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How Did The Cheap Printing Press Changed the World

Cheap Printing Press Changed the World

By the year 1,500, there were already millions of pages printed in recently created printing presses all around Europe. That being said, printing presses are no news anymore. They have been providing affordable marketing materials and printed tools for over 600 years so far.

Before the printing press was invented, another not so effective and slow procedures were used to get ink into paper. Cloth and all other types of displays for marketing. purposes. A lot of rubbing was required to complete an ink transfer back then. So when the printing press was created, it spread the voice really fast all over the world. Then became one of the most powerful events during the second millennium.


Thanks to the Printing Press invention and application thru entire Western Europe, a massive new communication era was born and since then, only the born of the Internet have had a similar impact.



How Practical are the Printing Presses?

It is known that cheap printing presses will cut it off a lot cheaper for you when a huge amount of marketing material is going to be needed. For small runs, cheap color copies are always the best bet and they are available anywhere near you. For bigger runs, you will need a bigger machine that actually prints cheaper and faster, it is called the color process printing press.

Printing Press Benefits

If you are in need of a huge amount of printing capabilities, the printing press is the right choice as it uses a 4 color process system that won’t waste a single drop of ink you buy. The setup of the machine is expensive and takes time to get it ready for a printing run, but at the end, if you print a lot, you will save a lot of money in the long run.

A good example, local printers might need a printing press machine to run business cards orders of over 500 units, brochure orders over 100 or 250 units, postcards orders for over 1000 units; anything less than that it would be more convenient to just use a local color copy machine and save the printing press setup hassle.

If you get a big (5,000+) brochure. Magazine or booklet order in your printing store, you will be forced to use the offset printing machine. For the only fact that competence is too tight on pricing for these popular products and popular quantities. Everybody know that 5,000 Brochures on 8.5″x11″ cost less than $299 on any online printing site that uses offset printing machinery. Trying to sell these 5,000 brochures for maybe $1,500 done in a color copier, will get you out of the business in no time.

Printing Press Down Sides

  • Setup Time: is the biggest concern for offset printing. As you need to prepare a print plate for each of the 4 process colors and then adjust them into the machine for printing. Run a few samples (waste of paper, ink, time) to adjust final alignment touches for the printing plates and only then, you can start printing. Comparing the setup time of an offset machine with a color copier machine is out of the contest. We all know color copier machines warm up in less than 15 seconds and they are ready to burn toner into the paper.
  • Setup Cost: Offset color printing plates are no cheap. Most of them are not re-usable, customer like to change their information for every project they print, so no way to re-use a printing plate that has already been perforated. The machine that perforates the plates is also a bit expensive but necessary. Add this cost up to the whole process. Cleaning an offset machine takes time and a lot of care. Not everyone will do it correctly the first few times, it requires practice.
  • Employee Wages: When hiring an offset machinery operator. You will notice that these are not your entry-level salary guys. There must be some sort of college degree involved and sometimes previous experience running these machines. Salaries go all the way to the roof just for having 1 guy that will know how to operate an offset machine at your shop. If you hire 1 offset expert, you will only be able to run printing. During that employee operative hour, no earlier, no later. With any cheap color copy machine, even your dog can print a job with covered eyes anytime during the day.

Modern Days for the Printing Press

With the surge of the Internet. The worldwide printed newspaper industry has been declining and people are not reading the news on a printed paper anymore.

On the graph is seen on the left. We can appreciate the mass decline seen from 1085 to 2017, consequently, for paid circulation of the daily newspaper within the United States of America. This is not anything new, we were all expecting the newspaper to disappear completely for many reasons as we will disclose shortly.

  • Expensive to produce compare to online published news.
  • Hard to spread and hand out (harder every day).
  • Limited reach
  • Losing popularity
  • Less and limited sponsorship
  • Outdated news within the content
  • Impossible to update printed content
  • Many more…

Believe it or not, the internet published news, solves all these issues at once. People resist being seen reading a newspaper just for the fact that they look outdated and wasting their time with old printed news.


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