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EDDM by USPS (Every Door Direct Mail by the USPS)

Importance of Every Door Direct Mail in the Digital Era | EDDM by USPS

Full research on what is the EDDM by USPS for the USA. The internet can guarantee you to provide all-round performance in launching marketing campaigns. It is fast, accurate and effective to create an impact immediately. The internet has revolutionized online marketing procedures in several ways. But certain barriers in this method can sometimes make you trust back the traditional marketing forms.

The excessive dependability of digital marketing procedures on technology is harmful. It can make things expensive and complicated. Talking about, every door direct mail system, in many ways this method is convenient to reach out to your customers.

Every Door Direct Mail by USPS

maps for EDDM local mailing options

Every door direct mail system is simple and hassle-free. The advertisement or business information is presented in postcards. They are printed in bulk and distributed to every house in a given locality through the postal services. This means the postcard is the primary marketing piece. The mailers will generally reach the customer’s house within a few days. Moreover, the postal services tend to treat these mailers differently. They often allow these bulk emails to enjoy special discounted rates or by giving them special permits. Here are the main characteristics of this type of marketing:

  • They are printed individually in each postcard.
  • They can be printed in bulk and within a short time.
  • Bulk printing saves money as well as time.
  • The delivery speed is dependable and generally on time.
  • It suits best for the small and local businesses.
  • If designed creatively, they can work for other types of businesses too.
  • It is customizable and can be designed in endless varieties.
  • It is cost-effective and result-oriented.
  • Can successfully reach the target customers in their doorsteps.

Digital Marketing in Terms of Feedback

maps for EDDM local mailing options any business, feedback is a very important factor to drive it. But feedback also has the power to make or break your business. No matter what the consequences are, honest feedback can help businesses understand their flaws and rectify them. There is no option to develop the mindset of people. As per human psychology, when customers come across negative feedback, they turn away from the business. They do this without judging it for themselves.

In the digital world, this is more prevalent because almost all platforms come with an option for feedback. These feedbacks are mostly available in public. You cannot stop it; moreover, turning off comments is also not an option. This can develop doubt in the mind of customers. When it comes to every door direct mail system, this problem is not there. There is no immediate feedback and once people know about your business they develop the curiosity to try it.

Although the digital world can enjoy the advantage of immediate feedback or complaints, it may not always be positive. That means negative feedback can bring losses to the business easily and immediately. The EDDM, on the other hand, is a simple piece of information in the form of an advertisement. Of course, feedback is possible here too, but not immediately, it will take time.

EDDM eliminates the use of training or professional expertise

Digital marketing requires a good amount of training and expertise. Without adequate knowledge in the field, a campaign may not be successful. For this reason, businesses take help from agencies or media firms. Once a social media campaign is launched, the work does not end there. These campaigns need to be managed well on different platforms. This makes the digital marketing campaign a long term one.

But when it comes to EDDM USPS the necessity of too much expertise is not required. You need to plan and design the mailer well. For this, you can either do it with software or sketch it for yourself. Once the design is ready, check the scaling and sizing requirements with the postcard size and proceed with the printing. You may hire an agency to design the mailer too but that would mean additional cost.

No need to Update Strategies

mailbox maps for EDDM printing product distribution

Using every door direct mail system works in one simple rule. There is no use of modern strategies or advanced technologies. Moreover, it is not internet-based. The marketing campaigns that use digital technologies update from time to time. It’s done to provide people with better services. This means one strategy will not work for a long time. There is continuous competition to stay on top.

Of course, EDDM by USPS is of no match with the digital media based on the processes involved. But it is also true that changing plans and strategies from time to time may not always bring positive results. A new strategy will need a lot of research, effort and time. For a mailer, all you need to do is print a well-planned design. You can follow the latest trends in designing to make the postcard more attractive to the customers. This will not take up much time and save money too.

EDDM is not bound by the law

Creating and distributing an EDDM is easy and does not involve too many legal procedures. But when it comes to the digital marketing campaigns, the matter of privacy and security is the immediate concern. The internet is not a very secure place and involves too many sensitive data and personal information. Hence, the legal authorities in every country have set up laws, rules, and regulations to control cybercrimes. These rules also apply to the various forms of digital marketing on the web.

Mailers generally come under the guidelines of the postal services. But these guidelines are mainly related to the size and design of the advertisement on the postcard. The chances of any mishaps through EDDM are less likely. Hence, the method is known for its simplicity and convenience.

Mailers can Penetrate, Digital Marketing can spread

The biggest advantage of mailers is that it can reach almost all people in a given area. The area is small but it guarantees to penetrate the remotest places too. Here is how it can penetrate easily:

  • There is no need for a postal address. Every house in a given locality gets the mailers.
  • The postal services can reach into the deepest depths of the locality.
  • It is not word of mouth. Since every house in the locality gets them, they can go through the advertisement individually.
  • People get more time to read and understand the mailers as they have it permanently.
  • The reach of mailers is limited but it assures almost every house of the locality is personally aware of your existence.

Conversely, digital marketing is effective in spreading information at a faster speed. It can also create an impact successfully but this does not necessarily mean every house is aware of the information.

  1. Digital marketing can spread information in a massive area.
  2. It spreads only to those people or places that have access to technology.
  3. Every device may not support a particular advertisement for device compatibility.
  4. Plugin issues can also cause a problem in displaying the advertisements.
  5. Many people who could be ideal customers of the business are often skipped as it cannot penetrate every house or place.
Rules of Marketing for Effectiveness

 In many ways, designing a postcard for every door direct mail is easier than digital marketing. In this digitally obsessed era, designing the right postcard is a challenge. This is because you need to find effective ways to attract customers. That is through postcard designs that are better than digital campaigns. Many local businesses will also look to place campaigns in digital media platforms. It’s simply because they trust the digital media’s more. But if EDDMs at USPS are used efficiently, they can make big impact in a small area. Here are some effective rules for EDDM marketing.

Keep Track of the Results


 As mentioned earlier Every Door Direct Mail program by USPS is a marketing process that will take time to yield results. As a business firm, campaigning is not your only responsibility; what is the use of a campaign that goes without the results measured? No matter how long it takes, keep track of the results and measure it too. This way you will understand the demands of your business in the market. You will also get an overview of the need for another set of EDDM campaign.

Consistency and frequency

 Just like any other form of a marketing campaign, it is essential to maintain consistency and proper frequency in EDDM marketing. Always ensure a frequency in your mailer distribution. Too many mailers in one time can make people lose interest. Keeping consistency will help people to digest the information about your business slowly. They can relate their needs and how they can benefit from your business. Divide your frequency into segments for one year at a time.

Create an impression

Remember that your marketing campaign aims to gather the maximum number of customers possible. Hence, make an effort to create a lasting impression. If required, choose a better postcard quality. Take care of the print quality and also the content. All these factors will collaborate to create a successful postcard.

Choose a market with high-value

 Not every locality in a particular area will generate the same revenue. If you are a local or small business, you should identify the locality that has a high value. This is the same locality that will generate the maximum revenue out of the mailers. This highlights the necessity of sending the EDDM to a group of people who can help to generate the maximum result. Things to keep in mind for choosing the right locality:

  • You can choose the locality where most people need your products or services.
  • If your business has already got the basic foundation and you are still planning to expand, target the areas of your past clients.
  • Post EDDM to the areas that are close to your business area.
  • You can also choose a place where you have gained recognition or reputation in the past. 
Keep the design simple!

This is one of the most obvious rules in EDDM printing marketing. Never forget to make your mailer simple. Have a clear idea about the best designing trends and the ways to attract more customers. Don’t add more than three different types of fonts in the EDDM layout. Make it easy to comprehend so that people develop interest naturally to go through it.

Determine your target audience

This is where most businesses get confused. It is mandatory to understand the target audience of your business. If you think that your product can benefit any age group, keep it generic. Make the EDDM in a way that anyone can find interesting. This way you can also understand how to design it for a particular segment of the audience. Since the design you make is customizable, understand the mindset of your customers well. Include information that proves how customers can benefit from your services

The Necessity of EDDM in the Digital Era

You might be convinced with the instant benefits provided by the digital technologies in marketing. Moreover, today you can control certain digital marketing campaigns all by yourself. With knowledge in this sector, you can go a long way in the digital world. So why do you still need every door direct mail service?

Using digital technologies can always go hand in hand with EDDM. This means you can use both forms of marketing if you wish to. With that, both methods will blanket each other’s imperfections. But in case you are low on your budget, you will always think of EDDM as your first choice. Every door direct mail system provides businesses with so many benefits to take advantage.

Many nations are not developed in modern technologies. They are not expected to benefit much from digital marketing. It’s because all people will not have access to the internet. Although several nations call them as digitally advanced, the sad reality is that many places still don’t have any access to the digital world. But when it comes to the postal services, they cover even the most remote places. In some places, mailers can be the only option for marketing. Thus, such situations prove the necessity of EDDM even in today’s world.

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