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16pt Dull Cover with Matte Finish Paper

16pt Dull Cover with Matte Finish Paper is a Top Selection for Daily Printing Purposes

 The 16pt dull cover with matte finish paper is one of the top selections for daily printing purposes. The unique texture of this paper is the thing that attracts customers the most. On the contrary, this is also a very thick paper. If you want to print business cards, you should go for this paper type. Business cards need to be thick so that it is easy to carry and store. These cards should fit well in the wallets. A thick business card should not crumple easily.

The number 16pt refers to the actual thickness of the paper. The paper comes with a dull cover and matte finish. The term dull refers to the visual finish of the paper. When you have a close look at the paper, it is matte, however, the material is different from the other mattes. This is the reason light still shines on it. The term ‘cover’ refers to the stiffness of the material. Finally, the matte finish implies that the paper does not have any additional coating on it.

How to Choose the Right Paper for Poster Printing? 

Choosing the right paper for cheap printing determines the overall quality of the poster. Your audience will ultimately see the poster. So there is no point in compromising the quality of the poster. In the market, you will come across various paper types. Some are thick, others are thin. Other papers will come in a glossy finish while others are matte. Some papers are more durable while others are less. Remember that the paper is not the only thing to determine a good poster. The content and getup of the poster are equally important.

With print media gaining more importance with time, the question of it dying out is irrelevant. Probably this notion has been speculated by some ignorant of the business and advertising world. Digital media has indeed affected the traditional branding forms to a certain extent, but it has not been killed. Print media still stands strong and effective in the advertising world. However, in this digital world, print media has gone through a lot of transformation so that it can compete better.

How is print Media Emerging?

To stay put in the competition, print media has adopted a variety of new methods and creative techniques. This has further enhanced its effectiveness in the digital world. This is also the reason why printed campaigns are gaining limelight once again. For example, print media these days work with the help of advanced software. They also use various applications for getting the best designs. The advanced software enables the designers to play with colors, patterns, contrasts, and graphics.

multiple 16pt Dull Cover with Matte Finish Paper

Factors to Consider before Poster Printing

Poster printing is not a random process. You cannot select a design and start with the printing process. Every business or person will have a purpose for printing posters. The most common posters are printed for promotion purposes or spreading awareness. A marketing poster will be different from a non-marketing poster. Read more to understand the factors you need to consider before poster printing.

Clear Idea of the Message

You should know about the message you want to convey to your audience. This is very important as customers are always curious to know about your niche. Give serious thoughts to what you are advertising. Make sure the message of the campaign is unique and something that melts customers’ hearts. This is relevant because the customer’s mind largely depends on the popularity of your business.

Poster Placement

This is another important factor to determine the quality of the poster you are choosing. If you want to place the poster outdoor, obviously the material needs to be tough and durable. The poster should be capable of enduring the damages done by nature. For such purposes, the poster should have a UV coating and the ink should be waterproof. The high-end photo paper is the best choice for outdoor printing.

If you want to use a poster for indoor needs, you have the scope of sacrificing the durability. Indoor posters have a greater choice of materials. You have the flexibility of choosing the poster paper based on the target audience and event.

The Design

The design and color scheme in the poster determines to grab the audience attention. Often the content is secondary and design is primary. Each paper type brings out separate print quality. For the best print quality, you should choose the best paper available for poster printing. The quality of design will be according to print quality. Make sure to add elements in the design that more people will pay attention to.

What is the cost of 16pt Dull Cover with Matte Finish paper?

The 16pt Dull Cover with Matte Finish paper is slightly more expensive than the rest of the paper types. However, certain paper brands are aware of the fact that the cost is high. Hence they provide good quality paper at affordable prices. You can choose papers between cellulose, polyester and other blended materials. But, the paper cost is dependent on the quality. If you want the paper to last long, you have to naturally opt for a high-quality paper. The paper will have a slightly higher cost but it will be highly durable.

poster printing on 16pt cover thick paper
poster printing on 16pt cover thick paper

Types of Paper to choose for Business Cards

No organization can ignore the importance of business cards. These cards are small in size but extremely helpful to provide clients and customers with instant contact details. Business cards are professionally exchanged between two or more organizations. They are important, no matter how they look like. It is recommended that you design the business card at its best. Often a good business card works as a marketing tool. You can print business cards in four different paper variants.


This is one of the most popular paper types used in business card printing. It comes with an aqueous coating. This is responsible for providing the card with a shiny or glossy finish. It is ideal for businesses looking to print bright colored business cards. The glossy finish paper can also work with double-sided printing. If you want to print photos on your business card, this paper is ideal. Once printed the paper will have an amazing shiny look.


The matte paper type is equally popular like glossy finish. But the paper finish is very different. This paper comes in a matte finish, in other words, it comes with a non-shiny finish. This kind of paper stock is available in various colors such as beige, tan, cream color and white. One thing worth noting is the typography. It will not be as friable as the ones you get in neutral tones.


This card stock is available in both matte and glossy forms. The card name comes with the term textured as it already has patterns pressed in it. This enhances the textures of dots or basket weave. The textured color stock also comes in a wide variety of colors. Professional graphic designers prefer to print business cards in these types of papers.


Recycled paper is more expensive than the rest of the business card papers. Nevertheless, many businesses and organizations prefer to use this paper for business cards. Despite being expensive, the paper can help to earn points in reducing the use of carbon.

To make a lasting impression, it is wise to choose a good quality paper. Make sure to choose a paper that is environmentally friendly as well. A good paper will provide a good feel for your customers.

Tips to Design an Effective Business Card


A good business card should be simple and elegant. It is not difficult to design a good business card. However, it is essential to follow certain rules to create a good one. It will not only enhance your image in the professional world but strengthen your bond with clients too. Here are some quick tips to design an effective business card.

  • Relevant Content Only

If you are into too much writing, better be careful. A business card is not the place to include a lot of information. You need to include relevant content only. Be selective about the information you include. Stop overloading the card with too much information.

  • Make it Legible

It is good to have funky fonts. But you do not want to bring your clients out of the professional zone, right? Design the cards to allow the recipients to read and understand it at a glance. Design the organization logo in a way so that people will not forget it easily.

  • Leave Blank spaces

Many designers ignore the importance of blank spaces. However, if you look at it from the customer’s eyes, blank spaces or white space is very important for business cards. White spaces help to grab attention to the areas that do not include logo or text.

  • Print it from a professional only

The quality is the main difference in printing from a professional store and an ordinary store. Printing business cards from a professional store can be expensive. But what you get in return is worth it. A poor business card will fail to make an impact on your clients. Hence, always print business cards from a professional printer.

  • Use special finishing

Choose a special effect that is related to your brand. There are unlimited options for making the business card creative. Some of the common finishes include rounded corners, die-cuts embossing and punched through holes. Use these effects wisely to help your clients understand the right message from your brand.

Choosing the best paper quality paper for printing posters or business cards can help you in different ways. If you have the scope of spending more money, use it for the paper quality. The printing will automatically be good in superior paper quality.

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