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All About Scribble Color Scanning Pen – Buy for Cheap

What Is The Scribble Pen?


Publicly known as ““revolutionary pen that draws in any color!”” the Scribble color scanning and print pen in short words is a very advanced pen that is capable to scan “any color in the world” from any surface and then copy/replicate that color for pen writing. Color scanning is also meant for digital uses as you can extract color code from the pen. This revolutionary pen has been calling the attention of all media for the last year, Scribble pen solves a lot of situations for practical home and industry uses.

During this article we will discuss what main uses for the Scribble Color Scanning Pen, how it works, provide you instructions and videos on how to use it, where to buy it for cheap and more!


Scribble Story Starts at KickStarter


Back in early 2011, a group of dreamers submitted a project for funding in favor of the Scribble prototype project, it was an instant global hit as people went crazy to support the creators of this incredible idea. It was promising then and still very promising after almost 10 years of its submission for budget support.

Unfortunately, the Scribble color scanning and printing pen project had to be canceled as it called the attention of the KickStarter team right away. They were concerned that this project was just promising fake future results on technology that actually didn’t exist at the time. So the Kickstarter team reached out to the creators of the budget claim project to see if they could provide some sort of proof or a provisional functional prototype.

With this prototype request by KickStarter, they could at least proof that the project was not only based on dreams but a real and actual object might be already in the works. But the team was not ready to show anything close to their dreams and this caused the project to be canceled from funding raising. Over $300,000 were raised within the first few hours of the project being published, all these were returned to the actual bidders after the Scribble project got canceled.

Funding Was Born

Later they responded that the team of KickStarter didn’t have to panic. A video with explanatory samples on how they are going to develop de Scribble project was going to be released soon. But instead, the Scribble team opted to just walk out of that KickStarter system. Instead, they created their own crowdfunding system far from the “arbitrary” specifications that blocked the funding in the first place. It didn’t have much trust by themselves as expected, so the team had to fall again into another funding source called “Tilt”.

Bidders see the product up for bidding for 3rd time, something is not looking clear here and the support falls to 2/3 of what the raised in the first campaign. Still, over $200,000 was more than enough to get the project running but another problem surged at this time. The fund sourcing team also requested more information about the project, same situation as before. Ended up canceling the project, again! A working 100% prototype was not possible to have in hand at that time as the technology needed to create it didn’t exist yet, the reason why they needed the funds.

Who said beginnings were easy? Funny thing is that other fund-raisers using the same application, haven’t found this difficulty even with less productive and accurate working prototypes.

Weird Bad Vibes Against Scribble Pen Capabilities and Prototype Tests


Once the first useful prototype was successfully made, a video was recorded to prove that the pen actually works and does exactly as promised before against all odds and probabilities. But something really weird happened, during the film of the video, some frames overlapped the video as if it was edited. ( Picture above this paragraph shows the difference ) Causing a mass doubt thru the public thinking that the video could just be a fake. This hurt the trust the Scribble team had and it just got worse after Reddit took the topic as well. We all know Reddit, one of the biggest threat and conversational forum in the world, people love it to discuss topics on this site.

This evolved to a crowd of people investigating if the fact that a pen-like this was possible, or even a prototype was made that the story went on and on. Now people moved investigation among bloggers and article writers about the topic. Even an interview was found as a fake too, as the person “interviewed” didn’t actually exist. This is a known method for just fast online promotion but, didn’t work so well for the scribble team as it was looking really bad. As the investigation continued, these people discovered who was the “real person” behind all of these crowdfunding projects and it was not the company founders or owners. As no information was found locally or within any tech forum in the area where they supposedly lived. Only information about Scribble founders was only found on same Scribble website as if they didn’t exist at all.

The Research Goes On

The research kept on going looking out for companies registered within the United States for the last 2 years with anything similar to a pen within the company title, nothing was found. So if they were running this company under personal liability, any promised not accomplished could be sued against funding owner personal assets. All these looked really weird at that time. The only way to take this project out to the public was to fabricate a few Scribble pens as a prototype and send them to the main influencers in the media for them to try it out and speak for the product.

Gaining the Trust of The Influencers

Some of the top influencers signed in for a sample prototype so they could be the first in the world to try such a new technology. But continuous emails from Scribble team saying that there are delays and having difficulties to complete the prototypes so they couldn’t deliver until after a few months. These bloggers were publishing every step of the way and it was looking really bad for the eyes of the crowdfunding prospects at that time.

At this point, they were trying to sell the prototypes with the promise of getting them after a year of your order. By that time in 2016, the company was looking like a scam proposition and everybody turned away their support to the cause.

The story goes on and on but for the most part, we just wanted to give you a feel and look at how new and impressive technology has so many drawbacks in the beginning before it gets to the store for you to buy for a very cheap price.

The History Behind The Scribble Pen Technology


The Scribble team declared a 2 years intense design and technology path to get the pen to its final shape as we see it today. A lot of changes to the mechanism and the design of the pen were made as they needed it to be ready for home and commercial. At the same time, they also needed to make sure it will work free of defects. Knowing it is also going to be used for home applications, the size of the Scribble product had to be small. A small scanner and printer that could fit in your hand? A lot of innovations and new technology had to be invented to get this done with all the features it carries and the small size it has.

After the few first prototypes were made, the next challenge was to make it “bulletproof”. Remember the small piece of technology like this comes with a lot of internal, small and sensitive parts spooled very tight together. Even a small drop to the floor could be devastating if extra measures are not taken into count for the final production of the Scribble pen.

Thanks to the Scribble team, innovations never seen before were made possible for the color reproducing industry. Many of this new technology could improve the quality, size, speed, and cost of all of the future equipment with similar functionality.

How They Make It All Possible And SO SMALL

We figure you might still be curious about how they got all these functions together within a very little but resistant and functional tool. So here are some facts on the science behind the tech and how this device get it did and don’t expect us to say its just magic (LOL). Here are some specifications as established on their official website:

Scribble Stylus Pen

Compatibility iOS 7+, Android 4.0+
Connectivity Bluetooth, USB
Battery Life 15 hours
Color Sensor RGB Sensor
Tip Soft rubber tips included
Dimension 169 x 14.33mm (6.65 x 0.56 in.)

What Can The Scribble Pen Do?


The pen has so many technology parts in it, that once you start to describe it, you might be thinking, HOW THEY FIT ALL THESE IN A LITTLE PEN? But yes, the pen carries a small eye sensor to capture the color in an object near it. It is very small and easy to clean. The eye/sensor captures the color in an RGB format and converts the color into a popular color palette code for easy replication. Simply point the pen into the direction of anything you need the color replicated, and hit the button. A little stripe around the sensor will light up with the tone of the new color being copied, save the color to then write with it or just for later use and sync it to your cellphone or device, Isn’t that cool?

How to Re-fill Ink?


Offered in their website and almost any used website store over the internet, you can find the “Refillable Ink Cartridge”, in their own words: Scribble’s ink cartridge connects to a mixer and dispenser that exactly recreates the color you have scanned. Each cartridge comes with 30 miles of ink, and new cartridges cost less than $10!… I believe they have said it all. Looks really simple to use and to install.

Drawing Process


For your convenience, the scribble pen came with 3 drawing tips for different textures and feel. This allows you to express yourself with a different character, maybe thinner may be bolder. Gives you the will of choosing which size tip you need in case you are writing or drawing.

Do They Offer Guarantee?

The bad part is that the pen is actually NOT STILL AVAILABLE after so many years. We are not sure if this is a scam company or what. But we did a little research and found the competence that is already building and selling samples of these sort of pens and you could buy one right now with no waiting lines and no possibilities of being scammed.

Where to Buy a Similar Pen for Cheap?

The best choice is to look at Amazon and eBay for similar pens that are already available to the public. We ran a little search for eBay and found a very cheap $25 scribble-like pen available from China. (Screenshot Below). It looks very futuristic and is also sold with an extended guarantee so you won’t be scammed as advice earlier. Also, no need to pay almost $250 for a pen that doesn’t even exist yet as seen on Scribble website.


Unfortunately, Amazon doesn’t carry any type of similar pens as we ran a search there too for possible prototypes or new products. Stick with eBay if you want to give this a test run.