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Cheap Business Cards Printing Near Me

Looking for Cheap Business Cards Printing Near Me?

Welcome to Cheap55printing.com, the best place to get cheap business card printing near me at the lowest price. We pride in having the best prices on printing products WORLD-WIDE. No joke, we have our prices so low, that we price match any of our top competitors online and locally. If you want to buy some cheap business cards within a provider near you, click here for more information.


Let’s start it off by explaining what is a business card. A business card is a piece of paper (any thickness) that contains contact information about a product, individual or even a company. The business card could contain logos, images, effects and many other sorts of decoration to make them attractive. People tend to pass them on to potential customers or just friends that they want to keep in touch with. When used for marketing purposes, they could be also handed out to people around you or near me.

What is a Business Card?

If you are looking to print some business cards at a printing store or warehouse near you, you should know what to expect first. A business card should be bigger than 3.5″ (wide) x 2″ (tall). The reason is, all men wallet and women purses are configured with pre-sized pockets for possible credit cards and business cards for storage. It comes very handily to just throw some business cards into your wallet where you know they won’t slide out or just get missing within a few days. If your business card is bigger than 3.5×2, therefore, your potential customer could have a hard time storing your card for future use. It might just get lost.

There is important and basic information that must be displayed within the business card. Basic information like Phone Numer, maybe your email and address. All the other stuff are not mandatory, but it’s good to add some company information, logo and enough stuff to clear out the purpose of the business card. Be careful overloading the business card design with a lot of information or images. This could get your card to be hard to read and make your potential customer react negatively. If you need further space, try to use the backside of the card just for additional information, don’t repeat.

Wikipedia Description:

Wikipedia Definition: Business cards are cards bearing business information about a company or individual.[1][2] They are shared during formal introductions as a convenience and a memory aid. A business card typically includes the giver’s name, company or business affiliation (usually with a logo) and contact information such as street addresses, telephone number(s), fax number, e-mail addresses and website. Before the advent of electronic communication business cards might also include telex details. Now they may include social media addresses such as Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter. Traditionally many cards were simple black text on white stock; today a professional business card will sometimes include one or more aspects of striking visual design.

Business Card Size Recommendation

sample of a standard business card printed locally near me
Sample of a standard business card printed locally near me

If the business card is too small, it might get too loose and not even call the attention enough as if it was a standard size business card. People in the search for cheaper business cards near them, sometimes order the 2nd most popular business card size, the 2″ x 2″ (square). It looks cozy and practical in some very specific occasion. We always recommend going for the standard size even if it’s not as cheap.

Locating A Printing Store Near Me That Produces Business Cards

Business Cards is among the most popular marketing tools available in the world. So almost any company that says “printing” in their service profile, consequently, will offer business cards printing, sometimes for cheap, sometimes very expensive. Even if they don’t offer business cards printing, you could ask for a custom order for something similar to a business card and they should be able to help you. Now that you know the importance of a clear, right to point business card, the size it should be and much other stuff we shared with you earlier, now you are ready to start the search.

When we refer to a printing business near me, we mean a printing company that will produce the actual card close to where you are. Don’t necessarily has to be in your own town or street, but near enough, so you could reach out physically or that at least shipping could be faster than other printing entities.

Remember that any Kinkos and Staples offer cheap business cards printing services, sometimes with 24-hour printing turnaround for faster print service. But the quality might not be as competitive as you may expect at the time to compete with a serious market. These places are very convenient for an emergency business card printing project near me and you. If you have an event coming and there is no time to order some regular (High-Quality) business cards. Then Kinkos, FedEx, UPS printing, and Staples are among your best choices.


High Quality But Cheap Business Cards Prints

If you have a few days before you need the next order of business cards delivered, then, its good for you to take a look to other providers. Printing providers near you might be a good choice to build up some customer to printer relationship in case you are planning to do constant printing jobs locally. If not, then we would suggest online printing as a cheaper and best quality choice.

Online providers have the disadvantage of competing world-wide. Do you imagine if you had to compete with the entire world? Competence is one of the best things that could happen to us as it forces down the prices and increases the quality of the product we are buying. In this case, we are buying printing services from local providers near us or just online.

Online printing stores are also subject to scams and another sort of bad practices that is good to open an eye for. Be careful to just buy where the business cards look cheaper. No matter the promise they make, once your credit card passed thru, you might become a victim of online printers scams. The best way to avoid this is by going to Google and place a little search on local or nationwide business cards printing providers (image below). Then take a brief look at the reviews. It doesn’t matter if the reviews are good or bad, this will tell you if the business is real.

Google search for cheap business card printing near me

Note: If there is an online cheap business cards printing store near you with tons of positive reviews but no bad reviews. Be aware this is high probability for scammers. Customers tend to visit the review pages mostly when they are angry for something. If the were satisfied and happy with the product, highly doubt they will go and fill in a good review.

Google search for cheap business card printing near me

Locating A Printing Warehouse Near Me

If it was up to me for finding a local printing warehouse or store. Another choice would be to look out for Yellow pages, either the printed physical book or the website. There are many business listing websites like Yelp, YP, among others. These sites only mission is to provide consumers with an idea on where to find companies online for what they need. These sites contain the address, phone, reviews, images, and a lot more information about each company listed.

For an individual looking for a business cards printing business near them, it would be crucial to look at the map. The map will show you the location of the business and where you are at that time. This way you could figure out yourself how close you are from each of these printing businesses in the area near you.

Don’t be afraid if you don’t see “Business Cards Printing” as part of their menu. It is completely natural to find printers that won’t even mention this sort of term, as they are so popular, there is no need to mention they print business cards there. Keep in mind that anybody with a home printer and a knife consequently could produce business cards. Just imagine a whole business around the printing industry.

What Is Considered Cheap For Business Cards Orders?

The price for business card varies a lot from printer to printer for many different reasons. One of them is the volume. If a printing warehouse or store only produces 1 to 3 orders of business cards per day. Then the setup process cost should be divided equally among these 1 to 3 orders. increasing the price substantially for the final consumer. On the other hand, if the printer moves over 25 business cards orders per day. Then they can fit up to 25 (this number may vary depending on the printer) per business card print run. The setup cost for this provider will split into 25 consumers, making it a lot cheaper for each customer.

Other factors on how the price could vary. The material cost, ink, toner, paper, maintenance of equipment, among others. Could be a lot cheaper when you move hundreds of orders of business cards a day. Instead of buying a pack of 100lb cover paper for the day, you could by a whole truck full of thick paper stock, good for the whole month, maybe half the price. Same thing with the ink, instead of buying bottles of ink. Printers could buy tanks of ink good for the entire month instead. Many savings available when you move huge volumes like this.

Identify Which Printer Provider Could Print It For Cheaper

Calling is mostly free nowadays. You could just call a few local printers near me and near you for further quoting. If you ask for standard size business cards, for any quantity between 100 and 10,000 and you are being held up for price quoting. We would suggest to just hang up. Serious printing businesses should know these prices from the top of the head. No need for waiting to someone quote you for such a simple product like a business card.

Online printers will have a live price calculator that will give you the exact price and shipping costs for your order, instantly. Browse a few websites as well so you get a feel on what your business card should cost.

Online Business Cards Providers List

We ran a search online and brought you the basic information on which companies show up first in the list of the cheapest business cards printing near me solutions. Results may vary from town to town as Google algorithm may change too:

1- Business Cards, Custom Business Cards | Overnight Prints

Customize cheap business cards online to make your first impression. Our fat business cards are OvernightPrints’ toughest and most luxurious print product. ‎Premium Business Cards · ‎Business Card Templates · ‎Square Business Cards – 500 Business Cards for Only $9.99 | Custom Business Card Printing …

2- Hot Cards.com › 500-business-cards-for-999

Features: 3.5″ x 2″ (Horizontal) 2″ x 3.5″ (Vertical) 500. 100. 2500. 35000. 30000. 40000. Paper Stock. Standard 14pt Card Stock. After that, Writable 12pt Uncoated Card Stock. Premium 16pt Card Stock. Finish. Full-Color Print. One Side. Both Sides. Rounded Corners and consequently No. Yes. Custom Die Cutting. No. Yes. Turnaround Speed. Expedited.

3- Vista Print – Business Cards, Marketing Materials, Signage & More

Vistaprint empowers small businesses like yours to market themselves effectively. Design and order custom printed marketing materials, signage…
‎Business Cards · ‎Invitations & Stationery · ‎Business Card Stickers, as well as, ‎All Products

4- Print Cheap Business Cards – Uprinting.com

https://www.uprinting.com › cheap-business-cards
Get Cheap Business Cards printed on eco-friendly stocks, therefore, Custom Business Card sizes and die-cutting options available. Free proofing.

5- Business Cards | Costco Business Printing

Create premium quality business cards with your own logo and design or choose hundreds of templates from Costco, after that, Business Cards at Affordable Prices … Cheap 16 Point Business Cards | Cheapest Business Cards Printing …

6- Print dirt cheap › 16pt Standard Business Cards $16.94

Thick high-quality cheap business cards printing, consequently, get 1000 of the cheapest business cards for $25.20 | Free Samples – Design Online – FREE Shipping.
Business Cards by 123Print.com

7- 123print › business-cards › landing-page

Jump to PRINTING SPECIFICATIONS – Standard Horizontal Business Card …. you need just 1 item or 10, you can count on us for affordable pricing.

8- The Best Cheap Business Cards You Can Get Online – MakeUseOf

Jul 23, 2018 – Printing business cards can be expensive, therefore, but here are some of the best places to get cheap business cards online with your own custom

9- Create Custom Business Cards – Office Depot & OfficeMax

Print + Copy: No matter what you need, consequently, from same-day printing to luxury business cards, we’ll help you get beautiful cards … printing is fast, easy, professional and affordable.

10- Cheap Business Cards | PrintingCenterUSA

printing › business-card-printing – After that, Rating: 4.9 – ‎41 reviews- Cheap business card printing custom design and print full-color business cards with free templates online at PrintingCenterUSA.com. Order today 100% …

Sample price for 5,000 Business Cards Among Many Online Providers

After you know the pricing of a few of the printers near you. Proceed to visit a few of the printer providers. Visit the one that you liked the most and check the pricing among them. Add the business card product to the cart and make sure to add shipping and taxes to your total. THEN, NOW YOU CAN COMPARE PRICING.

Keep in mind that a fair price for 5,000 business cards printed on the premium paper, front and back. Shouldn’t be more than $75 cost for printing. Shipping should anywhere around $15 to $20 at the most. After that, Taxes may vary from state to state and website to website. Sum all that up and compare. We already did our research and concluded that 55printing.com is the cheapest business card printing provider online. Gladly, 55printing is responsible for bringing this article to you.

5,000 business cards at 55printing.com will cost you $59.63 + $17.12 for shipping and handling. A total of $76.75 is the selling final price. Best price worldwide for our research for online business cards printing providers.

cheap business cards printing near me in los angeles california

Is 55printing a printing company near me and you? Gladly, they have printing warehouses all over the United States (Ohio, Rhode Island, Michigan, New York, Florida, California, consequently, Among others) For this exact same reason. To make it faster for you to get your business cards fast and printer near you. Estimated transit time for any order of business cards with ground shipping should be 1-3 business days. If you need them overnight, the option is also available for an extra fee.

The History of the Business Cards

Believe it or not, carrying business cards with you is not a so old event. We started printing and carrying business cards back in the 17th century. Of course, this was all done first in Europe and then it spread worldwide. These business cards were a little different than current ones. The shape was more like a playing card and it was mostly used by elite society. So, not so popular at the beginning, but it changed real fast. By the 19th century, every middle-class person had to carry a business card with them. Even at the houses, there were business card carry cases to allow visitors to leave their business cards there as a note of a visit done.

history of business cards sample

Above we can appreciate a few samples of what they called “social cards”. Back then they were yet to be called “business cards”. These social cards were taken from each person that visited a house for the first time. This was mostly a matter of etiquette. Together with the door opening, a business card tray was offered to the visitor. Then the owner of the house would examine the card and would take the first impressions on the visitor.

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