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Convert PDF to Word without using Software

Convert PDF to Word Files Formats

Technically speaking, every file format plays an important role to determine the document quality. Each file format has a specific application to support. The majority of the file formats are able to convert PDF to Word. In your daily work, you may frequently need to convert a file from one format to the other. It hardly takes a few seconds and you have the file ready in front of you. File conversions are important for working efficiently with each browser. The first thing to come in your mind with regards to file conversion is an online application. There are millions of online applications that convert files for free.

You can use this software easily to convert a specific file. Start with uploading the file, hit the convert button and download when done. It is a simple three-step process with no difficulties. While using the software is easy, do you know it is possible to convert certain files without using the software? For example, you can easily convert PDF files to word without any software. How? To know the process, keep reading further.

saving file in PDF format then ms word

PDF file format

Before we start discussing the file to convert PDF to Word process, it is important to know about the files we are about to discuss. PDF is one of those files used commonly for preserving files. The full form of PDF is Portable Document Format. This file format was originally developed in 1990 by Adobe. The file format presents a document of any length. It can include texts as well as images. Many prefer to store files in the form of independent applications for better benefits.

Benefits of PDF

  • Maintains Document Format

It is always important to maintain a document in its original format. What’s more important is to store the file in the same format for long. It is difficult to manage a document that keeps changing the format. A practical problem, probably faced by most, after that, Microsoft users is the change in document file format. Often the file format changes, consequently, with the change in the operating system. This can distort borders, therefore, margins and image alignments. You can sort this problem with PDF file format. PDF will present the document exactly in its original way.

  • Universally acceptable

The PDF file format is commonly used. It has been widely adopted across the world. Viewing and sharing the documents with PDF is easy. No matter where you are sharing the file, it will reach intact in any part of the world. It is always recommended to share files in PDF file format.

  • Smaller file size

The file compression size of the PDF is small. It can efficiently compress high-quality files to a smaller size. It also gets easy to share the file. Moreover, the compressed file size can save some extra space on your hard drive. This option is more helpful when you are working with limited storage space.

  • PDF Files are Password Protected

The biggest benefit of PDF files is it is password protected. It is an optional process. So if you want to encrypt the PDF with a password, you can choose the option accordingly. This option is highly beneficial for any type of business. So when you are handing over a file to your clients, send it’s password-protected in PDF format. This will ensure to keep prying eyes away from confidential business documents.

  • Compatible to any Operating System

PDF is a very flexible and friendly file format. It works well with any operating system. Irrespective of the user using a Mac or PC, the file format works on both. Moreover, these days you can open PDF documents in updated mobile operating systems such as Android and iOS. The receiver can remain tension free about not receiving a file in PDF format.

  • Work with Non-text elements too

It would be wrong to say that PDF only works with texts and images. It can also support non-text elements such as visually pleasing layouts. Moreover, you can also use hyperlinks and certain graphics. The links used in the document can redirect you to the original website. This is applicable for viewing documents in computers and smartphones.

  • Good Future

PDF file format has not become more of a part of our lives. It promises to have good use in the future too. The file format is very flexible and quick to adapt to most file types. It is already widely accepted file format. It has a lot of history behind it. Professional companies are highly dependent on this file format for better business outputs.

In the business world, PDF is very useful. Starting from invoicing to maintaining accurate customer records to important business memos, PDF is reliable. It ensures that the person viewing the file sees it exactly the way it should be.

DOC File Format


You will come across the doc file format when using Microsoft word. The file format has everything associated with Microsoft word and it works in processing the software. Doc is simply an acronym for document file. A doc file can include texts, clip arts, graphs, charts, page formatting, and even print settings. Unlike PDF, a doc file is also popular globally. Most word documents use the doc file.

But a PDF file is more flexible than a doc file. In many places, a doc file is often not supported. Moreover, sometimes it gets difficult to upload doc file. In these situations, you can either convert the file to PDF format or upload in the file format you need to.

Converting PDF to MS-Word

 There are many ways to change a PDF file to doc format. The first and most common method is getting it converted online. Search Google and look for online file converting applications. There are a lot of applications that will do this task for free. These online applications are easy to operate. You need to upload the file and hit the convert button. That’s it! Once done, download your file.

When you download the file, you need to select the file format in which you want to select the file. Once you get doc file format, the file will get saved automatically in the selected format.

Converting File in MS- Word to PDF

Converting an MS- Word document to PDF is very easy. The word application comes with the necessary tool to convert a doc file to PDF within it. This system was not available in the previous MS- word versions. The latest versions of MS-word from 2016 and up have it. So if you are using one of these latest MS word versions, there is no need to use separate software for file conversion. This is where you can work directly without any online software.


The process of converting a doc file to PDF is as follows:

Step 1: Prepare the doc file as required. Open the save as option and give a file name.

Step 2: Just below the file name option you will see, “save as type”. This is where you need to include the file type. Look for the PDF option here and select it.

Step3: After selecting the file type, hit the save button.

Step 4: The conversion is complete, therefore, the doc file is now saved in PDF format.

The conversion process of the MS-word file to PDF is the simplest. It is fast, easy and hassles free. Most people with the latest windows version are still not aware of this feature. Hence, they move to convert the files online.

What about those with Older Windows Versions?

Unfortunately, users with the old versions of windows, have no option other than converting it online. Once again look for the best online file format conversion software. For example, you can use ilovepdf.com for this. The conversion process here is very straightforward.

The Importance of File Extensions

A computer file name comes in two parts. One is the base name while the other is the file extension. A file is never complete without a file extension. It will not even get saved. The primary task of file extension is to instruct the computer how it should handle the file. A file format or extension is generally made of three or four-letter acronym. An extension can come with numbers or letters. However, it cannot comprise of slashes, bars or question marks.

File identification

A file extension is important for file identification. On seeing the extension you instantly know what type of file you are dealing with. It also helps the computer to understand the nature of the content of the file. All similar files with the same extension can store in the same place, after that, this makes the search process faster.


A file extension also has security uses. The extension instantly develops trust in the user’s mind. When using the file, the user automatically understands the nature and characteristics of the file. For example, an email attachment with .exe indicates that the file is malicious. The extension .exe stands for an executable file. Similarly, if a file comes with the extension txt, it indicates a simple text file and it is not harmful to your computer.


Windows will use the file extensions to understand how to open each file type. This means when you select a file to open, windows will first determine the format to open the file. It will subsequently open with the application associated with the particular file format. In other words, this is known as a default file format.


Every file type comes with a particular file format, after that, the extension is important to determine the file format. But the best part about file formats is that they are easily convertible. There are thousands of file formats and each performs a particular function. Try and gather more information about each format to work faster.

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