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5000 Cheap Business Cards for $59 (OR CHEAPER?)

Myth Or Real? 5000 Cheap Business Cards for Only $59

Google search for 5000 business cards online
Google search for 5000 business cards online

Is it possible to find 5000 cheap business cards for only $59? Is it a myth or is it real? The answer to that question is YES, you can find 5000 business cards for $59 and even cheaper! Keep reading for more information about this topic.

First of all, when we talk about “5000 business cards” we are talking about premium business cards. Full color both sides on thick 14pt paper with UV coating both sides. That is the standard premium version of the business cards. There are popular additional options like rounded corners and spot-UV that adds up to the price.

As of right now, you can buy 5000 premium business cards as low as $59 by just visiting the cheap business cards printing product for 55printing.com. It used to sell for $49 for years until a few months ago. But as the dollar devalues, the prices for material, paper, ink, and many other factors increases. So we can not guarantee how long it will stay at that price.

Could I Buy 5000 Business Cards For Even Cheaper than $59?

5000 Cheap Business Cards for $54.65

Yes, many providers offer great deals once in a while, sometimes twice a month. Subscribe to these printers newsletter and be ready to take advantage of these special deals. We have seen deals for cheap business cards going as low as $49 with a $10 printing discount coupon code.

If you try to find similar deals on printers near you, it will be impossible. Only the top online printer companies are able to offer this pricing directly to the customers. Local printing companies carry with a lot of operational expenses for very little print volume. This increases their overall pricing exponentially. For locally printed premium business cards we have seen prices around $99 up to $250. Don’t be surprised if they want to charge you more than that. It will vary also on the print turnaround.

Things to Consider For Your Business Card Printing

A business card is one of the most important tools when it comes to performing business activities. A business card can help you to meet prospective clients and help them to know about you and your business. Gone are the days, of having rectangular business cards with the information provided in a plain typography. Nowadays, you have many things to get from your business cards.

From funky type cards to folded business cards are the recent trend. As business cards will represent you and your business, so you will have to make the best use of them. In fact, care should be taken to see that the card should not look like another scrap of paper. The paint finish is an important part of the business cards as it can enhance the design of the card.

Try out the following ways of perfect finish which can help you to make your card get a glossy and unique look.

Emboss/ Deboss: This printing technique can help to create relied designs, with a carved look and feel. With embossing, you can get the 3D effect, whereas with debossing you can get recessed one with hollowed inside.

Letterpress: This printing uses a typeset that is generally inked and then pressed into the paper surface. The effect that is obtained with this printing technique is that of a debossed texture. This printing offers a natural texture than digital printing. This printing provides a realistic look with a classic feel.

Foil Application: This printing technique uses a foil that is applied through a heating process to a specified area like the vector image or an outlined area. If you want to make your business card stand out, this technique is the best. The foil application can be used for the logo or the name area.

Die Cut: If you want to give your business card a distinguished look then this technique is the best.  You can get unique shaped cards like round-shape. As the paper stock is cut with the help of sharp blades on defined areas.

For your next batch of business cards, you can try any of this printing technique, so that your card itself speaks out about you and your company.


5 Tricks and Tips to get a Stunning Looking Business Card

With the emergence of digital communication and networking, some people are of the opinion that the paper business card is nothing but a disappearing relic of another generation. But this notion is a completely misleading. Your business card is the first physical contact that a potential customer will have with your business.

Follow these simple and amazing tricks to get a stunning, professional business card:

This may sound like an obvious decision but the information you provide on your business card is the very first thing you must consider and decide. Many business cards display either too much or too little information. To find the right balance make sure that your name, designation, company name, logo and contact details are visible at first glance.

Plain or Colorful

Many people choose to keep color out of their business card to make it look professional and sober. But rightly used colors can make your card look distinctive and make it stand out. However, if you want to simple colorless look, go ahead. A nicely designed black and white card can look as memorable as a colorful one.

To Emboss or Not To Emboss

If a simple black and white look too dull, consider embossing the words instead of getting a plain print. Embossing creates a 3D effect due to raised letters and adds style to an otherwise plain-looking card.

Visual Elements

Do you remember the old saying “A picture says a thousand words”?. While you cannot completely do away with printed content. Consider keeping one side of your business card for cleverly chosen illustrations is a good option. Whether you choose a product, service, or the logo of your company, do not leave the back of the card blank.

Paper Thickness Matters

Often, people do not pay much attention to the quality of the paper, concentrating more on the information, print quality, colors, among others.  A thick business card ensures quality and makes your business look professional. Try to avoid tacky and cheap looking papers.

Lastly, like all good things, a good business card should be kept simple and have a distinctive look.

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