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Cheap EDDM Postcards Printing Can Be an Effective Channel for Marketing Communication

 Every Door Direct Mail (EDDM) is the best way to propel growth for any business. It makes use of carrier routes. There is no need to purchase any mailing lists or permits. Cheap EDDM postcards printing is ideal for businesses that want to grab the attention of targeted customers.

 The U.S. Postal Service started the EDDM. There has been a recent revival of interest in direct mail. Direct mail as a marketing tool is helping businesses to trigger 1:1 dialogue with their prospects. This, in turn, can help to build an improved customer relationship. Most importantly, businesses are shifting to this marketing tool as it has got a high response rate.

EDDM Are Very Effective Tool


You might have come across an interesting printed postcard. Most of these postcards come with texts and patters like the cheap EDDM printing products. However, it has nothing to do with the products that one sees across the roadside shops.

EDDM is very different. It has nothing to do with the digital world. Rather, they are hard copies, which contain printed advertisements. EDDM postcards can reach out to a customer right to their doorsteps. Moreover, it’s an affordable way to reach out to the target audience.

In this article, you will know how Every Door Direct Mail is a very effective marketing communication tool. Also, this article will guide you to learn about the various kinds of businesses that are greatly benefiting from it. Even you will get some idea to make an attractive EDDM printing. Local businesses prefer the EDDM method for marketing their business.

What Is Cheap EDDM Postcards Printing?

 Do you need to extract digital content in hardcopy? You need to take the help of a hardcopy. Marketing campaigns are done online. However, one won’t be able to get beautiful digital prints online. This is where cheap EDDM printing could be of great help.

 Well, the concept of EDDM printing has been present for a long time. Off late, it has started to grab attention. Being an effective marketing tool, businesses can advertise their business within a specific area. With EDDM postcard printing, businesses can get their marketing message delivered very easily.

Immediate Benefits

 Every Door Direct Mail Printing is slightly different from other marketing firms. EDDM offers some benefits. They are mentioned below:

Reach Out to Target Customers

 Successful communication is very important for any business. Communicating the right information to the audiences is crucial for business growth. With EDDM, a business can remain assured of the fact that the mailer would reach directly to the target customers. As there is no hurdle in between, the process becomes fast and efficient.

 Spreading Information

 Local businesses find EDDM to be very helpful. A mailer gets posted to a respective area and people can talk of it. Hence, it helps to spread information very quickly.

 First Choice for Local Businesses

 It doesn’t matter whether a business is a start-up one or a local business, it doesn’t make sense to launch programs on large platforms. For startups and local businesses, Every Door Direct Mail can be the best choice. It informs local people about the businesses that are close to them. Hence, EDDM forms the best platform for marketing a business.

 Cost-Effective and Affordable

 EDDM is a great way to boost business at the local level. Be it a small business or startup, they might not be able to invest a huge amount of money in advertising. During the initial stage, it can be pretty expensive to shell out a big amount of money in advertising. Thus, using Every Door Direct Mail can save money.  It can allow covering a huge area within the same budget.

Should One Go For Cheap EDDM Postcards Printing or the Digital World?

 The ads that one gets to see across the electronic devices fall under the category of digital advertisement. This kind of advertisement is very successful. The reason is pretty simple. They make use of novel concepts to display the message. However, the process is very costly. Also, the time taken for the job is pretty lengthy.

 On the other hand, Every Door Direct Mail is a printed hardcopy that contains the message of the advertiser. The advertiser communicates its message with the EDDM flyer or brochure or postcards. It doesn’t have any electronic screen. It is handed to people personally. Well, EDDM might not be able to reach out to a wide customer base living in different parts of the globe. Hence, EDDM is always suitable for local and small-scale businesses.

Ways in Which EDDM Varies from the Digital World

Cheap EDDM Postcards Printing and mailing fights digital marketing
Cheap EDDM Postcards Printing and mailing fights digital marketing

 In this digital world, transportation is very quick. However, it doesn’t promise to gain the attention of customers. Often, people tend to ignore the advertisements; whereas others might find the ads to be appropriate.

  •  On the other hand, in this digital world, it enjoys the benefit of using interesting concepts. In this digital age, one can turn a boring campaign into an interesting one. However, with EDDMs are designed carefully. Only then an EDDM would become interesting.
  •  Make an EDDM attractive easily. For instance, the text needs to be used wisely. It should be printed within the available space. In this digital world, Every Door Direct Mail is being preferred due to its wide reach. The mailers can easily reach out to customers and request customers to try the business. Hence, designing great EDDM is essential.

Designing a Great EDDM: Important Tips

 Do you want to design a great EDDM? It’s very easy to design an attractive and cheap EDDM printing project. However, the concept of this printing needs to be clear. Only then any kind of confusion can be avoided. If you want to make design, you should avoid some mistakes. This blog would provide you some tips to make EDDM very attractive as well as appealing.

Pick an Appropriate Layout

Picking the wrong layout should be avoided at all cost. The layout’s importance is often ignored. However, it must be kept in mind that the layout is the place where the complete content of the advertisement would be based.  Only with a good layout, a correct design can be made.

Bold and Crisp Headline to Be Used

 Every EDDM should carry a key message. The best way to showcase the message is by placing it in the correct location. Also, the message should be in bold. It would help to grab the attention of people. However, the message shouldn’t be too big. Rather, the message should be understandable. It would allow customers to remain informed about the services.

 Use of Graphics and Images

 Graphics or images grab the attention of the customers in a better way than the texts. So using graphics can be a great idea for EDDMs. A great tip is to use catchy phrases or words. For instance, words like ‘hurry’ or ‘discount’ can grab attention quickly.

 Good Colors Must Be Added

 Colors have a great role. It can play with the senses and emotions of a person. Hence, in EDDMs proper colors are used. It creates a positive impact. However, using too many colors can make the entire thing very clumsy.

Contact Information

 Not providing any contact information would be a serious mistake. It would spoil the purpose of advertising. Also, customers won’t be able to get in touch with the business house. This, in turn, would lead to losing customers.

 Call to Action

 Mailers should have a call to action button. It would make the EDDM very interesting.  A CTA button would force the audience to take some interest in the business. Using sentences like ‘Know more’ or ‘Visit Us’ can tempt customers to know about the business.

  Checking the Print Quality

 In the end, the print quality should matter a lot. There is no meaning of distributing poorly-printed mailers. The audience would throw them instantly. Hence, standard quality paper is needed for printing. Moreover, a good printer is necessary for the job.

What Makes An Cheap EDDM Postcards Printing a Great Communication Tool?

 To reach out to the audience, 1-1 communication is very important. While advertising in one channel of communication, EDDM postcards is another means.

 EDDMs make the process of communication easy.

 The mailers reach out to the audiences directly. Hence, it’s easy to grab their attention. Audiences can easily understand the business.

Bond Creation

An EDDM postcard can create an emotional bond between the customer and the business. It is helpful for businesses that have started their business in a low-active area.

Customers Can Reach To You

 Customers can get in touch with the sellers directly. It doesn’t involve any third-party. After all, it allows direct communication between the seller and the consumer.

Long-lasting Impact

Many customers save mailers. It is helpful for the future. However, it is advantageous for the business. The more customers talk about a business, the more it stays in the limelight.

Types of Businesses Using Every Door Direct Mail

Many types of businesses are using the system of EDDM. The mailer system can be used by any businesses. It can be used by:

Small Businesses

 As it’s cost-effective, it’s advantageous for the business. It can save their money while setting up a foundation.

 Local Businesses

 Every Door Direct Mail can be a great choice for local businesses. Being cost-effective, businesses can lay their foundations. It is ideal for marketing at the initial level.


 Just like small businesses, startups also need to have a strong foundation. Hence, spending too much on advertising isn’t advisable. Hence, it’s ideal for startups to use this service.

 Reason to Use EDDM Postcard Mailing System

 EDDMs don’t need any names or addresses and postage permits. Distribute mailers to any specific area. The obvious reasons to use Every Door Direct Mail are:

  1.  Affordable  Businesses use this process mainly due to their pricing. It is affordable and easy to prepare. Often, cheap EDDM printers online don’t take much time to print many copies.
  2.  Reduced Marketing Cost  EDDM reduces the overall marketing cost.
  3.  Boost Sales  It’s the most successful form of 1-1 marketing communication. Hence, it can easily boost the sales of any business.
  4.  Self-Design  Every Door Direct Mail is customizable. Customers can take complete charge of entire advertising. Hence, by not hiring a designer, one can save a lot of money. It cuts down the cost of a printed product from a local printer. You can make modification multiple times.
To Wrap Up

 Hopefully, you won’t face any confusion related to EDDMs. Whether the EDDM postcard is suitable for your business would depend on the size and business popularity. Small businesses can definitely try out this form of marketing. It will increase their sales. As a result, with EDDMs any business can meet its goals and objectives easily.

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