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EDDM Printing Trends Near Me

How to Keep Up with the Latest Trends in EDDM Printing

Every Door Direct Mail campaigning (EDDM Printing) is the best way to reach customers at the local level. In a world full of expensive campaigning concepts, EDDM is one of the most cost-effective ways of marketing in a specified area. The process is very simple in terms of designing and marketing. Additionally, it also enables small businesses to blanket a specific geographic area with the help of a marketing pitch. This strategy also eliminates the need for a long mailing list or expensive postal permits. This is why it is considered perfect for small or local businesses.

Small businesses are mainly dependent on local sales. When it comes to a marketing option at the local level, the choices are limited. That is for obvious reasons; these businesses cannot expect to put up a television campaign. This makes every door direct mail a serious marketing option for local businesses.

Marketing campaigns keep updating and developing from time to time. This allows them to maintain the ‘interesting’ factor for long. This is what the latest trends are all about. The latest trends depend on the likes and dislikes of people at present. The key factor to grab the attention of people through advertisements is to work exactly with their likes and interests. This works the same way for EDDM too. Keep reading to know the various ways of keeping up with the latest trends, as well as, standards of EDDM marketing.

EDDM printing eligible sizes


Before moving on to the latest trends in EDDM marketing, remove all confusions in your mind about this concept. Be clear on why you should choose it over the other smart marketing techniques. As mentioned earlier, EDDM works best for local businesses. It’s because these businesses thrive on local sales only. These businesses should find a way to compel customers to try them. Does your business fit in the same category too? If yes, EDDM may be the right marketing solution for you.

Reasons to Use Every Door Direct Mail

Here are some beneficial reasons to use EDDM in your next local marketing campaign. These reasons also make the concept a reliable and convenient way of marketing.

  • It is cost-effective and easy to carry out.
  • Once you are completed with the design, you can hand over the printed copies to a trusted postal service provider. Thereon, they take care of the postcards.
  • Reach target customers at their doorsteps.
  • It is cost-effective and saves money in many ways.
  • Fully customizable and this makes it easy to match with the latest trends anytime.
  • If you want, you can create your trend by adding unique concepts in the layout.
  • It is easy to manage in every way.

Why Your Business needs Cheap EDDM Printing?

eddm usps postcards
eddm usps postcards

If you are still confused about the outcomes of EDDM in marketing, you are just delaying to face a good opportunity. EDDM is an excellent opportunity to gain leads and drive sales. From restaurants to small retailers, this mailing concept is undoubtedly the best for small businesses. It is also the best among the rest of the local marketing concepts, because of its reach.

It is easy

In all ways, cheap EDDM Printing is easy. Firstly, it eliminates the need for a marketing department. You do not even need to hire a professional marketing person. The design can be easily printed in a postcard while the EDDM Mapping Tool can help you target the best geographic location.

You can be the designer

If you possess some knowledge ab

out designing, you can be the designer of your own campaign too. You can get the exact design you are looking for. Additionally, you also get the option to customize the design, right till the end. This way you can save the cost of hiring a designer.

Saves Money

 The mailers enjoy special discounted rates offered by the postal services. Businesses can save money in various ways, yet find the best reach to their target customers.

It works

EDDM is effective and they work. It can work to give you returns in the long run. Although the response rates can vary with time, you can still get a decent one.

Types of Businesses that use EDDM

There are mainly three types of businesses that use every door direct mail. They are:

Startups – Startups don’t want to invest too much in the beginning. Yet campaigning is necessary. This is why startups find the method an effective one. It does not involve a lot of money and has a wider reach. It can work for multiple locations too.

Small Businesses- Some certain products or services have limited requirements. Hence the sales are also limited. Owners in these businesses know that the business is a small one and is fit to survive in the local area or the neighboring ones at the most. Hence, they use this marketing technique too.

Local Businesses – Local businesses cater to the local needs and services of people. Their scope of income is small and so is the area they cover. Hence, local businesses often use this to make people in the local area aware of their existence.

What are the Latest Trends in Cheap EDDM Printing?

Advanced marketing techniques can use the best available technologies to make campaigns interesting. They can use interesting audios, animations, videos, and fancy colors. But what is the scope of every door direct mail to get more interesting? It cannot use any of the above mentioned technologies. It is just a postcard with a printed design.

Wait! Before you proceed with any further questions, let’s assure you that you can make a mailer interesting too. How? Read on to know about the latest trends in cheap EDDM printing.

The Design


The days of black and white printing are a thing of the past. It does not interest people any longer. Especially the younger generation, if they are your target, they are always fascinated with strong and bold colors. At the moment, the concept of black and white is used by businesses that find it good with their brand. Using unique patterns, fine angels and interesting graphics are part of the latest trend.

You can incorporate these in your postcard designs

  • Use eye-catching tones such as chrome or metallic.
  • Make use of simple color palettes in creative ways.
  • Using images with sharp clarity and details.
  • Using bold colors is one of the latest trends.
  • Use stylish typography in multiple sizes.
  • Use borders and maintain uniformity in the size of texts and images.
  • Using glossy images to attract more eyes.

The Content

The design and content are dependent on each other to a certain extent. A good design with confusing content is of no use. Good content with poor design will easily make the content a waste. Customers will never care to read it. Talking about the content, it is the most important factor in the advertisement. It is responsible to communicate your audience about your business. If the content is not clear, how are the customers supposed to understand the business? Besides keeping it short, crisp and error-free here are the other factors that are part of the latest trend.

  • Texts are made in different colors rather than just black or white.
  • The content can be printed in embossed form too.
  • Keeping the texts bold, short and clear.
  • The content is often combined with graphics.
  • Keeping it to the point so that readers can understand your business by reading it once.
  • Divide into short paragraphs and use underlines where necessary.
  • Using fancy font styles is the best choice for creating interesting content.


Detailed contact details

Using detailed contact details in the postcard is beneficial. It’s because different people find different contact methods useful. Ideally, people include a contact number, email address and shop location at the most. But if you have other forms of contact methods, you can use them too. For example, you can use a chat support system or an emergency helpline too. These formats are already into use. Some of the other types of contact details include:

  • Multiple mobile numbers.
  • Store address as well as a residential address.
  • Website details. If you have a website and you want the local people to visit it, simply use the web address along with the other contact details.
  • Using the name of a contact person is a wise idea. This helps people to know whom they will contact on reaching the store. It can work the same for a contact number too.

Using detailed contact options leaves your business open to most people, therefore, this means people can contact you easily through the mode of their convenience.

Using a web address

The necessity of a web address cannot be ignored. Although it is not necessary, it’s good to have one. These days, you can even create a website for free. Once created just include the basic information about your business and use it in the mailer. A marketing mailer with a web address has higher chances of attracting trust and attention of people. Moreover, you can also use interesting pitches when you use a web address in the EDDM. For example, “ to know more, visit us at” or “ check our website here”.

Using discount coupon codes

The use of discount coupon codes has become common in print media advertisements. It is even found in SMS advertising. But the same concept is slowly getting adopted in EDDM too. This is because people in the local areas are more fascinated by these offers and discount coupon codes. The fascination is more when compared to the metropolitan areas. Hence you can use discount coupon codes or limited period offers with interesting taglines.

QR Codes

Using QR codes in EDDM is a clever way to impress customers. It can easily add a status to your business name. You can use the QR codes for different purposes. Then, you can either use it to direct it to a website or redirect it to show a secure piece of information. You can easily get your QR codes online.

Measuring the results

Finally, you should also invest some attention in measuring the results. Business concepts are more advanced these days. Measuring the latest trends is not just the latest trend but one of your responsibilities too. If you are not aware of the impact your business is making, you cannot move forward. You will find it difficult to take care of your flaws and remain stagnant in one place.

How to know about the latest trends?

The only way to know about the latest business trends in the printed EDDM marketing campaign is to keep an eye on the overall market. Keep a check on what the other competitors are doing. If required obtain a copy of advertisement by your fellow competitors. For more information on the latest trends, it is important to read. Read books on marketing. You may also observe other forms of advertisement presentations.

You can make the postcards unique with your ideas as well. As long as they meet with the guidelines of the postal agencies, any attractive design will do fine. You can also check out various social media channels about crafting a postcard effectively.

The necessity of upgrading with the latest trends

Things change for the better. In marketing, consequently, the importance of evolving with time goes a long way. The strategies change with time for the better. It will attract more customers and impact the business too. For a business, after that, it is important to keep evolving with the tastes and preferences of their target audiences. This helps them to,

  • Stay strong and contended with the other competitors.
  • Cheap EDDM Printing plays a crucial role at the local level, therefore, upgrading the standards will grab more attention.
  • Updating also indicates the business to be healthy and active.
  • Latest trends are easy to access by the younger generations.

It is not just cheapest EDDM Print but any form of marketing needs to evolve with time. Remaining the same for a long time is boring and harmful to any business. It will fail to give out the business information appropriately. Moreover, old strategies will not make sense with any business over a certain period. Hence, the latest trends play a crucial role in an EDDM marketing campaign to help local businesses flourish.

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