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Cheap Offset Printing VS Digital Printing

The Purpose of Offset Printing VS Digital Prints Today

 The Offset Printing VS Digital Print industry has gone through massive developments since the last few decades. The printing press was part of the world for a long time. Previously, it was only possible to print in black and white. But today you can print easily in so many different colors. There are so many different variants of printers available in the market. They come with various advanced features. For example, some printers come with inbuilt scanners. Such machines have made printing easy and affordable. You can do it at your home without the need of visiting shops.

Yet, certain prints are not possible at home. Images like banners and posters that are bigger need special types of printers. They are either printed with the help of digital printers or the off-set printers. These printers work very differently from the normal inkjet and LaserJet printers. They needed skilled people and sometimes a certain amount of physical effort as well. At the end of the day, both the printers will perform the same task that is to transfer ink to paper. Yet the working process varies greatly. Today we are going to discuss the purpose of off-set printers and digital printers.

Off-set Printers

 This is one of the oldest printing methods. These printers comprise of heavy and big machines. It is difficult to operate and needs specialized persons to set up the printing process. The machine uses separate color plates through which it transfers ink from the container to the paper. The color plate comprises of perforated holes and the ink gets transferred through these holes. This makes the process expensive as most of the color plates are not reusable.

In modern days, some of the color plates are reusable. This has been invented to make the printing process more affordable. But this, in turn, makes an impact on the printing quality. One advantage that remains constant with the off-set printers is the low cost and print speed.

The reason why Offset Printing VS Digital is Cheap

 Although the initial setup process of the off-set printers is high, when you look at the print output, customers benefit from it. Off-set printers are exceptionally good for bulk printing and it can print a large number of copies in a very short time. Here are some reasons why off-set printing is cheap.

  • Off-set printing can save a good amount of ink. Thanks to the color plates to make this possible. Since the colors pass slowly through the perforated color plates it can easily control the ink flow. At the same time, the color plates ensure to provide a smooth and uniform ink distribution. This makes the quality and resolution of the image more precise.
  • Off-set printers are more beneficial for bulk printing. Most orders that come in bulk for printing purposes are done with the help off-set printers. This provides customers with additional savings. Depending on the quantity the prices tend to vary, but when you consider it overall, the expenses are a lot cheaper. For example, if you have an ink tank, you can use almost one fourth for free. This is a lot cheaper than the other printing methods.
  • Off-set printers can provide a more precise injection of ink on the paper it is printing. It can use less ink for every square inch each time it prints.

Digital printers

Off Set printing quality check vs digital print quality
Off Set printing quality check vs digital print quality

The world is already convenient with digitalization. Today every gadget works with the help of digital technologies. Hence, it can perform work a lot faster. In the world of printing, digital printers are the greatest addition. The print output is at its top with excellent precision. Most of the printers used at home and offices are digital printers. The reason why these printers are known as digital printers is for the digital images it prints. These small but efficient printers can print extract images directly from the computer and print in digital format.

These printers require no further setup and can be used easily. One demonstration is enough for you to understand the working process of these printers. When you start with the printing process, the printer will automatically do the setup task for you. In short, you can easily get ready to print in a few seconds. These printers do not require color plates and work with changeable cartridges. Each time the ink is about to end, you will get notified on the computer. You can replace the existing cartridge with a new one and carry on with your work.

Inkjet Printers

color ink for offset printing
color ink for offset printing

Inkjet printers are an important part of the digital family. These printers are found commonly in every house. Different brands are dealing in inkjet printers and if you are looking for one, you can choose from various price ranges. These days you can find inkjet printers with scanners. This means the same machine can work to print a document and scan it when you need.

Inkjet printers are often used for printing small quantities of copies. They are best when you need emergency printing services. Although they are good to print texts and small images, the top variants can provide you with good quality full-page images as well. However, these printers are not suitable for business purposes. If you use these printers for a lot of work, you can burn them down. Overloading the printer with too many copies is never a good idea. This will drain the efficiency of the printer in the long run.

Waterproof Printing Technique

These days waterproof printing is a must for both Offset Printing VS Digital. Since most printed documents are important, waterproof printers can preserve them for long. Some brands even include this feature for free. The off-set printers, digital printers, and inkjet printers can all provide customers with good quality waterproof outputs. Adding waterproof ink on paper can make life a lot easier.

Among the inkjet printers used at home, the EPSON printers are known to provide waterproof prints. Although the ink cartridges are not cheap, the quality will pay off with time. One more disadvantage of the inkjet printer is the print speed. When compared to the rest of the printers, the speed is very slow.

When it comes to the color copy machines, each page comes out to cheap when compared to the inkjet printers used at home. Prints from these machines are also waterproof, across all brands of copier machines. Now you can think about what makes the print outs from copier machines waterproof.

Laser-impregnation technology makes this possible. This technology allows the melted toner to settle well on the paper during the final output. The heat lets the color from the toner melt and settles on the paper and eventually dries down. This also creates a very good impression when printed. Besides the print quality, the colors are also waterproof.

For the off-set printers, it is possible to make the ink waterproof during the ink building process. To make the ink waterproof, some additives need to be added. This should be taken into account every time you start with the printing process. The results of waterproof printing may vary when compared to non-waterproof printing.

Printers based on their Use

Off-set Printers – these are commonly used for long-run printing processes. Such prints include newspapers, brochures, magazines and the different types of mass distribution mediums.

Color Copies – these are usually used for printing lower quality printing media. It includes letters, emails, flyers, and other similar items.

Inkjet Printers – These printers are used for printing for short run. You cannot overload the printer with too many documents. They are commonly found in homes and offices. You will be able to print a few pages every week. The ink cartridges are comparatively small printing in bulk quantities can be expensive.

Each printer has a specific use. You can use them to print as per your demand and expenses. If you want to choose the best printer for your needs, go through the specifications very carefully. This will help you to get the printer that will match with your printing needs and requirements.

Characteristics to look for in a Printer

If you are planning to get a new printer, we hope these points below will help you choose the ideal printer as per your needs. But first, it is essential to determine whether you want to get a printer for personal use or the sake of business. Depending on your needs, choose the printer that comes with the below-mentioned features:

Capability – why settle for less when you can have printers with multiple features. As per your printing demands, it is fair to say that there are printers that are just for you. Go through the specifications and choose the printed that fits best for your needs.

Quality Offset Printing VS Digital Prints

The quality of the printer is another important factor. You do not want a printer that will give up within a few days. When you are purchasing it, always ask for sample printouts. This will also give you an idea of the capabilities of the printer too.


To a certain extent, the brand matters. A good brand will provide you with a lot of features. They will have unique features that give tough competition to the less known brands. If you choose a reputed brand you can rest assured of the quality. This means you will have a printer that will benefit you in the long run.

Customer Service

A good brand should have good customer service. When you encounter a problem with the printer, you need customer service. This is the first place where you will contact for a solution. Choose a brand that has sufficient service centers near you. This will help to take full advantage of the maintenance and keep your printer alive for years.


Often people end up buying a printer with the wrong dimensions. No matter what, it is a machine and you need to provide it sufficient place. Too little place will not only stand as a hindrance in its work but can impact the print quality too. Always plan a place where you want to keep the printer and make the measurements appropriately. This will allow the printer to stay in a particular place and let it carry out its task smoothly.


This is very important for the bigger sized printers. If a printer fails to perform successfully until the warranty period ends, you are available for free servicing. You should directly avoid purchasing a printer that comes without a warranty period. Just like any other machine, it is also important for a printer to have a warranty period.


The necessity and demand for printers are still on the rise. This is even though the print industry is declining slowly. Surprisingly people love something about colored printed documents. It keeps attracting them now and then. If you want to use the printer for business, try to get the best quality printer in the market. When you use a good quality printer for cheap, people will be impressed with the output and keep coming back to you.

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