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Cheap Large Format Printing Design Preparation

Preparations Necessary to Make Large Format Printing

 Most of you know how to print a standard size picture. They are easy to capture, design and edit. You do not need specialized skills to get the best output from the standard sizes of pictures. But when you want to print a large format printing, things are slightly different. The first and most important factor is the resolution of the image. No matter whether you are capturing the image or getting it designed resolution matters. While designing an image, even the best designers tend to make a mistake with the resolution.

When capturing the image with a camera, you can still worry less about the picture resolution. All you need to do is get a good camera with greater resolution. Sometimes it is possible to modify or change the resolution of an image during the post-production process. Yes, the advanced designing software can get you a good resolution. But these cannot provide or guarantee optimum output. There is nothing better than the original resolution. This article will help you make the necessary preparation before printing a picture in large format.

What are the large format pictures?

Large format picture is bigger. They come with greater picture resolution and enhanced clarity. Since these pictures are huge every detail matters. A pixelated image is not what you can call a great image quality. So when you see a clear and grain-free image, you know it is just perfect.

Some common large-format picture types include big posters, billboards, banners, and placards. Hence it is mandatory to get a clear and detailed image. This will ensure to grab the attention of people. The large-format images use separate printers. These are oversized pictures and they need special printers to get the best results. They should be printed in a way so they are visible clearly from a good distance. For example, the movie banners that you see outside a movie hall are also a large format image.

wide-large format printing machinery
wide-large format printing machinery

Most Popular Large Format Prints

 The cheap poster prints are one of the most common and popular large format prints. Posters are found everywhere and they come in different sizes. Almost every day large posters are printed for some of the other purposes. No matter what the size, even a small size poster should be visible from a good distance. The more you increase the size, the more resolution it will need. Posters are also printed in different paper types. They can range from glossy coatings to matte finishes. Some of the other large format prints include yard signs, window signs, wall coverings, banners, and vinyl banners.

Design Tips to Prepare Large Format Prints

The design styles for printing large format prints vary with the size. The print surface is another important factor. The paper quality will determine how the print will settle with the surface. Here are some tips that you should follow while preparing to print for a large format.

Pay attention to the Megapixels

An image that appears with great clarity on the big screen may not look the same when printed. It’s because the image is not transferred into the paper in the same way. When you print a picture on paper it is likely to get stretched or enlarged. Hence calculating the resolution and pixels will help you keep the image quality exact after printing it. When you try printing an image more than its actual size, that image will be naturally pixelated.

Use Large file format

This is the very first step where you can take control of the image quality and resolution. When you use a bigger file extension, it will automatically store more image data. For example, if you are using the RAW file format instead of JPEG, you are sure to get a better image quality. JPEG file format is good for storage; hence it stores the images in compressed form. During post-production, this becomes a major problem. You will already lose a good amount of data.

When you capture the image in RAW format, the image data can be stored securely. A RAW file format will indeed take more storage place, but when you want quality, compromise the storage. These days you can also find memory cards with increased storage and at low prices. Use a camera with maximum megapixels to get higher resolution.

Stop Resizing Images

If you have been using the resize option to enlarge the image and resolution, stop this immediately. This is not the way you get a clear image with quality. It is okay to make an image smaller. However, the resize option is never useful to enlarge an image. This can turn your picture even more heavily pixelated.

Use a scanner for enlarging images

This step may not be appropriate for large posters. But if you have a standard sized cheap printed posters, you can use a scanner to enlarge the picture. Some printers come directly with scanners. For old images and those with low resolution can be enlarged with the help of a scanner.

Using Professional Services

If you do not have the right printing equipment at home, you will naturally seek professional help. When you want to enlarge and particular image and then get it printed, make sure to provide the printer with the highest image quality. Whether you opt for the professional service providers in your local area or paid services online, the image should be of high quality.

What the image resolution for large format printing?

There is a big difference between printing small-format images and large format images. Roughly, the printing resolution for small size images like flyers, business cards, postcards, and brochures is 300 DPI. This means every square inch will accommodate a big amount of dots. But for images that do not require too many details can be completed approximately 72 DPI.

Color Process Vs Digital Large format printing

These are two separate processes of printing large size images. Depending on the number of copies you need and the size, printers choose one of these methods. For example, if you want to print 100 units of signs with not more than two colors, this will be cheaper with the help of a digital large format machine. But if you want to print a single but huge banner, preparing color plates for each unit could be very expensive. It is not worth the money and effort. For this, you need to go with a process that is cheaper than the digital large format printing process.

Single or Dual color printing for Large Format

Most signs that are bigger are elementary in design and use not more than two colors. They do so to avoid using the digital printing machine. This is where the color transfer method becomes important to make the design fit the requirements. This also saves you a lot of money. When you are using this format you can easily use the RGB color format instead of CMYK. In that case, you need to use separate colors for each layer. This will make it easier for the colors to perforate the color plates later.

Full-Color Design

When you are using a full-color design, the process is much easier. There is no need to separate colors in different layers. Moreover, you also do not need to use CMYK to make the colors on your screen dull. To get a good resolution you can set the resolution somewhere near to 72 DPI.

Impacts of Editing on Large Format Pictures

Editing is an important requirement for every professional photographer. Most pictures you see these days go through the editing process, before getting printed. Just like good editing can improve or enhance the image quality, too much editing can ruin the image. If you want to retain the image in good quality, it is important to keep editing to the lowest. When you are using professional editing software you can trust the quality.

Too much editing can ruin the picture quality when you enlarge it. It will lose details and you may find a bad texture on the image as well. When you want to print a large-format picture, you should pay special attention to the editing process. Since the image will get enlarged, the chances of developing a rough texture on the image are always there. Too much of editing will destroy the overall image quality. In the end, you will not get the image in its true form.

Purpose of Large Format Images

Businesses are heavily dependent on these types of images to grab customer’s attention. Since they always want to get more attention from people for their products, large format images are in great demand. It is a great way to introduce business to the customers. Large images are good to draw public attention. People can notice it from a great distance.


These types of images can be used for endless applications. Although they require a separate printer, these prints are very interesting. These prints can be designed in unique ways and with bold colors. This easily helps brands and businesses to create an impact in public. It can get the attention it deserves from a big crowd.

If you want to design a good poster, do with the help of professional software. But you can also take help from a professional designer or agency to get the work done. They can provide you exceptional designs at great prices. Depending on the size you are looking to print, these prints may take longer to get printed than the normal images. But one thing that you can be sure of is attention. These types of posters are attractive for the size. Hence they stand appropriate for most business campaigns.

Resources for Large Format Printing Design Preparation