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Design a Postcard for EDDM in 24 hours

Tips and Tricks to Design a Postcard for EDDM in 24 hours

The door direct mailing Postcard for the EDDM system is a popular marketing technique that runs 24 hours. Marketers use this method to reach customers directly at their homes. If used properly, the door direct mail system can prove successful. In this digital age, EDDM may look outdated. This is also the reason why direct mail is neglected. However, clever marketers take advantage of this decline. We will discuss it later. When you talk of digital marketing, you know what impact it can make. It can provide businesses with an all-round performance. It is fast, accurate and very effective.

You will find adequate reasons to consider branding through digital marketing. Then does it leave any space for EDDM? Yes! It does. Digital marketing and Postcard for EDDM can often work hand in hand. Each marketing technique has flaws and benefits. What if we said that EDDM can cover the flaws of digital marketing? And in return, digital marketing can do what EDDM cannot. But today we are going to discuss what EDDM can do for your business. For this, it is relevant to know about the flaws of digital marketing.

Things that 24 hours of Digital Marketing cannot Do

EDDM printing marketing vs Digital Marketing
EDDM printing marketing vs Digital Marketing

Until now, you must have known about the benefits and advantages of digital marketing. You already know how digital marketing will benefit your business. But do you know about things, digital marketing cannot do? Today you will know it! Here are the limitations of digital marketing

Too Much dependence on technology

Digital marketing is dependent on digital devices. This type of marketing is useless without digital technologies. Unfortunately, a major portion of the audience who could otherwise be potential customers, don’t use or have these technologies. As a result, digital marketing does not make sense to them.

Frequent Technical issues

Technologies work on instruments and machines. Hence, they are subjected to frequent technical issues. Although digital marketing is fast and efficient, it is reduced to zero in front of a technical breach. Technical problems can occur at any moment. The only way to prevent is frequent maintenance and timely check-up.

Heavy Maintenance cost 

Digital marketing is itself expensive and so is the maintenance process. It is also due to a constantly evolving environment that the maintenance cost is so high. Every maintenance cycle is expensive. This makes it difficult for small businesses to stick to this technology.

Increased Price Competition

 Many websites are in digital marketing. They work to serve clients with good branding services. This makes the basic price structure highly competitive. Hence, the lowest rates in digital marketing are expensive for small businesses.

Increased Worldwide Competition

The competition in Digital marketing is growing. Every type of business wants to have an online presence. More online presence means increased demand for digital marketing. This has increased the competition further at the global level. As a result, this marketing makes an impact on only a few selective brands.

Greater Ignorance

Although digital marketing has a greater reach to the target audience, the chance of ignorance remains high. Many clients will not consider clicking on the advertising campaign. Some customers will not bother to look at the campaign.

Every Door Direct Mail

The door direct mail system is easy, available 24 hours, and hassle-free tool. The business information is presented to the customers in postcards. These postcards are printed in bulk. The postal service providers take responsibility to deliver these postcards to every house in a given locality. The campaigns should reach the house of customers within a few days.

Characteristics of a Postcard for EDDM done in 24 hours

  • Each campaign is posted on an individual postcard.
  • The printing process is easy and takes a very short time.
  • Printing in bulk saves a good sum of money.
  • This makes the marketing type cost-effective.
  • This is also the reason local and small businesses prefer this marketing method.
  • The speed of delivery is reliable and mostly on time.
  • If designed appropriately, EDDM can work for every business.
  • The Every Door Direct Mail postcard is customizable and comes in endless varieties.
  • EDDM is long known to reach the target audience successfully.

Postcard for EDDM Design does not Need Expertise


To design a successful Postcard for EDDM, you do not need to be an expert. You need to have a clear idea of what you want to show your audience. You should keep in mind, that the EDDM is not a place to mention a business in detail. Think creatively and take the help of any free designing application online. This will enable you to design the EDDM for yourself. You will not require to hire a professional designer.

Tips and Tricks to Design an Effective EDDM

An effective EDDM will make sure to make an impact. It will do what it intends to easily. If you want to design a door direct mail, follow these tips and tricks below to excel.

Choose the right background

This is where the entire EDDM design will sit. The design is the base for the content. That’s why you should choose the right background. A good background will not be too loud or noisy. It should instead be simple and elegant. Choose a light but visually appealing color contrast for the background. The background has the power to steal customers’ attention. Use small patterns with light colors.

The choice of colors solely depends on your business type. Consider using dark colors in the background if stands well for your business. Makes changes to the font colors accordingly. Professional designers will work with expert design applications. If you are using any such software, take advantage of the application to obtain the best outputs.

Create Contrast

Keep a check of the overall design and add color contrast accordingly. Don’t ignore the necessity of adding good colors contrast. A door direct mail with great color contrast is ten times more attractive than normal mailers. Your only intention is to grab as much attention as possible. While you work hard on the other arenas, using good color contrasts will help you get that extra attention.

Tips to make amazing color contrasts

  • It is possible to create color contrasts with color intensity.
  • Try creating a unique contrast with geometric patterns and shapes.
  • You can experiment with the scale and size of the layout for good contrasts.
  • Consider including the entire content inside a geometric pattern.
  • Try to leave most of the page blank. You can instead fit the content within a very short space.
  • Make use of spacing and white space for a good pattern with contrast.
  • Try experimenting with proximity, separation, positioning, and orientation. Also, use font combination to make the design interesting.

Pay attention to fine details

Most designers are quick to ignore this point. They will only consider designing the overall design well. But it is necessary to realize the importance of paying attention to the fine details. You should understand that EDDM is printed on a postcard. So if customers want, they can look at it as long as they want to. What if they get a hold of a small but serious error? Would you allow them to make a joke out of it? Take care of the small details so that you don’t have to regret it later.

Leave a Good Amount of Blank Space

You may laugh, but it is important to have blank spaces in a design. The best way to design an amazing postcard is to leave white space. This should be soothing to the eyes. Arrange the designs and patterns neatly. This should be the same for the texts too. Make sure you leave sufficient space between graphic designs, texts, and symbols. Every element of the design needs a neat and proper placement.

Make it stand out

Don’t forget that multiple businesses are using EDDM. Yours is not the only one. Make a design that will stand out from the rest of the EDDM easily. Make the design visually appealing. So that once the customer looks at it, they are impressed. To choose or identify an attractive postcard, try to design a few cards. Pick the most attractive card among them.

Experiment with Typography

A good designer will play with different font styles and sizes. It is a good idea to experiment with good fonts. It is one of the key elements of effective postcard designing. Plus, moving out of the same font types and styles can easily break the monotony. Try making the typography unique so that it matches perfectly with your brand personality.

Include a central message

 A central message plays a crucial role. It can allow the customer to know your business within a few seconds. It can come in the form of a catchy phrase. But you can also sum it up in a few sentences. Refrain from making the central message too long. You should instead place the catchy phrase in a strategic location so that it is the first thing that people notice. Choose a short but bold central message so that it goes well with your brand personality.


The good thing about EDDM is, it is very flexible. You can design and customize it in any possible way. Make it visually appealing so that it is the center of attention immediately. Try checking out the best postcard designs online. You will find exclusive postcard designs online. Use them to grab attention immediately.

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