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How to Create Canvas Design + Printing Project

Things You Didn’t Know About How To Create a Canvas Design

Learn more about Create Canvas Design and cheap printing here. Did you ever think of showing off your favorite photos? If not, you will want to do it after reading the article. Today you are going to know about a unique printing concept. The name is canvas printing. Whether you want to display your wedding pictures creatively or put up a timeline of school photos, canvas printing is all good. Note that canvas printing is different from canvas painting. Although the canvas remains common, the procedure of obtaining pictures is different.

Adding beautiful canvases to your house liven up the decorum of the house. It is a creative way of updating your living standards. A big part of human emotion is influenced by old and new pictures. Not just they leave you nostalgic but gives you a boost of positive energy too. Hence, pictures play a major role in human life. Is there any better way to present these precious pictures other than doing it on a canvas? Frankly, it’s no!

Canvas Prints and wall hangings

You can choose to display canvas prints in any part of the house. Whether you hand it on the wall or attach it to a cabinet, it up to you. But the question is whether these prints have any relation with wall hangings. To a certain extent, you can consider canvas prints as part of the wall hanging. However, these are slightly different from the regular wall hangings.


The canvas print is done from an inkjet printer. The image or design is printed on a canvas. Once the printing work is over it is stretched onto a frame. Demands from modern people also include canvases with frameless borders. However, framed canvases are equally popular. Wall hangings, on the other hand, can come in different textures and patterns. They may not always comprise of images. Wall hangings also come in various sizes and you can place it in any suitable place. But it has nothing to do with printing.

What is canvas made of?

Canvas is made of strong and durable fabric. The main component of a canvas is hemp. The modern canvases are also made of linen and cotton instead of hemp. The commonly used canvases for home purposes are of cotton or polyester. The printing procedure is not very different. You can notice the change in printing quality. The synthetic polyester strands are more popular than cotton fibers. It is because the cotton canvases will seep color into the cloth. But the synthetics polyester canvas retains the colors on the surface.

This is the reason why synthetic polyester canvases display vivid colors. However, when it comes to durability, the cotton prints are better. Depending on what you are looking for, you will understand which canvas is better. If you are thinking of affordability, polyester canvases are affordable.

Creating Cheap Canvas at Home

Not always will you need to visit a professional printer! You can print a cheap canvas at home. There are different ways of printing a beautiful canvas. Many people take up canvas printing as a hobby. It is easy to print and you can do it easily if you want to. These are easily decorative elements for a house.

Printing at home is not difficult. The two main requirements are canvas and printing machines. If you want to get a good quality canvas, you have to work with accuracy. So, if you are not sure of the technique, consider taking help from a professional. You can even take help from a professional online printing company. Canvas printing online is comparatively cheap. It varies from person to person on the method they find convenient to print it.

cheap canvas printing and design
cheap canvas printing and design

Types of Design to Choose

You are free to choose any design for the canvas. You can choose beautiful sceneries or unique portraits. Try including pictures that give a positive message. This will keep you happy and boost your emotions.

Old Photos

Using old pictures for cheap canvas printing is an excellent idea. But get these old images retouched before printing it. If you come across a blurred and grainy old picture, avoid printing such them. Get such pictures polished before printing. Once it is a polished check whether it is still grainy or not. Make sure that the picture has got enough clarity before printing. Additionally, you may also use various photo-editing applications online. Such an application can let you retouch the images. Polished pictures look amazing on the canvas, even if it is old.

Try HD Images

There are millions of HD images online. Try one of them and see how realistic it looks. A bigger canvas will display a picture most realistically. Irrespective of the size, it is important to choose a high-quality image only. Since the print is all about image quality, the only option to get a good image is to get the image right. A high-quality image will ensure that the picture is not distorted. The image resolution is also an image. A standard quality image will not get distorted even when expanded.

In canvas printing, it is common for an image to get blown out of proportion. Bad image quality will make the picture appear grainy. It will not have clarity. High definition images are just going to work fine. HD pictures will also not lose quality when expanded.

The Right Shape

 It is normal to have canvases in different shapes. The most common shapes are rectangle, circle, and square. However, there are canvases of other dimensions too. No matter what the shape, all sides should have uniformity. If the shape is accurate and scaled with the image shape, the picture should come perfectly. The shape and size selection happens on the basis of the image you want to display. Landscapes are best for scenery and long-range images. Use portraits for human figures or closeups.

Choose a Visually Appealing Image

There is no point in choosing an image that is not visually appealing. Choose a picture that will remain appealing to you for a long time. Add images with emotional attachments. You will always want your favorite picture to appear right in the canvas. Hence choose a picture that is visually appealing and makes sense to you. Always choose an image that will not make you regret later.

Benefits On Making It Yourself | Create Canvas Design During Business Hours

Canvas Prints work great in the corporate world. Most business heads prefer to decorate their office space with canvas prints. When bought from the market, cheap canvas prints come at different prices. But if you know great printing techniques choose to print the canvas for yourself. Canvas prints work well with customers and clients. Here are the benefits of getting the cheapest canvas prints in the corporate world.

Impress Customers or clients

Canvas prints are affordable. Hence they work as good gifting items too. It is a good way to gift clients or customers with unique printed canvases. The affordable 12 X 18 canvases not only look great, but it is also a beautiful corporate gift too. One can carry the canvases easily. It is not heavy. Exchanging gifts in the corporate world is another way of strengthening the bond between the two organizations. Your clients will appreciate the additional thought of providing them with a gift. This, in turn, improves the relationship between the client and your organization.

Motivate Workforce

The success of any organization is heavily dependent on its workforce. To keep the workforce all charged up, it is important to motivate them. A motivated employee will work efficiently, as a result, the productivity will increase. One of the best ways to motivate an employee is to recognize their contributions and reward them for their hard work.

A beautiful canvas can work as the best reward. It is an excellent home decor item. It is up to the employee whether they use the gift at home or in the office. No matter where you use it, the canvas uplifts the beauty of each place equally. A clever way of gifting the right canvas to your employees is by printing inspirational quotes. You can also print images of inspiration people on the canvas.

Canvas for advertising 

Apart from the corporate gifting idea, a canvas print can also provide stunning advertisements. An advertisement is a waste of money if it does not make sense. Thankfully, a canvas print can provide stunning advertisements. They are not only visually appealing but vivid too. When you print them on the canvas they appear elegant and more attractive. This is a unique and great way to impress your customers.

Highly Innovative 

Canvas printings are innovative. It is a great way to display amazing pictures. It can also feature artistic works. As a result, they are naturally innovative. Using these printed canvases to decorate your premises or office space is a good idea. This also shows that your organization is innovative and know how to stay updated. Customers will naturally appreciate the innovative thoughts of your company.

Features of Cheap Canvas Prints
  • Canvas prints are permanent. If preserved with the care they prove to be long-lasting. Dust the canvas occasionally to keep the print clean and dust-free.
  • Canvas prints come in a different texture. They have separate texture when compared to paper and other printable surfaces. This makes canvas prints unique. Moreover, the different texture also adds to the color depth.
  • The canvas prints are not glossy. They have a non-glossy surface hence it does not come with glare or reflection. If you are looking for a glossy print, the canvas print is not the right choice.
  • These prints are lightweight and easy to carry. The canvas is primarily a cloth. This is what makes it light in weight. Depending on whether you are using a framed or unframed canvas, the weight is likely to vary.
  • Another reason why cheap canvas prints are good is the expense. They are not very expensive. you will get this easily available in home decor stores. You can even choose from a massive variety online.

Difference between Cheapest Canvas Prints and Framed Prints
  • The canvas print is compact and comes with one picture. If you are thinking of interchanging the picture after a few days, this is not possible. Unlike a framed print where you easily change the pictures when you want, canvas prints do not support this method.
  • Framed Prints have glare or reflection. This is mainly due to the glass that covers the front portion of the frame. Often the prints are also available in glossy finishes. Hence, enhances the look of the frame.
  • The problem with bigger sized frames is that they can get heavy. It makes the transportation process difficult.
  • When it comes to the expenses, framed prints get expensive with size. The bigger the frame the more expensive is the frame.

It is only fair to conclude with the ways of preserving a canvas. With time a cheap canvas print may fade. But there are ways you can preserve the print for long. Apart from occasional dusting, make sure to purchase a canvas that is UV resistant. Keep all the canvas away from the reach of direct sunlight. Last but not least, consider placing the canvas behind a protective glass frame.

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