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Why worry and waste time creating something as essential as business cards? With our help, you can easily get a set of business cards designed and printed in just a few days without any issues whatsoever. With our cheap business cards printing, you get the following and more.


  • Multiple Paper Quality Options
  • Various bulk order options
  • Rapid Turnaround
  • Online business card designer tool


Why Do You Need Business Cards?


It does not matter if you are an employee or an employer. As long as you need to meet clients and network, you need a business card. In fact, it is not just expected, it is a critical and non-negotiable component of your job. A great business card will instantly highlight the image of your company and define your work and professionalism. After all, you are interacting with a potential client. By offering your business card, you take the first step towards getting the client interested enough to try out your offerings.


If you are still wondering why you need a business card, take a look at the following reasons.


The Direct Approach

You might end up meeting a potential client at any place or time. A business card is small enough to be carried with ease in a wallet. As such, you will never be in a quandary when you are trying to introduce yourself to a prospective client. Just keep a few of these in your pocket or wallet whenever you are heading anywhere. Who knows? You may even meet a prospective client at social gatherings. If you do meet one and don’t provide your card, it can quickly become awkward trying to exchange contact information.


Cost-Effective Marketing

The incredibly low cost necessary for printing business cards is easily their biggest advantage. As an advertisement, it is the cheapest option you have. All you need is an interesting and catchy design. Once created, they will always be available for giving to all prospective customers. Like any good advertisement, these cards will remind the recipients of your organization and services. Moreover, people are significantly less likely to throw them away.


The Professional Touch

Just think about it. Will you work with someone who gave you their contact details on a random piece of paper? More likely, you will choose someone who gave you their business card during introductions. That’s how your clients will react as well. As such, take your time and create proper business cards.


The Modern Appeal

The humble business card has been around for decades. On the other hand, it does not mean that you cannot incorporate modern technologies. Consider QR codes. You can easily print them on your business cards. That way, your clients can quickly scan the code and add your contact details to their smartphone. You can even make QR codes that take the clients to your organization’s website or social media profile. There is no shortage of options.


Acceptable To Many

Not everyone is comfortable using a smartphone, especially those who fall in the older range of the age scale. You can’t expect them to look you up online. Here, a traditional business card can work perfectly. Older people are more likely to accept this form of introduction. Why should you limit your chances by avoiding these cards?


The Right Impression

What do you want when people see your organization’s brand for the first time? Most likely, you want them to be impressed. A business card helps you achieve that exactly. Although simple, business cards go a long way towards crafting a robust brand image. A business card that has all the right elements will create a positive impression of the brand overall. Add a creative touch and the results become remarkable!


The Memorability

The conversation that accompanies the exchange of business cards is where you make it or break it. Make it memorable for the other person. Otherwise, there won’t be a lot of reasons for them to call you back. An interesting business card solves this problem without hassle. Your recipient is sure to recall the conversation.


What Should Your Business Card Have?

When creating cheap business cards, give some thought to what you want on it. Of course, you’ll want the name, contact details and name of the company. What about the rest? There are plenty of details that a business card can have. This does not mean you should include all of them. A card with excess details is, frankly, boring and ruins any chance of being memorable.


The basic details that all business cards must always have are the name, a phone number and the organization’s name. These cannot be compromised upon. Never skip out on any.


Next, you can consider the logo of your organization. The logo can go a long way in helping the branding aspect of your company. Among contact details, you can also add an email address. After all, it is the 21st century. If you want, the website of your organization can also be added.


If your company is active on social media networks, you may add the profiles to your business cards. Since most people are on one social media network or the other, they can contact you via them. However, take care that they do not crowd out the card.


Do you want your photo? Some businessmen like having their face on their cards. It all depends on your personal tastes. People who work in certain sectors such as modelling and fashion may find a photo useful. It can help build confidence and trust.


Some people like including a few of their skills and areas of expertise on their business cards. Others opt to have a tagline about their services. No matter what your choice is, always remember that your business card must have too many details. After all, it is not meant to be a resume or bio-data document.


Designing Your Business Cards

Your business cards certainly need to be impressive. After all, you are trying to win over potential clients. Therefore, you need to put in a lot of thought to the design of your business cards.


How to Design?

These days, designing your business cards yourself isn’t that difficult of a task. Of course, you can always expect the best results if you hire a graphic designer yourself. They can give you a professional business card design of a high quality. You can then easily upload the design here and order the prints.


On the other hand, there are several tools and software available for designing graphics. With varying levels of difficulty of use, these tools are useful if you wish to avoid the expense of hiring a designer. Many of these tools are available for free and accessible online. You can use them to create your own business card design.


Finally, there is the option of templates. We offer a comprehensive set of business card templates. You can easily edit these templates and place your own details. These templates will speed up the design process considerably. Choose and add from a variety of elements to make your business card impressive. Once designed, simply add them to the cart, choose the printing options and order your business cards.


Of course, there are a few things you need to keep in mind when you are designing a business card. Here are the aspects that you need to focus on.


The Color

Gone are the days when business cards were only available with a white background. These days, there is no shortage of colors to choose from. Which one should you choose? Generally, the color of the cards is dependent on the colors used by your organization’s branding. This will help you develop an identity for your company while increasing the branding.


While you can choose from a range of colors, ensure that you do so within reasonable limits. Using too many colors on a business card is a strict no-no. Too many colors can make the card look tasteless and gaudy. That is something that you will certainly wish to avoid.


You can also consider the business you deal in while choosing the colors. For example, traditional banks often choose simple and sober colors for their business cards. Graphic designers, however, can afford to have a colorful business card. After all, that reflects the job they do. There is no reason why you cannot have an impressive business card while using simple colors.


The Paper

There are multiple options when it comes to the paper of business cards. As such, choosing the right one is a must. Remember that you want to come off as someone who is a professional and is trustworthy. That’s why you must never opt for cheap and flimsy paper. That creates a bad impression. You’ll never get that with us as well.


  • The standard choice would be 14pt gloss paper. This looks professional while being easy on the pocket as well.


  • If you are looking for a premium feel, you can invest in 41pt Premium Uncoated. This can impart a sophisticated look to your business cards.


  • Another excellent option is the 16pt matte finish. The matte finish adds a layer of elegance to your business cards.


  • Recycled paper is also a fantastic choice, especially if you want to convey a sense of eco-friendliness to your business. These come with a matter finish which enhances the overall effect considerably.


Colors and paper are two of the most important elements when it comes to printing business cards. Make sure that you put in enough time to getting both of these aspects correct. Otherwise, your business cards will never have the impact you want them to.


Other Elements to Consider

There are several other elements that you can consider adding to your business cards. They can improve the look and impact of the cards considerably if chosen correctly. Here are some that you can consider.



Watermarks can look amazing when done right. The most appropriate design element for watermarking is the logo. This can instantly uplift the entire design of the cards. You can always ask your designer to place watermarks on the business card. Alternatively, you can place them yourself. Simply ensure that the watermark does not obscure any of the other details.



A business card can feature a layer of finishing for added effect. While lamination is a popular choice, it does not always suit a business card. Instead, you should choose between a glossy and a matte finish.


The glossy finish is a standard option in most business cards. It imparts some sheen and shine to the business card, instantly making the card interesting to the user. If you prefer elegance in your business cards, you should consider getting a matte finish.


UV gloss is another option available. UV gloss simply adds a layer of protection to the card from the harmful UV rays. These rays cause the inks to fade over time and ruin the business card. It also adds some polish to the card. As such, it is worth considering.


The Backside

When it comes to business cards, the back is rarely used. However, there is no reason why you should not. Using the back opens up a whole new space for you to use in your design. As a result, you can now add more essential details for the recipient. Apart from practicality, it can also instantly make your business card more impressive. There are several ways to utilize this section.


You can add the logo of your company at the back. Another choice is a quotation. A quotation from someone famous relevant to your business or from your CEO is a possible choice. You may even include the tagline of your organization. You can also choose to break up the general content of your business cards and display on the two sides. For example, one side can have your name and organization details. The other side can have the contact details.


With these details in mind, go ahead and create your very own cheap business cards now!