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Arranging Pages on Catalog Design For Printers

A Guide to Preparing and Arranging Pages for Online Catalog Design For Printing Project

 The proper arrangement of papers while printing books and catalog design is very important. The improper paper arrangement will lead to spreading wrong information. It will also confuse readers and make them comprehend the wrong meaning. This is more important for storybooks. When the papers are printed in the wrong order, readers lose track from the original story. They will not only get confused but fail to understand what’s wrong. In general, the pace of the story gets ruined easily.

Unlike a storybook, it is important to maintain proper paper arrangement in catalogs too. catalogs are a great way to communicate information in short. catalogs are often used in the form of user manuals or guide books. They are small, handy and user-friendly. The new digital marketing trends may not always be of your time or money. Sometimes it is simply better to stick to the true traditional concepts of advertising. And when you talk of true traditional methods, catalogs are one of the best traditional marketing methods.

readers spread catalog design by pages

What is Online Catalog Design For Printing Projects?

The modern digital marketing methods can use different tools and channels for advertisement. But the majority of these modern marketing concepts is not tangible and remains attractive to the eyes. Customers cannot touch or feel it. The tangible marketing materials have always been considered as a major hallmark for most companies. Booklets are tangible materials and have been used as a standard advertisement tool for decades

In simple terms, the catalog is a printed publication with not many pages. It is essentially used to communicate information but in brief. A booklet can have 20 to 80 pages and it can be used in any field. In the last few years, catalogs have proved its efficiency by reaching many customers. With this business can reach customers with the exact message they want to give them.

What sets a Catalogs Apart?

In the age full of digitally planned strategies what is the importance of catalogs? Perhaps, you might be wondering this in your mind. Well, the format is itself attractive to gain serious customer attention. A booklet comes with enough space to carry out flawless communication with customers. You do not need to overwhelm the readers with a lot of information. You have the liberty to design it with texts, graphics, images or anything else. A booklet can include various kinds of information. Whether you are describing a company using it for promoting products, booklets are just fine with everything.

How to Create a Great Catalog Design?

Designing and printing a booklet is all about proper planning and implementing. Ensure proper balancing of text and images. Since booklets are speaking on behalf of your product or brand, make it interactive. You don’t want to make the catalog monotonous right? It is not enough to give appropriate information only.

To make the catalog interactive, add colors to it. Make use of interesting graphics and images for better illustration. When designed properly a booklet can prove to be a perfect marketing solution for any business. Just like posters and postcards, booklets also come in different sizes. You can make a pocket booklet or prepare a big book type booklet. As long as the information is error-free and arranged properly, everything makes sense.

How to arrange Catalog Pages?

printer spreads page configuration for catalog design

 A booklet printing project is managed in different methods. There are various ways to arrange the pages in a catalog. It all depends on how the final product will look like. When you are getting in the area, you will come across two-page arranging procedures. One is the “Readers spreads” and the others is “Printer Spreads”. Not always will you get individual page numbers to arrange pages in proper order? Moreover, the chances of improper arrangement remain. Keep reading to know how you can arrange a catalog design easily and systematically.

Readers Spreads

The printers order is different from the reader’s order. This means the common order in which a reader is reading a book is page 1, page 2, page 3 and so on. But this is not necessarily the same order in which the book was originally printed. Precisely, the pages in a catalog are printed without following a particular order.

Printers Spreads (During the Catalog Design)

 The same catalog when it comes to the printing process changes its order of printing. It is printed completely in a different order than which the readers read. For example, when readers are reading it in the order Page 1, 2, 3, 4 and so on, the printing format can be different. The printing order is likely to be Page 8, page 1, page 2, page 7, page 6, page 3 and so on. This format of printing the pages of the booklet is known as printers spread.

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