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Economical color copies prints near me in Orlando-Daytona FL

What Type of Paper to Use for Economical Color Copy Printing?

When you have to produce economical color copies prints near me in Orlando-Daytona Beach-Melbourne FL, the quality of the paper is highly important – considering the specific strata that will be used afterward by the printed material. The paper quality that is used can be picked by the consumer himself or recommended by the printing agency as the printing material of choice.

Printing agencies use different types of paper, such as bright neon stickers, linen, and laid stock, color card stock, color paper, parchment paper and other striking and particular paper stock. The choice of the right paper can have an impact on the success of your printing project, package design, brochure, stationery, annual report, direct mail piece or book. Here are some tips to help you make the best decision about the type of paper that is best to use for your own printed marketing pieces.


Visual opacity refers to the paper’s light-blocking properties. You can hold a color copies paper sheet to light and find out how much light shows through. For most printing papers, the opacity is in the range of 80 – 98%. The measurement of Opacity is done in the form of a contrast ratio. Opacity increases with groundwood, fillers, the use of color or pigments, uneven surfaces, coating, and bulk. A more opaque sheet can ensure better readability of text and lead to less strain on the eyes. Printed opacity means the amount of ink that soaks through the printing paper from aside. Both types of opacity have to be considered for folded as well as double-sided pieces.

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Printing papers are defined by grade, therefore, it means a category of paper based on the main use of the paper. It also stands for a quality rating, from the premium variety – which is the best – to #1, or #2 and more. Printing papers are categorized into 5 simple grades:

  1. Cover
  2. Text
  3. Coated book
  4. Uncoated or offset book
  5. Bond

There are other features in every grade, which are:

  • Fiber content
  • Finish
  • Color
  • Bulk
  • Opacity
  • Brightness
color copy machine on Orlando-Daytona Beach-Melbourne FL
color copy machine on Orlando-Daytona Beach-Melbourne FL
Basis Weight

This is another identifying characteristic of printing papers. Basis weight refers to the weight of five hundred paper sheets of standard size, cut into a basis size. But sheets of standard sizes tend to differ in size from one grade to another. Two same types of sheets of different grades might have varied basis weights. Coated papers are also compressed to make them bulkier, but these do not appear to be thicker in form.

Generally, Bond paper is available in #16 for forms, #24 for stationery and #20 for copying. Offset tends to be in the range of #50 to #70 in weight. Typically, Coated Book is available for web presses in sizes #30 – #70. For Sheetfed, Text paper and Cover paper, it is in the size range of #60 to #110. Stocks of duplex cover tend to be double of these numbers.

It is a good idea that you get free of cost swatch book from an economical color copies prints near me in Orlando-Daytona Beach-Melbourne FL agency. That you are going for before you buy or specify paper for your designer or printer. With this book, you can get the chance to test and feel the different sheets for color, translucence or opacity, stiffness, thickness and finish.



It means how much light is reflected by the paper. A paper with more brightness reflects more amount of light via a printed photograph, which makes photographs pop off pages. Type can also be understood much better on brighter paper, although a too bright paper may result in excessive strain on the eyes if the documents are long – such as the interiors of books.


This is the thickness of the printing paper and it is defined in the form of PPI (pages per inch). In order to design the width of the binding or spine, the thickness of the finished printed piece has to be calculated. In case you have a thin sized book and wish to have a wider spine, you may consider the use of a bulkier paper.


Color copies printing papers are available in a wide range of hues. There is a wide range of cooler to warmer colors even in the white paper, such as ranging between bluish-grey whites and creamy whites. Keep in mind that because ink happens to be translucent, the color of paper will have an impact on the color of the resulting ink. Colors will appear to be warmer with warm printing paper. Colored photographs that are printed over a paper of pure white color would look closer to your actual color prints.


Finish refers to the printing paper surface texture. The paper may be rough like particleboard or smooth like chrome. Gloss, as well as, Ultra gloss, Premium, and Cast-coated are the shiniest finishes and can be found usually on coated stock. Such types of papers have a layer comprising of chemicals and clay that creates a smooth type of veneer on the paper top.

It is not necessary that coated paper is glossy paper, given that this type of paper may also boast of a matte finish. Uncoated papers may have the smoothest type of finish, such as machine finish, and even have a little toothy finish. Such as eggshell, antique and vellum or even embossed finishes such as lined, ribbed, laid, linen or felt finish.

In case you have to write over an actual piece of printed paper, such as business forms or reply cards, never chose a gloss finish given that ball pen ink will smear the surface when used to write or mark something over the paper.

Recycled Papers

These types of papers are more or less impossible to differentiate from non-recycled papers. Having similar types of availability, cost, color, and performance. Such papers tend to vary according to the percentage of recycled fiber, therefore, post-consumer waste. You have to get in touch with your economical color copies prints near me in Orlando-Daytona Beach-Melbourne FL paper supplier for particular information about recycled paper. You can observe the symbol of recycled paper over any such paper, consequently, irrespective of post-customer material content.

Economical color copies prints near me in Orlando-Daytona FL
Economical color copies prints near me in Orlando-Daytona FL

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