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Build a Cheap Business Cards Design for Free

Free Business Cards Design Tools at 55Printing

Process step by step on creating a cheap business cards design with 55printing free online design tool is easier than you might think. First of all we want to make it clear that this free tool will only work for design files intended to be printed at 55printing.com. If your intentions are using this designer to print it somewhere else, this will not work for you.

If you need a free design tool, we have many other articles talking on how to design business cards for free online and with phone apps. It is always a very simple and straightforward process. You should not be afraid to keep on searching and researching.

Pricing for printing at 55printing is among the lowest in the market worldwide. We have compared every provider and we are proud to say this is the best choice available for customers within the nation-wide coverage range.

Step #1: Visit the store:

55printing Google Profile

You just need to google “55printing” and you will see our profile, reviews, discounts and more! After you are done revising possible savings found at the search result. Go visit the website, locate the cheap business cards product and play around with the price calculator. At the price calculator, you could choose many different finishing options for your business cards. Also, you are able to request a free design proof email to confirm that your art is correct at the end of your build.

Step #2: Play With The Price Calculator:

Round and Square business cards shapes are available among the business cards options. People will usually select the standard size 3.5″x2″ business cards. Along with the standard size, also 14 pt cover paper stock is most popular and faster for printing turnaround. Quantities vary all the way from 250 to 100,000. More business cards could be ordered if you contact them directly. If you need 100,000 business cards or more, with different names, phone, and probably addresses, it is also possible upon request.

55printing Online Price Calculator for Cheap Business Cards

Color front only or both sides is also another of the choices. You could also select the black and white backside in case it suits your needs in this particular case. But its highly recommended to add the UV coating to the card as it gives it a little extra protection. If you are planning on writing on the back of your business cards as an appointment card or something like that, therefore, we would recommend non-UV coat.

Printing speed is called “Printing Turnaround” in professional terms. For business cards design at 55printing, many options are available including next-day printing (24-hours business cards prints). The faster you need them, the less cheap it’s going to get, unfortunately. But if you need them that fast, they are here to help.

For the file review, consequently, a free design proof service is available completely free. That way you may approve the art even before you pay a single dime for your order. Remember there is a good “Pay Later” option that allows customers to pay only after they have art approved.

Step #3: Click on Template Designs Button

Free Pre-Designed Templates for Business Cards

At the end of the live price calculator, you will find a button that says “Template Designs”, click on it. This will bring you to a whole new page full of pre-designed business cards templates for you to choose. Select your industry type and then take a look at the template choices for your area.

Once you see a perfect fit for your design-build, click on where it says “customize it” and the design studio will open up (image below).

Online Free Designer Tool Tutorial

Now you are ready to start editing the content of your business card design. Include everything as mentioned in the following list:

  • Company Name: Company meant designs requires a logo. Then its crucial to add a logo and company name. If the business card is intended for a product or service without a company name, use the top for a catchy phrase or message.
  • Contact Information: You must add a phone number. Address and social media information might not be crucial for this, but will be helpful to add some additional contact information.
  • Your Name: This is optional, but highly recommended. People like to call and know who they need to talk to. If they call and just start asking questions, maybe they are not asking the questions to the right person. Adding your name will save them and yourself a lot of time.

Let’s take a look at the information box on the left of the designer screen. This section allows you to type in the information by just replacing the pre-filled generic information found on the pre-designed business card template we selected earlier.

business card data entry editor

Notice on the top options that you are able to add images to the art. Logos and support images are recommended if they are not too intrusive. In the bottom of the designer tool, you get the choice to select product FRONT or BACK view. Very well organized designer tool will allow you to design and complete your design job within minutes.

Step #4: Save the Design and Place Order

After loading text and images into your design template. Now you can press the Preview button to see a sample on how its going to look in larger resolution. Then, if everything looks alright, hit Continue. This is the time to create a new account with your email and company/personal data for future communications.

Choices for discounted coupons and multiple shipping options will be found during the checkout. No further instructions are needed this far as this is a very simple process.

Hope you like this guided tour for our online free cheap business cards designer tool!