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How Did The Cheap Printing Press Impacted The World?

Impacts of Cheap Printing Press on the World

 The beginning of the Cheap Printing Press. The print industry has changed drastically in the last few years. It has taken a strong shape and is one of the most important industries today. Besides the newspaper, the printing press has its importance in various hemispheres. Print advertising occupies a critical position today. So many different businesses are majorly dependent on this industry. Perhaps the massive reach of the print industry is what attracts most business to it. The evolution of the print industry has changed the world to a great extent.

With time the printing process has become fast and smart. Most printing requirements today can be sorted out with convenient inkjet or LaserJet printers. You can easily print a color copy at home. Even the bulk orders can be easily printed in no time. You can visit the printing store near you to get a bunch of color copies. Let’s look into the history of the cheap printing press.

different cheap printing presses
different cheap printing presses

Printing Press History

 The cheap printing press has been with us for a long time. Not just now, but for centuries it has been one of the most affordable methods of marketing with great audience reach. They are traditional from the roots but when you look deeply, it is one of the most flexible marketing methods too. This means it can easily adapt to the latest and still developing marketing standards.

For example, one of the biggest revolutions in the print industry is the inclusion of colors. Previously, you could only see black and white prints. There was no scope of using colors. Apart from the main news content, all the newspaper advertisements were also printed in black and white. But today, you can see advertisements in different colors and patterns. Of course, they are designed digitally. Hence, using amazing color combination has become a common habit for designers.

Even before the printing press was invented, the common practice of advertising or communicating was with ink on paper. This was done physically and it was not just paper, they also used cloth and other materials appropriate for display. But these methods were not so effective and took a lot of time in the production process. The invention of the cheap printing press made the same task fast and helped to spread information effectively. During the second millennium, it became one of the most powerful methods of communication. It also gave birth to the advertising industry.

Printing for Bigger Runs

Printing presses are suitable for printing things in large numbers. For example, the newspaper industry is one of the most prominent users of the printing press. It can print a large number of newspaper copies in a short duration of time. Today you can find color copies and printed papers in different shapes and sizes. Not all sizes will require a printing press. Hence the cheap printing press is classified to be used for prints with bigger runs. Since these machines are bigger they can handle large printing quantities. The modern printing presses can even print in various colors. Hence they are known as the color process printing press.

Copier Printing Machines for Small Runs

Small printed documents like posters, leaflets and other types of color copies do not require a cheap printing press. They can be printed quickly with the copier machines or the off-set printers. The printers with a short run can perform tasks accurately. Whether you are getting the printing done in black and white or colors, they are compatible with both the methods.

Benefits of Printing Press

As you know by now, the printing press is perfect to print a large number of orders. Hence, to get a good amount of work done in a faster rate, the printing press is the right choice. It uses 4 color process systems and it will reduce ink wastage to a minimal level. The machine is more expensive than the color copier machine. Moreover, one needs to bare separate expenses for the setup and installation process. Here are the benefits of using the printing press:

  1. Multiple Copies

A printing press can conveniently print multiple colored or black and white copies. All the magazines, newspapers and books you see are printed with the help of a printing press. The printing press has taken a major role in spreading flawless written communication. This is the same reason why get the newspaper every morning.

  1. Cost-effective

Printing a lot of copies in bulk can reduce the cost significantly. No matter what you are printing the printing press can cut done the cost significantly. This makes the information communicable to people of all classes. For example, a person with very low income can easily purchase a newspaper for its low cost. The modern libraries are available with a lot of literacy materials in the lowest rates. Thanks to the printing press for all this.

  1. Preservation

One of the biggest advantages of the cheap printing press is preservation. This also makes the printed copies one of the most used advertising methods. Printed copies can be stored easily for a long duration of time. Customers can refer to the same advertisement for a long duration of time. They can even keep the printed copies with them for future use. Books are one of the biggest examples of printed documents to be preserved for long.

  1. Circulation

It is easier to circulate printed copies, especially the ones that come in a single paper. It is light in weight, handy and easy to comprehend information. Hence, they spread easily from person to person. This way it works in a great way to spread new information and ideas. People can easily refer to the printed documents at any place. It does not require internet connectivity and one can carry it with them easily.

  1. Excellent color accuracy

The modern printing presses use advanced technologies. They can provide printing with excellent color accuracy. This results in better outputs. Not just pink, yellow or orange, the modern printing presses can easily print in the most uncommon hues. Moreover, these printing presses work accurately on any paper type. So if you choose a good quality paper, expect to get the best outputs. In short, it can provide you with a print that can easily stand out.

Disadvantages of Printing Press

These huge machine setups are beneficial to the print industry in many ways. Despite the benefits, there are some unavoidable disadvantages too.

  1. More setup time

The printing presses are bigger; hence they require additional setup time. This is one of the biggest concerns. It’s not just the initial setup process but the machine requires more each time it is about to print. Moreover, you may not get the optimum color print quality in the first few copies.

  1. Setup Cost

The off-set color printing plates are expensive. Most of the plates are reusable. Hence, they go wasted after one use. The biggest drawback of printing is the inability to make rectifications. Once the cheap printing is done, there is no scope of rectification other than getting the entire page printed again. Doing it every time can be too expensive for the company.

  1. Maintenance

The maintenance cost of the off-set printers and other printing presses are expensive. It takes a lot of time to clean these printing presses. It is also essential to take care of these machines to get long-lasting results. One needs to hire skilled people for the maintenance process too. Not everyone can do the work efficiently.

  1. Employee wages

Another unavoidable but necessary cost that the owners of printing presses incur is the employee wages. People who know how to operate these machines can only perform the printing task well. But operating an off-set printer is not the job of one single person. These machines also require physical labor. Hence, when you want the cheapest printing task to be done professionally, you need to hire skilled experts. This significantly increases the wages of the employees too.


Is the industry declining?

The question is partially true and partially false. Many people consider the print industry on the verge of extinction. But this is not true and one of the biggest proofs is the newspaper. The industry has indeed been declining with the popularity of the internet. Digital marketing has taken over the print advertisement to a great extent. But what’s positive is this industry is not going to stop completely. A major population is still addicted to printed documents. It is tangible and easy to comprehend at the same time.

Some reasons why people are considering the print industry to disappear completely in the coming years are:

  • The production process is expensive when compared to the types of news published online. It is possible to update a campaign or launch a new one instantly in digital marketing. For the print advertisement, this is not possible.
  • The difficulties in distributing color copies are also another reason. With time it is difficult to find people who will readily distribute the color copies in every place.
  • Digital procedures have taken over these traditional marketing processes to a great extent. Hence the printed documents are slowly losing popularity.
  • Limited sponsorship restrains the industry from proceeding further. The print industry mainly works with money from advertisements. There are no separate sponsors here.
cheap full color printing
cheap full-color printing

Despite the drawbacks and shortcomings, you will be surprised to know how the print industry can make an impact on people. It has good reach and many people are still not comfortable with the digital world. Indeed, the digital world works faster. But the print industry strongly conquers an important part in the lives of many people and businesses.

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