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How to Get Cheap Letterhead Printing in Offset Press?

Add A Bit of Spice to Your Company Cheap Letterheads Printing Products

Buying cheap letterhead printing products with envelopes? Continue reading: A good letterhead is a sign of the professionalism of the company. When combined with the other printed materials of your company such as envelopes and presentation folders, you are projecting a thoroughly professional and respectable image of your company.

cheap-letterhead-printing with offset press

The fact is that the image of your company is very important when you are trying to impress your consumers and selling your products or services. It is now possible for you to ensure the best possible image of your company even if your company can only afford a small budget for printing your letterheads.

Letterheads and Marketing Opportunities

A great thing about letterheads is that they can double up as a marketing tool for your company. Cheap letterhead marketing tactics are a great way to make use of the existing resources of your company as marketing opportunities.

After all, you will have to print letterheads for use in official matters of your business. Since you are already using them, you can also turn them into a marketing tool for your company. You never know how many people will actually end up reading the letters from your company. With a good letterhead, you are creating opportunities for transforming each of those viewers into your customers.

Printing Letterheads

Of course, you will have to get the letterheads printed first. However, you should take care not to consider your cheap letterheads as a purely marketing tool. Letterheads are, first and foremost, a piece of official stationery. They are not advertisements. Instead, you should create them in a highly professional manner. Make sure that your letterheads are suitable as official business material. The marketing aspect comes later by making minor changes.


Decide the stock of paper that you want for your letterheads. Remember, your clients and other important people will be receiving your letters and official pieces of communication. The stock of paper should be as good as possible.

A thick stock of paper is easily the best option for your letterheads. You can opt for recycled paper. By using recycled materials, you are lowering the carbon footprint your company leaves and you can earn brownie points with other companies and your customers.

A letterhead, as mentioned before, should be professional. However, there is no reason for making it stylish at the same time. Choose stock of paper capable of getting trimmed according to project printing specification. You can round off the edges or use an opaque stick of paper that does not have any coatings. You can even use colored stock of paper such as cream or off-white colors. Make your letters attractive without impairing their professional appeal.



You should always go for full-color printing when getting the letterheads and envelope printed. Under no circumstance should you create black and white copies for the letterheads? Even other monochromatic or double color combinations need to be avoided as much as possible. Full-color printing can help you create a letterhead that is appealing to the readers.

When you are using a full-color printing option for your letterheads, you gain the ability to diversify your designs. You can use more complicated designs that would have been otherwise compromised or obscured if you had used a monochromatic color scheme. Be that as it may, you will have to take care so that each color is complementary to the overall design. The colors should not look out of place in the letterheads.


The design of your letterheads can be as interesting as you want it to be. Simple cheap letterhead printing is among the most popular products by big companies. They just print their names in large and add their company logo to the page. This may be a letterhead but it is by no means an attractive one.

You do have a wide range of options available when it comes to the design of the letterhead. To design your letterheads with the easiest but stylish solution called typography. Typography looks interesting and it can also be used to highlight the image of your company that you are trying to present to your customers.

Whatever your choice for the design of the letterheads, you should keep in mind one very crucial point. The letterhead design should reflect the brand image of your company. If you are trying to show that your company is fun and meant for the youth, you can keep your letterhead designs bright and enjoyable. Serious design is for a company that is trying to exude a professional corporate image.

Company Logo

offset printed letterhead

Obviously, the logo of your company has to be present in your cheap letterhead printing. Now, you do have a few options for the placement of the company logo. You can use the letterheads themselves to place your company logo. Either way, you need to ensure that the company logo has been highlighted so that your readers have no difficulty in locating it. You can even use the company logo as the centerpiece of the letterhead design.

Another possible solution for the company logo placement can be watermarking. A large-sized image of your company logo can be placed in the center of the letters as a watermark. It does look quite appealing when the transparency of the logo is selected correctly. Be that as it may, watermarking may not be a good solution for everybody. If the colors of your company logo are dark, it can make the text of the letter become illegible which can be a major problem for your clients and readers.


The company logo is not going to be the only bit of information about your company to be placed in the cheap letterhead printing. Your company name will be present. Include the main address of the company. Add a couple of phone numbers as well.  Do not forget to include the email addresses of the company. Basically, your clients should have a wide array of options available when they want to contact you. There is no need to include social network details within the letterheads.