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Cheapest Poster Printers Near Me Online List

Print Amazing Posters Near Me Online in the Lowest Prices | Cheapest Poster Printers

 Getting the best and cheapest poster printers with designs online is no longer a challenging task. Poster printing mainly depends on four factors, the paper stock, design file format, paper coating, and the Poster size. Each of these factors is very important to make a Poster stand out from the rest. They play an important function to ensure that you get the best quality Posters. The importance of Posters in marketing cannot be ignored. It can be used by small businesses or local businesses to target local customers. The reasons why the local and small businesses use Poster are:

  • They can reach every single customer in a specific location near you and me.
  • They are versatile and can suit any business type easily.
  • Posters are cost-effective and have great customer reach.
  • They can be printed in bulk and then the registered postal services get them delivered in the right houses.
  • The results are easily measurable.

Cheapest Posters Printers Providers List:

*Quote for 100 units for price sample – Taxes and Shipping not included – 11″ x 17″ Plain Posters

  • 55printing = $40.21 (Cheaper 11″x17″ Posters) + Offers 24 Hours Printing + Many locations near you
  • GotPrint = $72.32 + Near Me Locations Available
  • Uprinting = $85.45 + Offers 24-Hours Printing
  • NextDayFlyers = $99.30
  • Primo Print = $100.12 + Offers 24 Hours Printing
  • VistaPrint = $143.39
large format printing (posters)
large format printing (posters)

Importance of Poster Design in Marketing

Every marketing campaign is important and if used properly they can reach customers effectively. But it is due to the poor design and bad quality that many campaigns fail easily. Just like the quality, it is important to get a good poster design for marketing. A good poster design will easily attract customers and grab their interest too. If you can figure out a design on your own go ahead and get it designed. But when you are unsure about a proper design don’t hesitate to seek help from an expert designer.

Posters come in different sizes. Every size is used for some of the other purposes. If it looks appropriate, go for the size you think fits best with your business. But when you are getting the printing work done, it may encounter issues with the size. This is because different Poster sizes require different printing equipment. Subsequently, it will also affect prices.

cheap printers for posters
cheap printers for posters

How to design Posters online

Designing with the cheapest poster printers online tools is actually really easy and convenient. It is a lot different from designing a Poster with software like Photoshop and Lightroom. There are various websites and applications online that are extremely user-friendly. You do not need to be very skilled or trained to use them. It is easy to operate the application and get the type of design you are looking for.

You can also make use of templates. There hundreds of free templates online and they are mostly customizable. So if do not want to design a Poster on your own, you start straight away with one of these pre-designed templates. You can change the color or insert texts. Change the font size, get a new pattern and insert images. Customize the templates to your heart’s content and get the design you think is going to go well with your business.

Professional software vs Professional Designer

Often people hesitate to hire a professional designer near them. This is because they think they can handle the design with the help of professional software alone. But this is a common misconception. You may know how to use professional software but you may not be a good designer. No matter how well you know how to handle the software, the lack of creativity will prevent a good design from you.

Designing is not just about knowing how to use the software. To create a successful marketing campaign you should be able to think creatively as well. Creative thinking will bring out a good and unique design. This can make the marketing campaign stand out from the rest of the advertisements in the market. If you want to use professional software, plan out the design well. Think creatively to get a good design.

To create a successful marketing campaign, choose to hire a professional designer. Do this even if you know how to use the software. You indeed have to make an extra payment to the designer. But if your campaign is successful, the chances of an increase in ROI are always high.

Get your Designs Done Professionally Online

Everything comes with an alternate option. There is an alternate method of getting the poster designs too. You can get it done with professional quality online. In this process, you may not be in direct touch with the professional designer. But after placing your requirements, you can expect to get some of the best designs in the market. These designs are also done by professionals on the other side. Once your designs are ready, you can get them printed too. You can get in the exact required size and they will get delivered at your doorsteps

Paper Sizes in Poster Printing Near Me

As said earlier, the posters are available in various sizes. Depending on the purpose of use, you can choose the size that fits best. The common paper sizes for postcard printing are mentioned below.


11” x 17” Posters

This is the most popular and practical paper size in poster printing. This size is ideal to fit on windows or other appropriate places to display. You will commonly find cheapest poster printers of this size in small stores, windows, and walls. Most copier machines can print posters of this size. The prices of posters are charged based on clicks. So if you are going for bigger poster sizes, it is likely to increase the number of clicks. This will increase the charges subsequently.

12” x 18” Posters

 Although the jump from 11×17 to 12 x 18 is not much, the prices will still make a big difference. This is not the size that most popular, but if you want to make your poster stand out from the standard sized poster, you make use of this. Sometimes those extra inches of height and weight can make a difference.

13” x 19” Posters

In one word, you will love a poster of this big size. The site itself is attractive and most people love it in spite of its limited availability. They are not at all cheap and not every copier machine will be able to print a poster of this size. But when you get the original copy in hand you will simply love it. You will realize that every penny is worth the quality. A poster of this size is easily distinguishable from the rest of the posters.

The size firstly will catch the attention of people. But the only drawback is that most printers will not be able to print posters of this size easily. Some printers can still print these posters within a few minutes. Hence, the prices also get expensive for this reason.

Types of Poster Papers for Printing

There are different variants of papers for poster printing. The quality of the paper also determines the print quality. So if you want to get the best printout quality to choose the best paper quality. Now, we are going to discuss the common types of poster papers. These papers are always in demand for a unique texture and lasting quality. Most businesses will use these papers for their marketing needs.

80 lb. Posters Paper

These are similar to the thin and glossy papers in the magazine. They are light in weight and comparatively durable than the rest of the normal papers. Besides the glossy finish, they are also available in other variants. The plus point of using these papers is that they are resistant to markings. These papers are the simplest and thinnest of its kind. The reason why you should choose them is flexibility. These papers are not only affordable, but they are also a flexible option too. This makes it ideal for indoor advertisements or other types of displays.

100 lb. Poster Papers

The 100 lb. poster papers are a little thicker than the 80 lb. magazine like papers. So if you are looking for a thicker version of the poster, this is the first choice. This means, there are papers even thicker. This type of paper is available in two variants. One is the reflective gloss while the other is smooth matte. Once again, these papers are suitable for indoor advertising. But you can use them for outdoor advertising as well.

10 pt. Cardstock Posters

This is a lightweight cardstock type poster that will give the posters a sturdy finish. These papers are light in weight and you can print on both sides. You can either use it as a poster or simply use it for other purposes. This paper is available in two different variants, consequently, matte, and gloss. No matter which variant you print it, the details of the design are comprehensible.

14 pt. Cardstock Posters

This is among the most durable and strong poster papers. It comes with a stiff finish. So far it is one of the most durable papers in poster printing. Color prints look more attractive in these papers. You can choose the paper among its two popular variants. It comes in high gloss and elegant matte. One more thing that makes this paper type different is the high gloss UV protection on both sides. You can use them for indoor as well as outdoor displays.

Quick Tips to Design a Great Poster Online with Cheapest Poster Printers

It is easy to design a good poster with some simple rules. You do not need to design a poster with creative ideas every time, consequently, some posters work well with the information placed attractively. Here are some quick tips to design an attractive poster online:

Big Texts

Do not include detailed information on the poster. Although it has a lot of space in it, use the space to print big information. Increase the font size so that people can spot the texts from a good distance.

Proper file format for the cheapest poster printers project

A poster will not have a good resolution if not designed in the right file format. If your printer has any requirement for color type, after that, choose the right color standard to ensure good print quality.

Border and Margin

Borders and Margins are important to get the right printout. Decide whether you want to print full-bleed or leave blank spaces on each side. This way you can get a uniform and aligned printout.


When you are using a poster for marketing needs, carry out a bit of research. Understand the poster size that is not common in the market. Take advantage of a unique poster size with a good design to differentiate your brand from fellow competitors. At the same time look for cheap printing options to save more money in the campaigning process.

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