorials might be found online for these applications as well. We decided to use Photoshop for vectoring as it is the most popular tool among designers and professionals. At the same time is also our favorite for the last decade.


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