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How to Find DPI (Digital Resolution – Dots Per Inch) of an Image or Picture

Find an Image or Picture DPI (Digital Relution – Dots Per Inch)

DPI (Digital Relution - Dots Per Inch) of an Image or Picture

There are many different ways to find an image or picture DPI (dots per inch) out of a design application or online live tool. We will provide you full details on how to get it done either way. If you don’t have photoshop installed on your computer, no need to worry, there are other simpler ways to get this done.


But first. if you still don’t know what an image DPI really is, let us clarify that for you. DPI means, how many dots of color are you going to fit within a square inch of design space. You have seen a similar type of resolution format a million times before. Especially when you see a video on NetFlix or YouTube, they get you to choose between 1080p or 780p. These are just two of the most popular resolution for youtube video streaming, it will vary depending on the quality of your internet speed. This 1080p tells youtube you want a high quality of image 1080 PIXELS PER SQUARE INCH. Remember that a video is made up of several images in consecutive order, often seen at 24 pictures per second or 30 images per second depending on the video. The higher the quality of these images, the best the video will look when playing.

Instructions With Photoshop

  • Open any picture or image
  • Wait until it loads completely (larger files takes longer times)
  • On the top layer of menu tools click “image”
  • Within the dropdown of options, click “image size”
  • “Resolution” data could be 72 or 300 which are the standard for pictures.

Photoshop as a professional tool allows you to see the change in the pixel ratio as you change the resolution of the fil. That way you see immediately the effects caused by the resolution changes. Also, you could choose DPI resolution by another measure there as Centimeters instead of Inches.

Instructions With MS-Paint (Windows)

  • On Windows 7 and up, hit the left-button Windows flag
  • Type down “Paint” and wait
  • The application should show on the search result, click it
  • Right at the top tools, there is an option called “ReSize”, click on it
  • Then you can change the image resolution by increasing or decreasing the size

Unfortunately with Windows Paint, as a base application, no direct DPI resolution tool is available, but the same effects are taken into count when the size of the image is changed.

Instructions With Online Tools

  • First, search on google for “online tool change image resolution”
  • Look out for convert.town/image-dpi and click on it
  • On the top of the page select your desired final DPI
  • Upload the image or picture
  • It will automatically download afterward

Not all online tools could be trusted, so please stick to the ones recommended here to avoid possible virus and hacking malware. This online application is really straight forward but remember, that the quality gained for the new picture will not be as good as if you used a professional design application instead.

There are millions of other tools that will change the resolution of your image, but these are just simpler and easier ways to accomplish it. If you wish to increase the image resolution without losing further quality, please read our previous article about that topic here.


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