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Cheap Copies Near Me With 24 Hours Printing

Find Cheap Copies Near Me or At home?

Getting cheap color copies near me is not so hard as this printing product is among the most popular printed products available in the market. therefore, finding a local printer that will produce your color copy printing job for cheap price, is not a hard task. Before you start the search for color copy printing providers, there are a few little tips for you to know. In this article, we will talk about color copies printers. Quality, recommended paper stock among other details to help you out understand what it is all about.

Cheap Copies Near Me - Sample on 8.5x11-color-copies
Cheap Copies Near Me – Sample on 8.5×11-color-copies

Searching Online for A Provider Near Me?

To run a search for color copy printer provider near you, just visit Google and type in “color copies” followed by your city or town name. This will bring you many options for printers providers around your city. If you have the location function turned on. Then, you will be able to see where you are on the map and the businesses near your location are going to be easier to identify.

In the image below, we ran a search for color copies near the area of Miami Beach. Look at the map, it is very easy to identify a point of interest within it. If you are familiar with your current location, consequently, it would be even better as you will have an idea on what printing business is the nearest one and how bad would be the traffic to get there. You could also add to the search some nice terms like “24-hour color copy printing near me” to vary the results and navigate thru them for possible candidates.

google search for cheap color copies near me
Google search for cheap color copies near me

Online Fast Printing Providers for 24 Hours Cheap Copies Printing

Among the top online printer providers that also offer services for color copies with 24 hours printing capabilities. We will find the following:

  • Staples: Copies and Documents, Standard Color, Reach more customers and clients using professional, high-quality materials. Clean, crisp copies and documents provide consumers and employees with an easy way to read your business messages, facilitating the successful communication of company goals while leaving a favorable impression.
  • 55 Printing: If you want to make your business material more attractive, more appealing to the eye or simply more professional, cheap color copies would be the right call. Starting from a minimum of 25 pieces to 1000, all our cheapest color copies have:
  • Docu Copies: 9¢ Color Copies with Superior Quality, Most Orders Ship Out in 24hrs, You don&t need to sacrifice high quality when buying cheap color copies with Best Value Copy. We also offer first-class customer service, fast turn-around time …
  • Best Value Copies: Cheap Color Copies & Printing – Useful tips to make sure good Deal, How you can get Great Quality and still get Cheap Color Copies. Follow these Cheap Color Printing tips and bypass confusion.
  • Color Copies USA: Cheap Color Copies | Discounted Color Printing | Example: Say you have a printing job and you need 250 color copies printed on one side to be used for a product catalogs. If you purchase the cheapest color copy paper, it will cost you $39.50 (excluding shipping). If you upgraded your paper to elegant glossy paper (#80 gloss), your 250 color copies would cost $52.00.

For Additional Options, Keep Reading:


  • The UPS store: B&W Copies | Color Copies and Quick Prints | The UPS Store – B&W and color copies and quick prints at The UPS Store. Whether you have 8.5×11″, 8.5×14″ or 11×17″, we’re here to help you get the job done. Select from our …
  • MGX copy: Cheap Color Copies — MGX Copy – Printivity – Cheap Color Copies. – Exceptional color print quality; – The best prices on the internet and the U.S.; – Numerous customization options; – Deadline-friendly …
  • My Color Copies: CHEAP COLOR COPIES DON’T HAVE TO COST AN ARM AND A LEG, BETTER QUALITY & LOWER PRICES ON CHEAP COLOR COPIES, Serving local and national business communities, we have consistently met and exceeded our customers’ expectations on color copies and printing orders since 1987. We’re proud to be able to offer our invaluable experience and expertise, coupled with our superior customer care. At a fraction of the cost that many of our customers are used to paying elsewhere.
  • Color Copies Today: Cheap Color Copies & High-Quality Printing Paper Online- We offer high-quality color copies, customized business cards, glossy paper, postcards, envelopes, therefore, multipurpose paper products at discount prices.
  • More Choices on Cheap Copies Near Me:

    Color Copies for Cheap Online | Printivity – Order color copies and color printing online from Printivity. High volume, fast turnaround, and cheap prices. Quality printing with a great selection of papers, …

  • Print Dirt Cheap: Cheap 20lb Bond Color Copies | We Print Copies With Attractive Eye – 20lb Bond Color Copies $10.00. We have cheap same day and next day copying available, you can choose from single-sided or double-sided pages.
  • Copies America: Color Copies the USA|Cheap Color Copies|Copy … Welcome to Copiesamerica.com! Contact our Color Copies company in the USA, for custom Color CopiesCheap Black And White CopiesDiscount Color …
  • Copies In Color: As of 09/08/2014 all pick-up orders will have a $10.00 minimum We Have Moved our new address/ location is 2401 Rockefeller Dr, Ceres, CA. 95307 Our phone number is 209 338-0127. All Color Copies and Digital Prints Letter Size on 20lb White Paper.
  • Maryland copies: Printing Essentials, 15% OFF, Consider brochures and other materials as a cost-effective way to build your brand for your business. Take advantage of our fine quality digital printing to make your message a strong one.

Different Type Of Printers for Copies

Quote at docucopies.com

Not all printing companies use the same methods or machinery. There are many different ways to produce color copies for cheap price. Also, keep in mind that for black and white copies are a totally different process than color ones. There are home and industrial printing machinery that will only print on Grey-scale color by using black ink or toner. Black and white copies are not as good for attention-grabbing, but they could be used for regular document printing where a lot of text is involved.

In House Solutions

When printing a little number of copies anywhere from 1 to 100. There is an additional choice, maybe not as cheap as going to a local printer near me. But this will solve my issues in case of a short printing run. Buying an inkjet printer for home use. These little printers could be very economical if the color coverage over the page is light. The image below will give you an idea on how to calculate the ink coverage for an 8.5″ x 11″ flyer.

Ink Coverage for Cheap Color Copies Printing

Its very clear how every part of the design within the flyer, increases the ink coverage needed for printing. This will give you a very good idea on when to use a home printer for color copies solutions. We would suggest that anything below 60% would be good enough for a in-house printing project. Remember that at your local printer, they will charge a per-copy fee, no matter the ink coverage.

For online home cheap printers visit amazon: https://www.amazon.com/Office-Copiers/b?ie=UTF8&node=172576


24 Hours Color Copies Providers Near You

When in a rush, you just don’t care how expensive the prints are. For those customers in a really tight rush with no budget limits, we would definitely recommend those international chain printers like Kinkos and Staples. These are nation-wide industries with in-house capabilities for color copies printing, sometimes with 24 hours open schedules. Specially Kinkos prides of having many 24 hours printing facilities around University complexes and city center points.

Providing a great flexibility for marketers and anybody needing fast printing. Stores open with 1 or 2 employees with basic knowledge on how to use, print, copy, scan, bind, with the equipment available there. Lamination is also available 24/7 at these stores for your convenience.

So we could say, they provide an all-in-one solution for your cheap color copy printing project. Just not as affordable as other online and local solutions near you and me, but it is worth to have them into consideration.

Save Money with High Volume Offset Printing

If you needed color copies but printed in bulk. We would recommend you to give it a second thought as you can save a lot of money when ordering in regular Offset printing instead of copy printing. Any quantity over 1,000 copies would be considered a “long-run”. The price of a color copy flyer will no decrease even if you order 1,000,000 copies. With the offset printing technique, therefore, the more units you order, the cheaper it gets per unit.

Try to find out on printers near you that are capable of producing Offset printed flyers and get a few quotes. Also ask about the flyer printing turnaround time, as it may take a little longer for Offset methods. The offset printing method is a little bit more complicated, along with that, a big setup process is required for the offset machinery. Not as simple as the color copy machines, after that, this is the reason why we recommend you to ask about it.

Resources for Research:
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