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The Importance of Availing Cheap Printing and Mailing Services

Read more about cheap printing and mailing services, here: Standing in this digital age, one can’t deny the importance of postcard advertising. It is still regarded as a platform to market a product. However, businesses are still taking the help of EDDM postal services.

Every Door Direct Mail (EDDM) postal service has been designed by the United States Postal Services. The main goal of this service is to assist businesses in reaching out to their target audience. For the business houses, this kind of service is proving to be very useful as its very cheap.

Businesses that are on the lookout for cheap printing and mailing services should opt for EDDM postcard printing and mailing program. This blog will guide you in finding a cost-effective printing service provider near your location.

What Is EDDM?

EDDM is a new form of mailing system. This system has been introduced by the USPS. This type of mailing service has done away with the need of any address of the recipient. Rather, it allows mailing customers via direct mail. Generally, regular mailing organizations can send postcards to any designated area via postal mail.

The USPS allows mailing depending on the USPS routes. Every Door Direct Mail can save a lot of time. Everyone will agree that in this digital world, people won’t even go through a physical piece of mail. However, when it’s sent to a mailbox, there is a slight chance of people opening the mail and seeing it.


Understanding EDDM Printing

The actual postcard printing for mailing needs to meet certain criteria. Only when it meets the criteria then it can become eligible for EDDM. Here, in this blog, you will learn about some pointers that need to be present for making a postcard entitled for the EDDM program. The following requirements are mentioned below:

  • The postcard that is going to be used for mailing should be 5-inches tall and over 6-inch wide.
  • The EDDM Indicia, inevitably a flyer should include a symbol anywhere within the design.
  • Paper stock for the postcards for the purpose of mailing needs tobe 8-lb cover paper. Or, it should be slight heavier that 89lb.
  • Customers should provide the exact number of postcards that would be needed by local USPS. It might differ from one zip code to another.
  • Bundle flyers for packs of 50s of 100s come with pre-designed printed slips. The slip is usually offered by the local USPS.
  • A destination for the mailing must be provided. Through this EDDM mailing program businesses and households can be targeted.

Benefits of EDDM over Other Programs

EDDM program is perfect for business entities and organizations that are looking to promote their business. For instance, a business house that is planning to offer a weekend sale can consider EDDM services.  It can offer a wide range of benefits.  They are:

  1. The simplified addressing format helps targeting the local audience.
  1. There is no need to have an active postal permit with EDMM. USPS offers customers with a special permit, which is added to the design of the mailer.
  1. Mailing postcards and flyers won’t burn a hole in the pocket. This is possible with the help of Every Day Direct Mail service. In comparison to direct mailing service, EDDM cost is very less.
  1. Whatever might be the size of the postcard or flyer, there is no need to pay any extra amount of money.

Look out for an EDDM Office near Your Locality

Are you searching for an EDDM service provider within your locality? If yes, you have made a good choice. However, if you couldn’t trace an USPS store near your locality, there is no reason to panic. After all, finding a local USPS store offering different EDDM Mailing capacities might not be a tough job. You can easily come across numerous stores around you. So before heading to any local USPS office, ensure to call them. Once you call them, you must inquire if they offer EDDM postcards.

What’s surprising is that some USPS stores have various requirements for the EDDM flyers. Some of the requirements are: flyer size, stock weight, and indicia location. Therefore, before hiring a local printer, customers should ask about the requirements for the cheap printing and EDDM program.

Pick an Affordable Printer nearby Your Locality

When searching for cheap printing and mailing service provider, you will find many stores of old-school printers. However, choosing them might not be the right choice. The biggest reason is the pricing. In comparison to the old school, modern printing companies, charge affordably and offer great quality of printing.

If a customer moves to another city, better choices are available. The old school of printing uses old machinery. At the same time, they might provide a low-quality offset printing process.

Avoiding the old-school or printer is mandatory as they take a lot of time to set-up the machinery. Hence, when one takes the help of old printing companies for printing the flyers, it won’t even stand out in the competition. The reason is simple. Modern printers can easily print flyers of high-quality at a cost-effective rate.

Hence, businesses looking for a company to print their postcards for mailing should keep certain things in mind. They should always go for a company that uses modern printing machines. With modern machinery, flyer printing can be taken to a great level. This, in turn, would help any flyer or postcard to grab the attention of the prospective customers.

Businesses should see into the fact that the designer of the printing company understands their idea. Only then the flyer would stand out from the crowd.

Don’t Just Hire a Company by Their Name

When you are searching for a printing company, the name of the company is very important. If you see a company name like Digital Sign & Printing, or Signs and Custom Printing, try to be cautious. They might not be your right choice for huge amount of postcard printing for the purpose of mailing. The reason is simple. These two companies might not be very adept in postcard printing for mailing. Rather, they might be having expertise in other forms of printing, such as sign printing or banner printing.

However, if one comes across certain printing companies with names like Henry Printing & Graphics or Printing Fly LLS, it leaves a room for greater possibilities. Customers can ask them if they have experience in printing mailing postcards. If they say yes, then it’s well and good. Or, one can simply search for printing companies in their neighborhood.

One would be able to find many such companies near their locality. They have a great deal of potential as they can complete printing projects on time and a great deal of accuracy. These local printing companies can give a tough fight with international companies.

Is It Better To Hire A Cheap Printer Based On Their Popularity?

Customers can easily take the recommendation of friends who have used the services of a local printing company. They can guide you to pick a cheap postcard printing company for mailing services.

However, you might also learn about some printing companies from ads. Often, while watching a show, you might be interrupted with ads. These ads can be annoying but can be of great help. for instance, if one pays close attention to these ads, they will offer a great deal of information. Often, local printing companies invest on TV ads to promote their business.  These ads are designed in such a way that they grab the attention of the customers.

Also, they try to point out the ways a customer would be benefitted after availing of their services. They try to emphasize that they can take on any kind of printing projects.

if you are planning to hire a local printer, ensure to check if the company is investing in other platforms for promotions. They can take help or print media or social media. If the company is a big and reputed one, they will use all means to promote their business.

Check Out the Popularity of the Printing Company

A good trick to find about the company’s reliability is checking their popularity level. If the company is having a good reputation in the market, it will have positive reviews. Checking out the reviews given by previous customers would give an idea about the company. For taking a look into the reviews, one can check Yelp or Google Business Listing site. These listing pages can offer customers an idea about the local printing company.

Should You Hire An Online Printer?

Are you tired of searching for a local printer? You should stop your search for local printing companies right now. With online printing service providers available, you can easily come across a company that offers improved quality of service, better pricing, and faster printing. However, international printers might take some time to ship orders to clients. The delay is worth the quality and the pricing is simply great.

Most of the online printers are now offering EDDM printing as they have complete knowledge about it. They have a team of trained designers and product experts who follow the local USPS mailing flyer requirements. A simple search on the net will take customers to popular sites like 55printing.com.

Final Thoughts

Reputed companies offering EDDM printing services know their job very well. They maintain a high level of personalization so that it can help a business to get a high conversion rate. With invaluable printing, every business can meet its needs for marketing campaigns. This, in turn, can be great for the business.

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