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App Helps with Cheap Business Cards Design and Printing

Take Help of Online Apps to Design the best Business Cards

 A business cards design and printing project is one of the most important tools of marketing. It not only shares the basic contact information about a business but also speaks a lot more about the brand or company. A typical business card will consist of basic contact information. Such information includes a contact number, email address, website, and even the office address. But a cleverly designed card will successfully speak to the customers about the brand. How? Keep reading to know how a business card can speak about the business. Additionally, you will also come to know about designing the best business cards. You will know how to design and get it printed online.

Why do businesses need Business Cards Design and Printing Done Right?

 Business cards provide clients and customers with contact information about a business. This makes it easy for the client to store the information and retain it for a long time. Every organization or employee needs a business card for better interaction with clients. This makes communication fast, consequently, effective and convenient. Here are some of the advantages of using a business card.

Creates a good impression

 The first impression is the last. As a reputed organization if you end up providing your contact information in a piece of paper, you will ruin your reputation. People will make a joke out of it. Either way, when someone asks you for contact information and you tell them to check your website, it sounds commanding and rude. That’s why they need for business cards cannot be neglected.

Business Cards Design as a Natural Marketing tool

A business card works as an additional tool of marketing for any business. It’s not a complete form of marketing. But when used wisely, it has the power to make a lasting impression. It can be pretty effective and can generate leads too.

another apps for business cards design via smartphone
another apps for business cards design via smartphone

They are affordable

Business cards are small and affordable. They can be purchased in packs and does not take much time in the production process. You are free to choose the type of business card you want to use. But irrespective of the design and concept, you can expect the budget to remain fine.

Unbeatable versatility

The small and compact and cheap business card can contain a lot of information about a business. You have the freedom of customizing the business cards in endless possibilities. Some of the most interesting ideas include using it as a coupon or deal card. You can also use it for unique information or simple innovative patterns.


The best thing about a business card is that it fits with any business. It has massive flexibility as it is easily customizable. You have complete control over the design and you can include any relevant information about your business, after that, depending on the type of your business, you can make the business card a creative one too. This will naturally make people curious about your business.

Increases the business standards

 A business card will help to uplift the standards of the business. It is not just for the sake of the card but for the innovative concepts too. For example, if you can make your business card stand out from the rest of the business card, people identify you as unique. When you can stand out with a business card, you can stand out with the quality of services too.

How to Design Business Cards Online?

Using modern and advanced technologies in designing a business card will make your work easy and fast. It is commonly said that online applications are the best for designing a business card. There are hundreds of applications available online. You can use them to design the best business card in minutes.

Design using a smartphone

If you are already familiar with modern technologies, you can easily design a business card with the help of a smartphone. There are various applications available for both Android and iOS versions. Take advantage of these highly versatile and extremely user-friendly applications. Use them to create a professional business card. All you need to do is download the application and install it. Make use of the pre-designed templates instead of designing one completely. This will save you time and give the business card a professional look.

Design using software

You can also design business cards using professional software. Some of the most commonly used software includes Photoshop and illustrator. With this software, you can look forward to some nice designs. Apart from the templates, you can design a complete business card for yourself. You have complete control over the design and you can choose the right size too.

Seek professional help

This is applicable for those with little or no knowledge in designing, consequently, If you think you cannot design a business card, you can always seek professional help. A professional designer will take the business initials and help you to design the best business card. They can get creative and give your business card the touch of uniqueness. The only reason not to hire a professional designer is the additional cost. If you are willing to invest the extra amount, go for this option.

Basic Parameters in Designing a Business Card for Printing


The size

This is the first factor that determines the appearance of the business card. They can come in different shapes and sizes but you need to choose the correct one for your business. The common shapes include the standard shape, square, circle, leaf, and half-circle, slim, oval and folded. The standard size comes in 2”x3.5”. The other sized depends on the shape of the card.

The coating

The card coating plays an important factor. You need to decide whether you want a matte finish or a glossy one. The common types of coatings include glossy, uncoated, matte, recycled and more. The glossy coating is the most popular in the market. But not all designs will go well with the glossy look. If designed attractively, a matte finish can fit well with many brands.

The Design

This is the heart of the business card. Hence, you need to invest some serious attention here! Keep the design simple but very creative. It will be easy for clients and customers to comprehend. Since the content is not the primary factor in a business card, the design has a bigger responsibility. It has to be creative and unique so that it can be separated from the rest of the business cards design and printing projects out there.

Bleed vs Non-Bleed

 The first and basic decision you should consider before designing a business card is the margin. Will you keep a thin margin at the sides or finish the colors until the edges. This in other terms is known as bleed. When you print a business card with bleed, you apply colors all over the edges of the card. The bleed effect is common and can be easily spotted in any form of printing. On the other hand, if your design is with broad white edges on all sides, it is known as none bleed. Most business cards come with a bleed as none bleed design does not go well.

Card Design Approach

 There are many different approaches to designing a business card. Common types of approaches are Professional, modern, unique, simple and creative graphic designs. To know about the best practices of designing, research a little more online. Once you are done with the design approach, the next step is the content placement.

In this case, the contact information is the primary content. Hence, take special care to place the contact information at the strategic locations. Make sure to include the relevant information only. Avoid too much information else it can make the look very clumsy. You can also use the backside of the business card. You may include the less important items there. For example, make use of translucent images, optimistic phrases there. All the important information should be included on the front side only.

The Printing Process

This is the final step in making a business card. When you have finalized the design, it’s time to get to the printing process. This may be the final process but you cannot afford to take it lightly. This is because poor printing quality can ruin everything. To get the top-notch printing quality, go for a good quality printer. In case, you are getting the business card printed on your own, make sure to visit the best printing store near you. If you are obtaining services from an online business card dealer, choose the best paper quality. You should inform them with the same information too.

Here are certain things to keep in mind for printing a perfect business card:

Check for any Mistakes

Before you start with the printing process, scan the entire business card for one last time. Check for mistakes or typos and make corrections if needed. In case you feel the need to change colors or patterns, this is your last scope. When you think the business card is free of errors to proceed with the printing.

The Margins

Margins are responsible for keeping the design within the standard, therefore, for business card measurements. Don’t go for printing without checking the margins. You do not want to get a disfigured design on the business card right?

Printer quality

Check whether the printer you are using is compatible to print a business card. Also, check the ink quality and the overall printing quality it can provide you. A bad printer will give a horrible printing quality and ruin the business cards design and printing projects.

The Paper quality

The paper quality is as important as the printing quality. Choose a superior paper quality to get the best printing outputs. Good paper quality will give you true colors and smooth texture. No matter what type of coating you are choosing for your business card, always choose the best paper quality of its type.

Run a sample print

It is always safe to run a sample print instead of printing all the business cards at once. This way you can save a lot of paper and time, therefore, getting a sample print will allow you to check for any mistakes or corrections. It can help you understand where to make corrections.

Designing and printing a business card is not a difficult task. Get a clear idea about designing a business card, after that, choose relevant ideas that can go well with your business. Try to make it simple and creative. Avoid too much unnecessary information. This way you can create a successful and interactive business card, consequently, creating a big marketing jump for your business.