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What are the Inks Used For Full-Color Copy Printing Services?

Full-color printing refers to the method of printing photos and documents in a full range of colors. It is an extremely advanced technology. These days, the methods used by affordable color copy printing near where I am Seattle-Tacoma WA agencies for this type of printing are extremely sophisticated and can let you produce copies that are as accurate as the actual document. Full-color printing makes use of modern technologies and science to yield very efficient printing. You can get better reproduction and perception of colors.

With there being many colors in nature, each available in different shades and hues, it is almost impossible not to get awed at this scene. Prints make the best attempts to capture things in full color. Full-color printing can offer colors that provide businesses with the best opportunities for attracting the target market.

Types of Colors Used in Full-Color Copy Printing

Find out about the inks that are used for affordable color copy printing near where I am Seattle-Tacoma WA.

Dye-based inks

These are water-soluble substances that are smooth flowing in form and have bright colors although reduced lightfastness. The term Lightfastness means the capacity to resist fading that is facilitated by light exposure. Most types of paper media can absorb such kind of ink. As these get dissolved in water, moisture, rain or accidental spills can easily damage the prints. Thus, these are not perfect for external display or for any label that would be exposed to moisture in wet places.

Some types of dye-based inks are combined with solvents to help in drying. Others protect the inks with a layer of coating. Dye-based inks can reduce production costs, and are comparatively lower in cost.

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Pigmented inks

Such kind of ink can resist water even better and can stick better to paper surfaces than dye-based inks. These also adhere to most types of media. Other than this, pigmented inks are able to bear the effects of light much better. It takes longer to fade, and the process can take even years. The particles that can be found in pigmented inks do not get dissolved in water. Thus, the prints can avoid the risks of getting diffused in water or washed out. Due to this reason, these are perfect for external displays. These also show higher resilience to scratches over the surface.

You do not have to use a lot of these inks to achieve brilliance in colors. But the cost is significantly higher as compared to dye-based inks.

UV-curable inks

UV or Ultraviolet curable inks can take faster to dry and there less volatile substances and other unstable elements. It can be achieved by making inks pass through UV light. UV-cured ink printouts are waterproof and vibrant and can resist fading. This makes them ideal for outdoor as well as indoor use. The printed results can last for significantly more time.


With various types of printers from affordable color copy printing near where I am Seattle-Tacoma WA agencies, you can get various kinds of ink options. You have to fast enquire what kind of ink will be used for postcards and other particular products that you want. Ask them what would be most appropriate in order to get full-color prints of the best quality for your printing project. It is important to have proper consultation beforehand.

Which Colors to Use for Full-Color Printing?

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Every element that belongs to the color wheel can evoke various memories and emotions, with the use of no words. Full-color prints used for marketing solutions can get a boost automatically with the aid of such colors. Know about the basic colors that are used for full-color printing, and what each color means for business printing purposes.

  1. Black: This is an especially helpful color that can be used to create a formal mood. Black also serves as a decent background to every other color. When you set a hue against this color, it will be possible to easily get a nice contrast and have more prominent colors.
  2. White: White is on the opposite spectrum of black. It is also able to establish the tone for anything formal, particularly when used beside black. The two colors, when used together, can ensure an unmatchable and evergreen style that never appears to be dull or boring.
  3. Red: It is regarded as capable of exciting people and getting more favorable responses, such as impulsive buying. For instance, sales texts are printed in red color with the hope that potential customers would be more compelled to check things out and conduct a purchase. The use of the color red for signs also makes them more striking.
  4. Blue: Blue matches other color copies colors very nicely and can offer a soothing relief against visuals that are stressful.

More Colors for your Print-Outs


  • Yellow: This specific color stands for sunshine, youthfulness, enthusiasm, and vibrancy. This is a sure way to make people feel happier and have a better mood. It can grab attention easily due to the strong impact that it has on the eyes. The use of warm color is able to highlight all possible details in full-color printing. As this color represents energy, it is more suitable for customers who belong to a younger generation. It creates a tone that is exactly opposite to exquisite black.
  • Green: Green is the color of nature and is used for eco movements. It may even stand for freshness. As it also stands for the color of cash, the use of Green can set the tone for financial industries and any business printing that concerns financial transactions.
  • Purple: This is a royal color and can stand for the qualities of affluence, ambition, and nobility. These days, it has also become an attractive option for attracting kids, particularly small girls.


Similar to red, this is a warm color although it is not as intense. The color stands for youth, joy, and bliss. It also reminds of some types of foods, particularly citrus fruits.

These colors have common associations and can evoke memorable and deep messages in full-color copies printing. Colors are clearly very useful in achieving impactful visual advertising.

cheap color copies in Seattle Tacoma WA
cheap color copies in Seattle Tacoma Washington

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  • Fact 1: Is known as from the Indian name for Mt. Rainier and the true name Tacoma means Mother of the Waters. Tacoma adopted “city of destiny’ as its slogan that is official in.
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