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Economic Copies in Color near my place in Champaign & Springfield-Decatur IL

Copies in Color near my place at Champaign IL  Are you looking for a low-cost print marketing method? Do you want to boost your customer reach in minimum investments? Perhaps you should check out the latest trends in print marketing. This marketing method is no longer the same as before. It has been there for … Read more

Cheapest Online Postcards Design and Prints

Tips to create a Postcards Design and Prints in an Effective Way

It has been there for a long time since postcards design and prints are being used for marketing purposes. The concept of sending postcards is also one of the earliest forms of communication. Previously, postcards were used to communicate with people in the form of short written messages. But now, the concept has evolved and turned into a marketing communication tool instead. Postcards ate one of the most important tools for local marketing.

Postcard marketing is an essential tool in every door direct mail system. These mailers are designed attractively to grab people’s attention. They come with short but crisp and meaningful messages. The deep reach of postcards to the target audiences is considered as the biggest advantage. It has the power and capability to reach the maximum number of the target audience in a short time.

possible postcards design pre-designed template for printing
possible postcards design pre-designed template for printing

What are the essential components of a postcard?

A postcard is not difficult to design. Based on your brand objective, you can either keep it simple or make it elegant and eye-catching. Even today postcards work with the help of stamps. But when you are using the same postcard for every door direct mail, they do not require special permits. Moreover, they can also enjoy discounts and special permits.

Certain components stand important and effective in postcard designing. This means you need to have them in the postcard by all means to increase the importance of your brand. Here are some essential components that help to improve the efficiency of a postcard.

The size

All the rest of things depend on the size of the postcards. When you are choosing a postcard for marketing purposes, always choose the size that feels good in the hand. Not a very big size or a very small one. Choose a postcard in its standard size.

The content for the Postcards Design

The content of the postcard implies the business information you want to give out to your target audience. You should always make the message a strong and powerful one so that it can make an impact. Make sure to include the relevant details in short. Don’t add too much information. This can make them look clumsy.

The design

both sides postcards design for prints

The design and the content will together build up the objective of the postcard. An effectively designed postcard will surely create an impact. The overall get up of the postcard should be able to grab the reader’s attention with no effort. In this article, you will come across some of the most important tips to use while designing a postcard.

Postcards Print Quality

Besides placing the important contents and images in a strategic location, keep a check of the print quality. For this, you need to choose a good paper quality and a good printer. When the entire postcard is printed with vivid details and great clarity, people will find it smooth and flawless to see. Hence never compromise on the print quality.

Tips to Design an Effective Postcard

 Everything that is created with the purpose of marketing needs to be very attractive. This is obvious because it needs to acquire more views and attention. But even the best designer fails to design an effective advertisement campaign. There is either due to the lack of creativity or lack of planning. Hence, no matter what the medium of the campaign is, it is extremely important to plan the design and content well. Here are some helpful tips to make postcards more appealing to the target audience.

Provide Great Offers

 The best way to create an impact through postcards is by providing great offers. Since postcards are the most effective tools for every door direct mailing systems, offers can work the best. You can see the results easily with a boost in the ROI. Providing offers can be the best way to get returns on investment as people are directly attracted by the amazing offer.

Offers can benefit your business in the long run. All you need to do is provide offers that are worthy of getting customers attracted. For example, you can provide attractive discounts, promo code, vouchers or free sample products. This postcards design and prints can boost maximum output from customers or clients. Make sure that your offers are different from your competitors.

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Build a Cheap Business Cards Design for Free

Free Business Cards Design Tools at 55Printing Process step by step on creating a cheap business cards design with 55printing free online design tool is easier than you might think. First of all we want to make it clear that this free tool will only work for design files intended to be printed at 55printing.com. … Read more

Cheapest / FREE Business Cards Design & Printing At 55Printing.com

4 FREE business cards designs / click to modify


1. Futuristic


2. Formal


3. Nature


4. Modern

Design the FREE Business Cards Design at 55printing

 A business card design is an important marketing tool for any business. It develops a strong professional network and ensures that it lasts long. You can call it a short but effective tool of communication. A business card will typically contain the contact details of the business. It is handy and pocket-friendly. Clients and customers can easily store business cards in their wallets. It has a standard size but not restricted to any size in particular. Hence you can make a business card flexibly. You can choose a size as per your convenience. However, it is always recommended that you maintain the standard size.

Printing a Business Card Design

 Almost any printer will print cheap business cards for you. But not everyone will design and print a business card for you. At 55printing, we can help you get the best business cards. Our business cards come in creative designs. You are sure to get hold of the best business cards in the market. You can visit our website or check in the store physically. Our organization is proficient in various categories of printing jobs. From business cards to large printers, you will find excellent choices within your budget.


Designing Tool

55printing provides you will exclusive designing tools. These tools are easy to use and do not require special skills. Making your work easy is our main target and we hate to compromise with quality. Hence, if you want to work with free designing tools for designing business cards, the process is very simple and straightforward. Please note that our tools will only work if you intend to print it at 55printing. If you want to print it somewhere else, it may not work.


The printing price in 55printing is among the lowest in the worldwide market. On comparing our services and pricing structure, we are proud to say that we are the best available choice in the market for customers.

We will guide you further with the necessary steps to make your work easy while you give us a chance to serve you.

Step 1: Visit the Store

 Locate us and our store is easy. Search google for 55printing and you will come across our profile immediately. Here you can not only check our profile but the reviews and ongoing discounts too. Visit the website and locate the cheap business card products. You can also play around with the price calculator. With the help of this interesting price calculator, you can choose from various finishing options for business cards. Our guests will also have scope to ask for a sample design for free. Additionally, you also get the design in the mail to confirm the design as correct.

Step 2: Price Calculator

The most common business card shapes include round and square. Other options are available as well. People commonly choose the standard size that is, 3.5” X 2” for business cards. This size is added with another 14pt cover paper stock. This size is standard and most popular for printing turnaround. The number of business cards typically varies between 250 units and 100,000 units. However, if you are looking for bigger quantities, you can contact us directly. The information you want to include in the business card is up to you. Apart from the basic contact details if you want to include other information, this is also possible.

The next process is choosing the right colors. You have the choice of selecting colors on one or both sides. You can also choose business cards in black and white color combination if you require. Adding the UV coating is always recommended. It will provide an extra layer of protection to the card. But if you want to print business cards on both sides you may not use the UV coating.

In professional terms, printing speed is known as printing turnaround. At 55 printing you will find many options for all your printing needs. Our popular business card printing option includes next day printing( 24 hours Business Card prints). Unfortunately, if you want faster services, the prices will mount accordingly.

For the file review process, the free design service is available for free. This way you can approve your business card design even before making the payment. Our customers can also use the pay later option. This entitles them to make the payment only after the design is approved.

Step 3: Free Templates

Working with templates is quite a trend. Hence, customers will find templates on most designing websites. But the problem is most websites will have similar template designs. At 55printing you will come across the most amazing templates and use it for free. You will find this “Template Design” option towards the end of the live price calculator.

When you click on the template design option, a whole new page should open. This page will consist of pre-designed templates for business cards. You can choose the best one and start working on it. Before you begin with the work starts with selecting the industry type. This will help you to get the best available templates related to your specified industry type.

many pre-designed free templates for business cards
many pre-designed free templates for business cards

When you find the correct design, click on the customize button to make changes. Customize and bring the design as close as possible to your business.

Start Editing the Content

Once you have finalized the design of the template, you are all good to go with the editing process. Here are some tips you can follow to make the necessary changes in a business card.

  • Company name: Since you are working on a pre-designed template, you have to edit the company name and logo. Add your logo and type the company name. In case you do not want to insert the company name, use a catchy phrase or message instead.
  • Contact information: The next and most important step is to add a contact number. Most websites work with multiple contact numbers. It is good to use multiple contact numbers. If one number is not working, your customers have a second or third option.
  • Business address: This is optional. You may add a business address if you want your clients to visit the office directly. Some businesses, prefer not to add any business address.
Social Media Information:

This step is also optional. It is not necessary to include contact information. But it is good to have them. The use of social media is on the rise. Being socially active can help you reach diverse categories of audiences. However, it is up to you whether you want to include it in the business card or allow them to look at it from the website.


  • Name of Contact person: Including the name of a contact person is recommended. Customers will always want to contact a person with a formal identity. In this case the name and designation at the most work as the formal identity. Hence, always use a name in the business card.

55printing provides customers with a well-organized designing tool. You get sufficient flexibility to design the cheapest business cards as per your needs. A well-organized design will allow you to design the complete business card within a few minutes.

Step 4: Save the Design and Proceed to Order

When you are satisfied with the design you have created, it is time to save it. Although you can still make changes if needed, when you are done, save the design. For the final time process, click the preview button to see how the sample design looks like. You can see the image in a larger resolution. If you are ok with the design, hit the continue button.

Now that the design is ready, you have reached the stage where you need to create a new account. Use your email address and other personal data for future communication. With this, you can proceed to the payment process. Towards the end of the checkout process, you have the choice for discounted coupons. You will also come across multiple shipping options. This should be enough to guide the initial checkout process. The rest of the process is very simple and easy to understand.

Tips to Create a Great Business Card

Now that you know how to design a business card with 55printing, we would like to provide you with some tips for designing a good business card. The need for a business card simply cannot be ignored Hence, when you have decided to get a good business card, make it stand out.

Make it Creative

It is wise to make your business card creatively instead of keeping it simple. There are various cheap business cards in the market and most of them are similar. So it is necessary to make them stand out. Make the design creative so that the business card is easily noticeable. Consider adding attractive designs and patterns. You can also make use of 3D texts.

Do not include unnecessary information

There is no point in placing useless information. Provide contact details that are only necessary. Keep the business card simple but professional. Provide the necessary contact details to allow clients and potential customers to communicate fluently. Make sure to provide valid and verified contact details to make it stand out.

Take care of the size

The size is very important for a business card. It is recommended that you follow the standard size for printing the right business card. The standard size has a lot of benefits. It is handy and easy to store. The business card will easily fit in a wallet. Moreover, it is also to store it in a cardholder.

Good Paper Quality

The paper quality of the business card also matters. Poor paper quality will ruin the show. A very thin business card is difficult to handle. It can tear off easily and people will lose it. You should choose a business card that will remain long. Hence, it should be long-lasting and durable. Thick paper quality is the preferred choice for a business card. The thickness will allow better gripping.

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Cheapest color copy prints near to me around Gainesville FL

 Why you should consider the cheapest color copy prints near to me around Gainesville FL? It is an inherent desire of all business owners to quality the sales figure and maximizing the revenues. At the same time, businesses should cut down the perpetual expenses to the lowest extent possible. These are the basic conditions to … Read more

Cheap Paper Printing Company Near Me

Simple Way to Learn about Cheap Paper Printing Company near You

 In this digital age, many people think that print marketing is dead. Well, it’s not so at least for a  Paper Printing Company. The print industry is still alive and rocking. According to a survey, businesses are taking the help of cheap printing companies to print business cards, postcards, flyers, brochures, and any other marketing materials.

Whenever the question of a local paper printing company comes up, it might refer to different things. Firstly, it might mean that customers are on the lookout for a paper supply company. Basically, a paper supply company supplies with paper for printing purpose. Alternatively, if one looks for a local printer, they are looking for a company that would print paper for customers. Whatever might be the need of a customer; this blog will help you with it.

Search for a Paper Printing Provider near You

 You need to do a little bit of research on your own. You can use search terms like ‘local paper printing providers near me’ or ‘paper printing providers’ across various business directories, such as Yelp or Google Business. These directories can customers to get an idea about the paper printing providers near them.


 No matter whatever printing needs a customer might have, local providers of paper printing can be of great help. The local providers are always a better choice. They are far better than the long-distance paper printing providers. Choosing a local provider is always advantageous.

 Why Go For Local Providers?

 Local providers are easily accessible. You can contact them at any time.  Moreover, customers can build a long-lasting relationship with the local paper printing providers. Also, local paper printing service providers try to understand the business of their clients in a far better way.

Initially, one might find the paper-cost charged by the local providers a bit expensive.  However, as the relationship with prospective customers grows, the local provider can give certain discounts. After getting the discounts the pricing would obviously drop.

Getting in Touch With Your Paper Distributor Provider  

paper supplier for cheap printing goods
paper supplier for cheap printing goods

 From Day 1, a business needs to show how serious they are in doing business. If the business house doesn’t take the job seriously, they won’t get a single customer. Hence, every paper purchases would count.

 Before buying some paper, it’s good to ask some questions. For instance, businesses can ask if the paper they are picking would be compatible with their printer. At the same time, one can ask about the difference between glossy and matte papers.

 Preparing a list of questions from beforehand is advisable. You can ask the manager questions directly. Interacting with the manager of a paper distributor company can help to develop a strong relationship.

When a business house becomes a regular customer, it enjoys benefits. A business gets to enjoy fast services and cost-effective rate for the paper products.

How to Search For a Local Paper Distributor?

bulk paper warehouse for printers

 There are many well-established local paper distributors in Rhode Island. A great provider worth taking a look is ‘Paper Works’.  They can solve queries within a short time. Those who are facing time constraints can go to this provider. Even after using specialty papers they can rush your order.

 The pricing of this provider is very high, in comparison to the prices offered by online companies. However, it is important to trust a local company. Once a business is able to gain the trust of the local provider, there is no need to look back.

Looking for a good paper provider near you is much easier. Rather, searching for a company online is a tough job. The obvious reason being many printing companies are present online. Most importantly, these companies sell their already printed products.

When looking for a paper for printing provider, make sure to check certain things. Firstly, the company should use the word paper within its name. Using the word paper would help customers to get a specific idea about their services.

Some prominent companies working in Rhode Island is PaperWorks Satisfaction Guarantee. Another company working in Texas is Matera Paper Company Corporate Office

Printer Providers Who Would Print Paper for You

 In case, if you are looking for a company that would print paper for your needs, you will get plenty of options. Are you looking forward to printing wedding information or your assignment or business material like letterheads? There are many paper printing companies near you, who would gladly offer these services.

Most of the paper printing companies would gladly print any kind of documents for you. Depending on the type of document, you want to print, the pricing would depend. For instance, printing a plain text document is far cheaper than a document with images. Also, the pricing would differ from one provider to another printing provider. Hence, before hiring any printing company, ask for the price quotation.

Alternatively, one can call the printing company directly. Talking to a representative of the firm is always better, before placing an order. Any reputed paper printing company, who is serious about their business, would offer good pricing.

Avoid companies that manipulate prices. Most of these companies might ask you to visit them in order to get the quotation. Once you reach the shop, it might force you to avail of their services.

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Largest Printing Companies in the USA

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Low cost color copy printing near to me around Cleveland-Akron (Canton) OH

Why Go For Online Color Printing Services?

Whether you want to invest in business cards, newsletters, catalogs, presentation folders, stationery or brochures, you can get everything with the help of online color printing services. It can be one of the best ways for you to get the marketing of professional grade. You can develop and explore a lot with online color printing agencies, and with just a button click avail full-color printing in high quality. If you want low-cost color copy printing near to me around Cleveland-Akron (Canton) OH, online color printing can be a great option. You can easy printing options, which include immediate online pricing, proofing, and ordering.

Whether it comes to professional-looking mailers, product catalogs, trade show or just upgrading of your newsletter, you can be assured of having the best quality printed color copies for your company with the most advanced online color printing services. These types of services can help you to reduce printing costs significantly, without making any compromise on the quality front.

What are the Benefits of Low-Cost Online Printing?

Map of Cleveland-Akron (Canton) OH and nearby states
Map of Cleveland-Akron (Canton) OH and nearby states

There are plenty of reasons why online professional printing companies can be better than traditional color copies printing.

  1. Lower Prices: You can get access to the most advanced four color printing options these days, which lets you benefit from superior printing jobs that are carried out at a low cost for each sheet. You may also simultaneously obtain inkjet printouts and color copes for the small amounts and also for stationeries of the non-critical form of quality.
  2. Full Satisfaction guarantee: The use of the latest, technologically advanced options of full-color printing for your office stationeries is assured to give you the best results. Your prospects and customers are likely to be overjoyed at your expertise in printing and have more confidence in conducting business with you.
  3. Superior quality: When you use full-color online printing services, you can be assured of accurate details, brilliant reproduction, best quality printing, high volume, and unparalleled value. You may also be assured of lots of add-on services, given that you can obtain a significantly higher return on your investment on online services.

100% Safe

Your investment in online color copies printing services will be fully worth your efforts. Given that the results will be absolute. You may buy full-color commercial online low cost color copy printing near to me around Cleveland-Akron (Canton) OH services easily, regardless of where your business is based in. The quality of the final printed copies will speak for itself.

  • Personal Service: Full-color online printing has advanced printing facilities, and you can get the support of expert and friendly staff to take care of all your printing requirements.
  • Simple Process: With online printing services, you can reduce the task involved in having communication with the printing agency. You can get an online price quote, choose a preferred job format, pick the document file that has to be uploaded, make an online payment and have your work finished in a matter of a few seconds.
  • How to Pick the Best Types of Printing Materials?: Where making a choice of color copies printing material is concerned, you may pick from 3 different areas:

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