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Cheapest Way to Print Color Copies Online

Cheapest Way to Print Color Copies Rather Offline or Online

graph for color copies printing price online cheap to expensive
graph for color copies printing price online cheap to expensive

To get this started on the cheapest ways to print color copies online and offline. We want to clarify what type of uses our customers often find for color copies printing projects online. You will be fascinated by how many different uses people could give to regular color copy products.

  • Color Copies as Documents: Yes, regular documents can also be printed in laser copiers. Then just being used for paperwork or maybe homework for school. Color copies printed in laser printers are a lot more resistant and durable compared to home-based printers.
  • Pictures Copies: If you have a bunch of the picture and need them copies maybe for a backup. The cheaper solution would be to run copies of them. One by one or just all together. Customers sometimes ask us to arrange the pictures in sets of 5-10 per 8.5″x11″ page. They look pretty packed, but it does the job very well.
  • As Receipt Books: Have you seen the NCR books? Those are carbonless pieces of paper that will pass on your writing (as carbon copy paper did before) to the pages under the first white one. These receipt books come all the way from 2 parts (white and yellow) up to 5 copies plus the original. Many colors are used to differentiate each copy and that really comes very handily.
  • Color Copies as Flyers: If your marketing campaign isn’t that big, you could get away by just printing a few color copies with the flyer design and call it the day. For small runs, color copies are the best choice to print flyers.

If you think you have seen it all… Keep reading!

  • Restaurant Menus: There is a big situation with restaurant menus, they change all the time! Yes, we don’t want to run a restaurant menu thru a printing press just to get 40 to 60 pieces of menus. That would be so expensive that you will not be able to afford it. Instead, just print your restaurant menu with a 24 hour color copy provider and save big every time you need changes done.
  • Business Cards: If you have some basic skills on how to control photoshop or any other design tool. Designing and printing business cards in a color copier machine will be no challenge for you. This is the cheaper way to get business cards printed in low quantities. Remember that even full-bleed (Click here to learn more about full bleed business cards) are able to fit up to 10 units per standard size page.

Many more uses are given to our cheap color copy printing product, but these are among the most popular ones. That being said, lets now talk on how can you get the cheaper online copies available.

Why Not So Many Alternative?

Checking online providers for color copies is a very straight forward process. There are not too many providers offering this product nowadays because it interferes with the selling of regular flyers. Who is looking for color copies usually want 25 or 50 units? For regular flyers, the minimum order starts at least 250 units.

Also, the benefits out of a color copy are too little, local big businesses like Staples, Kinkos, among others. They are already providing a very good price and service for the color copies online and on-site. So to stay competitive, online color copy providers cant inflate the price or will be out-run very fast by competence. On top of the pricing, online providers are not as near to you and me as our local options. So if you want to order copies online, you should be ready to expect an extra delivery transit time.

Getting the Cheapest Way to Print Color Copies Online

Now you know why there are not so many online providers for color copies. Lets now focus on how to get the cheapest way to print color copies online rather than locally near you. This is a very simple process. You first need to figure out a few things about your order, then run online quotes on every possible printer site available, then compare prices.

For the sake of this article, let’s calculate how much would it cost 500 color copies on regular plain paper, shipped to Florida.

  • Bestvaluecopy.com = When they say “Best Value Copies” they are not just kidding or having a nice name. Their color copies are actually significantly lower and cheaper than most competitors. $45 for printing and $22 for ground shipping. Total = $67
  • Staples.com = Site couldn’t upload art and we were unable to quote life, but, we could extract the price for printing out of their initial printing cost estimate at $0.13 per sheet printed in color. That would be $65 just for printing plus delivery or pickup lets add an additional $25 as an estimate. Total = $90
  • Docucopies.com = For DocuCopies, pricing scaled a little bit. Not sure why but their pricing for regular single-sided color copies in 500 is of $78.85 plus $20 for shipping. The price calculator is really good and that should be a bonus for this site. Total $98.85
  • ColorCopiesUSA.com = Unfortunately, everything that carries the name USA on its name, is condemned to be more expensive than all other people. ColorCopiesUSA is no different. For the same 500 color copies, they want to charge the customer a whopping $95.71 just for printing, for the shipping, FedEx ground will cost about the same as other providers, $20 for shipping. Total $115.71.
  • 55printing.com = Our sponsor for this article and at the same time one of the best options for color copies. For the printing of 500 copies, single-sided would cost $73.75 plus $19 for shipping. Total $92.75
  • MyColorCopies.com = For this site we didn’t find an online price calculator.

Alternative for Cheap Color Copies

Color copies have the flexibility of printing huge documents with different pages. All at once without hurting the bulk discounted price. If you are not satisfied with the quality of the color copies, there is always a better choice. Go for the State-Of-The-Art offset printing techquique. This technique is used by most printers when you need to print over 250 units of the same design. This is a bit more expensive procedure, but you will love the quality output of these machines.

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If you need basic printouts without so many details, color copies will make your day a lot cheaper and easier to go. If you need higher quality printing and just need many repetitions of the same design printed, then go for offset flyer printing.