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Cheap color copy prints near where I am Phoenix AZ

Digital Color Copy Printing – An Affordable Way to Print Color Copies

Color copy printing is a necessity for almost every business, but the expensive rates of printing often puts small businesses and startups in the back foot. It eats up a sizeable amount of the operational expenses of businesses. Digital color copy printing is a cheaper option for many. If you need cheap color copy prints near where I am Phoenix AZ without any compromise on the quality front, you can go for Digital printing. This type of printing makes use of electronic files in the production of prints. These are produced by two types of equipments:

  • Digital Color Printer
  • Direct Imaging Press (DI)

Both types of printers are used to get fast, short-runs of digital color copy printing, although these are much varied and offer different types of results. Digital Color Printers make use of Xerography, Inkjet or electrophotography for developing images with dyes, dry-ink or toners.

DI Press printing is based on a conventional or offset printing technique that automatically develops images and might be waterless. With this kind of color copies printing, you can generally expect higher quality results. However, the print quality of a Digital Color Printer can still be compared with regular offset printing.

Phoenix AZ location and nearby states
Phoenix AZ location and nearby states

Types of Digital Printing to Go For

Digital printing is broadly of 3 types:

On-Demand Printing

It is also referred to as Print-on-Demand (POD) and is used for only minor quantity of printing. This type of printing is ideal for businesses that have to update their printed copy pieces continuously. Generally, On-Demand Printing is carried out with a Digital Color Printer, unless there is need for a more superior quality printer. In that case, printers use a DI Press. If companies need to print high quality prints within a short time, they can use a waterless DI Press – given that these dry up very quickly.

Variable Data Printing (VDP)

It is a personalized and customized form of digital cheap color copy prints near where I am Phoenix AZ printing. Databases having particular information about consumers personalize every bit of the same mail design for every recipient. For instance, when you get direct mail along with your address and / or name personalized in the text, VDP methods might be used to make it better. Customers love personalized mail, given that it is less general in form and the databases often comprise of ordering history and customer preferences to accelerate the process of communication. Variable Image Printing is another name for this type of printing.


Such kind of printing is ideal as it provides a group with the same kind of basic details, as well as adjusting the details to every individual consumer. This type of color copies printing technique uses an approach that is different from offset printing or flexographic printing.

It makes use of an algorithm of complex formulas and numbers that are calculated with the aid of a computer program and ink is then transferred to the material via a dot sequence to produce the image that is desired. Exposure to electromagnetic energy, toner or ink deposition may be digitally regulated. Such a technique of color management or calibration lets operators recreate the same type of superior image repeatedly – with no deviation.

Web-to-Print digital printing

It is also known by the name ‘Web-Enabled printing’, and lets direct mail pieces be personalized and customized online in a print management software application. Even customers and clients are able to pick images, like photos, to be included in brochures and other materials. An online proof is exhibited and once the piece is prepared, it can be set to a print supplier with just one click. Generally, the printing supplier has the necessary amount of digital print to be mailed to customers in just 1 – 2 business days.

color copy machine on Phoenix AZ
color copy machine on Phoenix AZ
Benefits of Digital Printing – Affordability and More

Its cost-efficiency is undoubtedly one of the greatest benefits. Such type of cheap color copy prints near where I am Phoenix AZ printing. This type of printing is perfect for the production of low volume, high quality projects in a tight budget. While the cost of every unit might be superior to that of offset printing, when you include the setup costs. You can reduction in costs per unit with digital printing for each small printing run. Digital printing is undoubtedly the most economical way of customization of letters, direct mail pieces, marketing materials etc.

The setup time for the press is short, which is another major advantage. The response time is quicker as well. Given that everything is computerized, needless steps like ink key, registration adjustment, plate mounting and make-ready are done away with. Fewer steps are involved in the process of printing, which ensures that there is faster delivery of the final product.

Color Copies short-medium runs

It can also yield short-medium runs, which makes it a perfect solution for small businesses that can pay only for what is required. Smaller number of prints may be placed against the regular minimum. This type of printing technique is also advantageous for bigger companies that have many products. Given that orders can be placed after the quantity that is sold.

There is also the benefit of customization with this kind of printing, in the shape of Variable Data. Graphics and text can be modified with no stoppage or slowdown of the press, due to the fact that there is storage of information on a database or file. This lets a higher number of customized prints be possible at superior quality with full colors.

There is very high-quality printing of color copies possible with it. As there is no image distortion and you can get professional quality prints with complete clarity.

  1. Digital printing can offer you more substrate options, like fabric, particularly thin quality paper and ceramics as well.
  2. There is really no limit and it is possible for you to showcase your brand in any way that you deem fit.

The faster turnaround time means you can reach your goals much more easily. Can get reliable prints for your marketing, promotions and business purposes in much less time. This can help add to your bottom-line without the need for you to spend a lot. On cheap color copy prints near where I am Phoenix AZ expenses.

cheap color copies printing in Phoenix AZ
cheap color copies printing in Phoenix AZ

Fun Facts About Phoenix Arizona

  1. The Mystery Castle in Phoenix is a testament that is sweet a fathers love for his daughter. After building sand castles in the beaches in Seattle, Boyce Gully’s daughter asked him to build her a castle that wouldn’t wash away. Years later he did just that after he built an castle that is 18-room the Sonoran Desert. The castle is noted on the Arizona Historic Register and open for tours today.
  2. Camelback hill is a landmark that is prominent Phoenix. Real to its name, the hill, which summits 2,704 legs above sea level, resembles the hump and head of the camel that is kneeling.
  3. Even wintertime is warm in Phoenix; the average temperature is 67 degrees.
  4. It’s estimated that 400,000 “Snowbirds” come to Arizona each wintertime, usually from or November through April or May october. (Snowbirds are perhaps not birds, they’re typically retirees leaving cold temperatures weather and escaping to Phoenix for a warmer climate.
  5. There are 21 deserts in the global world, four of these deserts are in the united states. Phoenix sits in just one of these – the Sonoran Desert. It’s home state of Arizona is the state that is only the USA to enjoy a portion of all four of the North American deserts within its borders.
  6. There are 22 Native American tribes, communities and nations in Arizona—more compared to any other state—and more than 300,000 US Indians call them home.
  7. While being in a desert, Phoenix is NOT at sea level. Its elevation is 1,117 legs ABOVE sea level.
  8. You will find 365 days in the and of these days 334 are filled with sunshine in Phoenix year. According to information compiled by the National Climatic Data Center, Phoenix basks in sunshine more often than any other major metropolitan area in the U.S.