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EDDM Quick Reference | How EDDM Outperforms the Best Digital Marketing Concepts

EDDM Challenges ALL Marketing Concepts | EDDM Quick Reference

Let’s introduce you with an EDDM quick reference. Digital marketing has captured a major part of the world quite easily. It is fast, effective and easy to comprehend. It is a very convenient marketing technique. But digital marketing still has some major drawbacks associated with it. One of the biggest drawbacks is the in-depth reach. This is where every door direct mail outperforms digital marketing. It is commonly believed that digital marketing has a wide outreach. It is true but not completely. A mailer, on the other hand, has the power and ease to penetrate deeply in a given area. Read on to know more about a mailer and its necessity.

What is EDDM?

Every door direct mail is a form of postcard advertisement. The marketing campaign is designed in a postcard. There are different sizes of postcards. The size is selected as per the business requirements. The best part is there is enough room for every type of campaign. These mailers can reach every house in a given locality within a few days. Now, you can ask about its delivery procedure.

For EDDM, you do not need to invest separately for developing a delivery process. The mailers are delivered by a registered postal service provider. All you need to do is prepare the mailers as per the rules and regulations set up by the service provider. Once you get the printed copies in hand, provide the postal service provider with it. Complete your payment process and the mailers are ready to get delivered within a short time.


Difference between EDDM and Digital Marketing

Before going into the detailed process of EDDM campaign, knowing its differences with Digital Marketing is essential. This will help you to get a clear idea about the areas in which digital marketing lacks. Here are the differences explained below.

  1. The technique

The first area in which EDDM differs with digital marketing is the technique. The former comes in a printed form while the latter uses electronic media to generate visuals or texts. This makes the process more interesting as it involves motion graphics and audio too.

  1. Procedure

Digital marketing may look simple initially, but the process involved behind the back is complex. It involves a lot of planning and hard work with efficiency. Having skills with hands-on experience is a must. EDDM is not a very complex procedure. It is easy to design an EDDM and can get ready in a short time. The two main processes involved in designing an EDDM are designing and printing.

  1. Speed

In terms of speed, EDDM is comparatively slow in making an impact. Digital marketing, on the other hand, can make an impact easily. However, the intensity of the impact is not always the same for every business. EDDM can take time but the impact is a trusted one. It can help you get the initial customers you needed.

  1. Reach

A campaign through digital marketing can reach people in no time. But it depends on the person and when they are available to see it. The faster impact and effectiveness makes digital marketing ideal in the fast-paced generation. However, if you are looking into in-depth reach, EDDM can be a better choice. It covers a small area but completely.

  1. Competition

Since most of the world is more fascinated by digital marketing, there is too much competition involved in this genre. However, in the every door direct mail system, there is comparatively lower competition. More competition would mean more expenses. In EDDM this is a big advantage for many businesses.

Why EDDM is perfect for any Business?

Every Door Direct Mail is commonly referred to as a marketing technique that is more efficient for the local level businesses. However, did you know businesses of any size can benefit from this marketing procedure? The most important feature that businesses look for in any form of advertising is the reach. In this ever-increasing competitive market, no business can survive through one advertising media. Hence most of them use a broader marketing mix to reach their audiences successfully.

EDDM has been utilized by several businesses for centuries for increasing sales and generating leads. Here are some reasons why EDDM is suitable for any business size.

  1. Customer Priority

Customer priority should not be segmented based on the location. Hence, even big brands need to build their base at the local level. Not always will people move to big cities to approach better brands. But the brands, on the other hand, can penetrate the local level markets. This is where EDDM can make a difference. Other forms of marketing can increase the importance of products in the international market; EDDM can cover the local market too.

  1. Measurable results

EDDM can give you measurable results. Being able to measure the impact on the local level is a big benefit for a business of any size. Whether you run a small campaign or a big one, you can track the results easily. This way you can get closer to your target audience despite being a big brand. 

  1. Postage Permit not required

EDDM does not require a postage permit. Since you get to send the emails in bulk through the local post office, permits are not required. These mailers instead enjoy special discounts and get more priority too. 

  1. Convenience

The method is more convenient in a sense that it does not require an address list. Most business owners, retail managers, and professionals have a tight schedule. It is difficult for them to manage additional marketing-related responsibilities. Nevertheless, they cannot omit it too. The omission of the address list in EDDM makes it easier for them to manage time. All you need to do is select the correct courier routes to post your mailers.

  1. Reaches the high-income residential areas

Even in the local areas, there are residential areas with high income. People from this group can also enjoy branded products. EDDM can be ideal to reach these customers. For this, you need to cross-check the zip codes to identify the appropriate areas with high income.

EDDM and its Scope for Future Development

The process of every door direct mail has transformed greatly. The concept has been around us for a long time. Businesses have been using this method for centuries for better profits. However, with time this process will develop even further. It’s because of the onset of a massive amount of competition. The system has already indulged into modern concepts like using QR codes and vouchers. In the future, there are other rooms for it to develop too.

Wider Post Coverage

You can already select multiple zip codes to mail the posts. But if demands for this marketing concept increase further, it might require covering a bigger area. This will make the reach much stronger and wider.

Using Innovative ideas

Innovation has no limits and with time the best of all innovative ideas develop. Something that is new today can get boring tomorrow. To attract customers there is a necessity of continuous innovative ideas. If you look at the latest concept of mailers, they are innovative. This makes sense when you compare it with the mailers of the past few decades. With so much development within less time, more innovation in the future is assured.

Additional facilities

Customers love to enjoy additional facilities. Mailers have a lot of scopes when it comes to additional facilities. For example, in future certain businesses can include small samples as part of their promotion. This can not only make the concept more attractive but also appealing. With that customers would be compelled to use your product directly or reject it.

Something for every business

As said before, mailers are often considered appropriate for small or local businesses. But in the current time, it is already wrong to think so. This system can be used by any business. The basic requirement is a message from the business and an attractive design. Hopefully, if bigger brands get more interested in this concept, the format can transform in a way that could benefit all forms of businesses. For example, postcards can come in different ranges of paper quality. This will also allow bigger brands to design campaigns based on their brand status.

 Better Printing Quality

Printing techniques improve with time. In the present time, you will already find some of the best printers in the market. But in the future, the possibility of a customized printer that specializes in postcard printing will certainly be there.

Better impact and output

The overall improvement in postcard printing is likely to attract customer’s attention even more. This will take the impact of EDDM to the next level. The output generated will be more convincing than ever. This will further attract more people to choose this marketing strategy. They can choose it over the digital marketing techniques.

Does Your Business Need EDDM too?

As a big brand, if you have been struggling to keep up with the local customers, it’s time to question your marketing strategy. Is the present strategy sufficient to reach these local customers or do you need a new one? Every door direct mail can be the best choice in reaching the local customers. Identify whether your business is suffering from these symptoms mentioned below. If yes, you should switch to EDDM immediately.

Business from one income group of customers

When you know that your product or service is meant for different types of customers, the customer segment should also reflect it. But while measuring the output do you find your customer base restricted to one fixed income group only? This happens mainly because the other level of customers has not received your message. Use EDDM to reach these customers at ease.

No growth in income

Every type of marketing campaign comes with a limited reach and results. When your present marketing campaign is restricted to the higher and middle-income groups, you will never profit from the lower-income groups. Remember, that every income group plays a critical role in your business. Use EDDM to reach all types of customers. This will prevent the income from getting stagnant.

Same customers

Another reason responsible for getting your business and income stagnant is the same customers. Anything that remains the same for too long will give you the same results. It is good to retain the same customers for a long time. But it is more important to acquire new customers with time to keep your business going.

Future uncertainties

A business that has an uncertain future can never be safe. Although advertising is tough these days, it is still essential. Sticking on to some form of advertising will at least give life to your business. And when it comes to a mailer, you can rely on it in many ways. It is cost-effective and easy to prepare too.

No new initiatives

To play extra-long innings in the competitive market, every business needs to take new initiatives. Marketing campaigns make it easy to launch new initiatives. This makes the business interesting and helps it attract more customers.

How your Business benefits from EDDM?

Saves cost – Undoubtedly, EDDM is one of the most cost-effective methods in the market. From designing to printing to mailing, you can save cost in every area.

Reach customers individually – The mailers reach every house in its doorsteps. This is the best way to reach customers like no other advertising campaign. It guarantees to grab the attention of every customer.

 Customizable – Business campaigns are flexible and change from time to time. Hence, a mailer is right for any business campaign as it is customizable. You can design the postcards as per your requirements and launch at any time.

Strengthens business from roots – If customers from the local level accept your products or services. Most customers from other segments will like it too. Any business that is popular on the local level gains attention from influential customers.

EDDM can make your business more approachable to different types of customers. Of course, it will not promote your business at the international level. But it can instead help businesses of any size to reach customers even on the local levels.

EDDM postal box with flyer inside
EDDM postal box with a flyer inside

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